Trump Picks the Perfect SCOTUS Replacement for RBG, Democrats Will Go Apoplectic Before They Blow All 8 Gaskets

Axios: Trump Plans to Pick Barrett for Ginsburg’s SCOTUS Seat

Amy Coney Barrett (Robert Franklin/South Bend Tribune via AP)

By Solange Reyner

President Donald Trump last year told confidants he was planning to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat with conservative Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett, reports Axios.

“I’m saving her for Ginsburg,” Trump said as he was deliberating over filling Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat, according to three sources who spoke with the news outlet.

Ginsburg, 86, just finished her third battle with cancer. She returned to the bench in early February after missing a series of cases due to surgery for lung cancer.

Axios reported that Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh over Barrett last year over concerns her staunch opposition to abortion rights would lose the votes of Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

One source told Axios that Barrett is “the most known quantity right now amongst the women on the list. … And she also has the inside track in the sense that she was kind of battle-tested for having gone through a confirmation already.”

Trump, though, changes his mind all the time.

“The Supreme Court judicial selection process with the president is a very fluid one,” said a source. “He floats in and out of these discussions over a period of time.”


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