5Ggate: The Greatest Criminal Conspiracy in U.S. History…

…Perpetrated Against the American People
by the Government-Corporate Complex

No one can deny the effects that the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) has had on the United States of America. President Dwight D. Eisenhower aptly warned the world what would inevitably develop when any nation commits itself to a perpetual war economy. Or, maintains such a large military during peacetime.

However, very few understand that the MIC was only one component of a much larger complex now known as the Government-Corporate Complex. Truly, it is the Government-Corporate Complex (GCC) which poses a much greater threat to world peace and social order, global financial security and economic stability, as well as the integrity of the biosphere and environmental protection.

(Source: The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA)

State of the Nation

The American Republic is now the site of an unparalleled and massive 50-state crime scene.

A highly premeditated criminal conspiracy has been afoot going back many years the intentions of which are nothing short of genocide. As follows:

5G GENOCIDE: The Most Lethal NWO Conspiracy of the Third Millennium

In actuality, the exploding 5Ggate represents of “The Greatest Criminal Conspiracy in U.S. History Perpetrated Against the American People by the Government-Corporate Complex”.

Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that the U.S. citizenry begins to wrap their heads around this grim reality.

How did this happen?

The truth be told, 5Ggate has been a very deliberate work-in-progress ever since the first computers were invented.

In only a few decades, a Perfect Storm slowly formed through the highly coordinated confluence of dark forces intent on exerting complete command and control over the entire planetary civilization.

These forces are at once, political and military, financial and economic, and social and religious in nature, as they are transnational and supranational in scope and influence.

If there is one driving force behind this out-of-control global juggernaut it is the New World Order globalist cabal.

The following excerpt from a previous SOTN post provides the essential understanding for what’s truly going on behind the countless multi-decade [CRIME] scenes.

Capstone of the New World Order

It’s of paramount importance for everyone to be aware of this factoid: 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) represent the capstone of the New World Order agenda toward the establishment of a One World Government.

In point of fact, the Internet of Things can only be fully operational when the 5G power grid is functioning at full throttle.

The IoT is central to the globalist scheme to exert total command and control over every resident of Planet Earth.

From one critical perspective, it’s not the universally feared “implanted chip” that is the prophesied “Mark of the Beast”, it’s the now ubiquitous smartphone.

TPTB knew they could not force people everywhere to submit to chip implantation so they deceitfully tricked the global population into possessing a smartphone, which never leaves their person. Quite ingenious, yes? But also diabolical to the extreme.

It’s getting impossible to do virtually anything these days without a smartphone … … … by purposeful design—DEMONIC DESIGN!

Hence, it’s crucial to comprehend the satanic nature of the rapidly manifesting technological paradigm defined by the Smartphone, 5G, and the Internet of Things. Not to do so will soon mean the difference between good health and chronic illness for many; life and death for the weak, especially the children and elderly, the immuno-suppressed and EMF-hypersensitives.

(Source: The 5G Roll-out is Trump’s 9/11)


Only with this vital knowledge can the American people begin to comprehend the sheer depth and breadth of the vast criminal conspiracy they are currently confronted with.

The enormity and profundity of the multi-decade crime wave that is washing over America every second of every day is as perfidious as it is inconceivable. See 5G ROLL-OUT: An Ongoing National Emergency that Requires an Immediate Shutdown by the American People

For these and many other reasons, it’s been extraordinarily difficult for many folks to figure out how to confront the BEAST, before it gobbles them up. Nevertheless, folks everywhere are onto 5Ggate like never before.

Predictably, it would be very challenging to find an American politician — AT ANY LEVEL — who disagrees with or has resisted the ongoing 5G roll-out. Which means they are all involved to varying degrees with the 5Ggate scandal … by extremely purposeful design, of course.

That’s because this is exactly how this covert criminal conspiracy was set up from the get-go, virtually everyone in government is somehow vested in the ultimate 5G roll-out. As they are committed to the build-out of the Internet of Things. As they all just love their nifty smartphones.

How many good and aware people reading this exposé are also wedded to their iPhone or Android, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei Pro?!

You see how they got US, yes? (*SOTN staff do not possess smartphones and never did.)

The significant point here is that each and every 5Ggate co-conspirator, within both government and the corporate sector, has been sufficiently held captive by the all-pervasive BEAST system as illustrated by the omnipresent smartphone.

Not only are most folks totally addicted to their smartphones, they can’t ever seem to download their info or upload their data fast enough … … … which makes them all prey to the fake allurements and false promises of 5G and the IoT.

