MUELLER INVESTIGATION Proves that Russiagate was the Biggest Hoax in American History

Deep State will not relent in its harassment of President Trump even in the face of the Mueller Report

State of the Nation

Democrats will not let Russiagate die because, otherwise, their crime spree that facilitated this transparent fraud perpetrated against the American people will be exposed—BIG TIME!

Despite the conclusions of the MUELLER REPORT, it’s now abundantly clear that the Democrat Party is set on using the Russiagate hoax as a HUGE campaign issue throughout the entire 2020 election cycle.

The Democrat-controlled House will use all of its power to investigate Trump from every angle possible.  They will keep this fake scandal alive any way they can as both an offensive strategy against Trump’s re-election campaign and defensively to keep themselves out of prison.

Trump derangement syndrome

The most liberal members of Congress each have a serious case of Trump derangement syndrome.  Quite haplessly, each of them is totally impervious to the dictates of human reason and common sense.  This is especially evident in their daffy pursuit of the utterly fake Russiagate investigation.

KEY POINT: Everyone knew that Russiagate was an obvious hoax.  The Democrats knew it; the Republicans knew it.  The entire U.S. Congress knew it.  Russia knew it; so did the Brits who helped instigate it.  And, of course, the American People knew it.  Those who went along with the absurd Russiagate narrative did so with the most cynical intentions and political designs. CASE CLOSED!

In light of the Mueller Report, there is only one way forward.  The Deep State enablers, DNC fraudsters, Clinton Crime Syndicate agents, Democrat hoaxers, RINO turncoats, Never Trumper obstructionists, treacherous McCaniacs, FBI traitors, DOJ scammers, British co-conspirators, etc. must all be held accountable for the massive crime wave that was necessary to support the Russiagate LIE.

By the way, it wasn’t Russia that tried to fix the 2016 U.S. presidential election, it was the British.

Democrats are certified crazy

Now here’s the real problem.

The DEMs really are suffering from a very serious psychiatric ailment now known universally as Trump derangement syndrome.  As such, they are completely incapable of making rational decisions or reaching sound conclusions…about anything!

The Democrats certainly are not mentally competent to function as elected representatives and government officials. (What are they even doing there!)

This stark reality necessitates the triggering of the governmental mechanism that permits the removal of these mentally unfit and emotionally incapacitated reps and officials.

To allow these profoundly debilitated public servants to ‘serve’ in any capacity whatsoever will only spell doom for the American Republic.

With the Mueller Report in hand, the President can initiate the process of mass removal of the countless criminal elements, rogue agents and corrupt SES employees who facilitated the Russiagate fraud on the American people.

Eventually the prez will be constrained to do this:

MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

Plan B for the DEMs

The glaring proof that these treacherous Democrats are now stone-cold crazy is their predictable reaction to the Mueller Report.

They have always shown themselves to be so disbelieving of the ‘wrong’ conclusions that they will now go to their Plan B.

Even in the wake of the Mueller Report, the Democrat leadership has already become an echo chamber for their Russiagate idiocracy.  We’re really talking about a mass delusion that has so taken over the Left that they can no longer think for themselves or make coherent decisions for their constituencies.  Hence, they must ALL be removed — POST HASTE — from theirs positions of power and influence for the good of the Republic.

There’s no question that the Liberal “Plan B” is to artificially perpetuate the Russiagate hoax until they have started a war with Russia in order to somehow prove that the Kremlin was really guilty because of “floating a bunch of inconsequential Facebook ads”.  Mass stupidity has never manifested with such absurdity and insanity as it has throughout today’s Democrat Party.

The real problem, however, is that the craziest among these Democrat crazies actually run the asylum.  As follows:

They own and operate the Mainstream Media to include Big Social Media and Big Tech; they populate all the major organs of the U.S. Federal Government to include the CIA, NSA, DOJ, FBI and DHS; they run the nation’s colleges and universities; they direct many of the most powerful think tanks and brain trusts in the country among many other pivotal NGOs, they completely rule Hollywood, the Music Industry, Book Publishing, the Performing Arts companies, etc.

The bottom line here is that the fake liberal intelligentsia has always occupied the key positions of power in America as per the stealthy implementation of their cultural marxist agenda.  And, they are more determined than ever to grow their numbers in every institution and organization that will enable them to concentrate their power and consolidate their influence over American society.

So, we have real problems with these socialist traitors who are really cultural marxists in disguise ready to morph into hardcore communists and, even worse, flaming bolsheviks.

What to do?

First, it’s of paramount importance to understand that the POTUS is only one man.  While the President quite impressively laid out the facts and his mission HERE, it’s truly incumbent on the American people to get the job done.  It’s our country and each of US is responsible for getting it affairs back in order.

President Trump can only do so much from this point forward.  And it’s imperative to correctly comprehend why this is the case.  See the following crucial report that provides a reality check like no other on the Internet today.

MUELLER REPORT: Deep State’s Attempt to Control the Narrative and Coerce the POTUS

Unless the U.S. citizenry really understands what they’re confronted with, it will be  impossible for them to effectively respond, which is absolutely required at this very late date.

The body politic has never been so compelled to act decisively to the existential threats that abound, and to do so with a forceful response.  The barbarians, who are now inside the gate, will simply not leave without a HUGE fight.  What threats?  These:

Extreme Dangers And Escalating Risks Humanity is Facing Today

Just what might an appropriate response look like at this point?  How about:

Torches and pitchforks!

However, the “torches and pitchforks” recommended are not the same as those used in previous times.

Every digital soldier on the Right working together with walkaway Democrats and honest Independents, for instance, can wake up every morning and release a hundred flaming arrows into the Deep State castle.

Were patriots everywhere to bring to bear the full force of their cyber-weaponry and Internet prowess, this thing could be turned around in a day and a night.

However, the desired turn of events can only take place when a critical mass of patriots has shown some fang.  In other words, the government, corporate and NGO leaders and functionaries will only bend to the will of We the People when they are more afraid of US than they are of their Deep State handlers and Shadow Government masters.

Did you get that: Elected representatives and government officials will only serve the populace with integrity when they fear “torches and pitchforks” coming their way more than they fear the wrath of The Powers That Be.

— End of story —

Part II will discuss exactly what those digital torches and pitchforks, as well as cyber-sent flaming arrows should look like.


It’s been written several times on this and affiliated Alt Media websites: the Democrats can never again be permitted to sit in the Oval Office.  As a political party that is truly a covert arm of the Communist Party, the Democrat Party must be dissolved for the treason and sedition.

The irreversible damage that Democrats everywhere have inflicted on the United States of America is so profound and catastrophic that they must be apprehended immediately and incarcerated to get them off the streets.  The social fabric of American society has been irreparably torn asunder by extreme liberalism, and the perps need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The Patriot Movement can begin with vigilante justice being exacted against Public Enemy #1 — George Soros.  Then, every other menace to society such as the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Podestas, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Harris, Waters, Nadler, Swalwell, Blumental, Sanders, Booker, O’Rourke, Gillibrand, Ocasio-Cortez, etc., etc. etc. can also be arrested for attempting to overthrow a sitting POTUS.

Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War

State of the Nation
March 25, 2019

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There’s a much larger scandal looming underneath the fake Russiagate hoax that goes by the name of CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY.

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