FEMA’s GENE ROSEN IDed: The Missing Link in the False Flag Sandy Hook Mass Shooting Hoax

SANDY HOOK: Gene Rosen Identified as Official FEMA Employee

Submitted by Harold Saive

Archive Link provides positive ID for Rosen in the Description box beneath the photo

“This image is a work of a Federal Emergency Management Agency employee, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties.” (Source “Licensing”)

Gene Rosen Identified as Official FEMA Employee

Harlinger, TX August 19, 2008–FEMA representatives participate in the 25th National Law Enforcement celebration in Harlingen, Texas. FEMA is working with local and state agencies to bring services to residents affected by Hurricane Dolly. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

Recent page (2/26/2019) contains no ID for man in photo (HERE) or (HERE)

Archived page from 1/30/2013 contains positive ID for Gene Rosen (HERE) and (HERE)

Continue reading at: https://justpaste.it/3ztt4

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