Now you really see how they set this criminal conspiracy up. When everyone who’s anyone has participated in the crime, and their fingerprints are all over the crime scene, who’s gonna blow the whistle?

Exactly what are the crimes?

Shall we start with the FCC?

Why is it that whenever the NWO globalist cabal wants to pull off a real serious crime spree in broad daylight, they always hire folks of color, especially people of East Indian descent or other minorities. (Sundar Pichai was installed as CEO of Google for the same reasons.) No disrespect intended whatsoever as many great advocates in our network fit this same profile. However, the key point is that current FCC Chairman — Ajit Pai — was quite cynically put there so as to deflect the severe criticism that would certainly be aimed at a white Christian WASP appointee. Just like Obama, Pai was installed to do the dirty deed—legitimize the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the Republic!

Ajit Pai is now a “Wanted Man”. As dangerous menace to society, the FCC Chair needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

5Ggate: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Must Be Removed for Criminal Negligence and ‘Corruption with Great Consequences’

How do we know that Chairman Pai is in this so deep he’s now guaranteed a very special place in you know where?!

Because he’s totally aware of the hard scientific evidence proving the extreme medical risks and health dangers directly associated with 5G and provided by Dr. Marin Pall, Ph.D. As follows:

Scientific Research Paper by Renowned PhD Biochemistry Prof Exposes Extreme 5G Health Dangers

If the egregious failure to act appropriately by Chairman Pai is not enough, there are now volumes of peer-reviewed scientific research papers, which cover many other angles of the upcoming public health disaster, that have been received by Pai’s office.

What has the FCC done with this overwhelming and ever-growing body of compelling evidence that demands an immediate suspension of the 5G roll-out?

Really, how has the FCC reacted thus far given their integral role in the worst public health disaster-in-the-making—EVER — ANYWHERE ! ! !

Crickets! That’s how.

The FCC literally acts like there’s nothing wrong with 5G technology. And, they are promoting it with such over-the-top promotional efforts one would think the world will fall apart were the 5G deployment to be impeded in any way.

Other co-conspirators

It does not take much imagination to flesh out the skeleton of transparent 5G collusion that has taken place between Big Telcom and the U.S. Federal Government. Both parties are guiltier than sin in this shocking criminal conspiracy. And, the endemic corruption and serial criminality that was necessary to advance the roll-out this far will only get worse as we get closer to TPTB flipping the 5G switch.

In the face of so much inevitable protest and pushback from the public, the outright lying and profusion of prevarication required to move this thing forward will only increase exponentially. How else can the perps possibly carry out the covert cover up except to pile lies upon lies about the non-existent safety and proven health hazards of 5G?

The real problem here is that corporate shills and flacks throughout the IT, Wifi and Telecommunications Industries have collaborated closely with elected representatives and government officials at every level — federal, state, county and municipal — throughout all 50 states.

In point of fact, this Deep State-coordinated conspiracy to commit genocide — both wittingly and unwittingly — is so broad and deep that military tribunals will be required to expeditiously prosecute the criminals. Those decision-makers at the top of the crime pyramid must be taken off the streets first before they cook up another scheme to depopulate America via deadly electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation. See MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

The NWO globalist cabal has especially enlisted the CIA’s Mockingbird Media. Without the Mainstream Media carrying water – ALL DAY LONG – for this complex, convoluted and colossal conspiracy, TPTB could never have gotten this close to throwing the kill switch. As always, the dutiful MSM talking heads and newspapers of record have been conscripted to produce so much fake news about 5G it boggles the mind. This is, of course, their main intention so that they can then get away with scrambling our brains without detection.

KEY POINT: Why are global power centers such as EU headquarters Brussels Belgium, the Vatican, Palm Beach Florida and Israel all banning 5G? What’s particularly suspicious is that 5G was developed in Israel! So, Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed.


It does not look good at all for the multitude of criminal co-conspirators who are actively foisting the exceedingly dangerous 5G energy grid on the nation.

Those individuals who have knowingly and willingly committed these extraordinary crimes against the American people must be identified and held to account post-haste.

The Powers That Be who have ushered along this treacherous process with so much naked corruption and cunning criminality are now in a HUGE bind. For instance, the 5G roll-out has already exposed unprecedented FCC Corruption & One of the Largest Accounting Scandals in U.S. History.

We the People are waking up fast to the pervasive perils related to what is essentially a military deployment of 5G and build-out of the IoT. Not only that, many in the anti-5G movement have indicated that they will take radical steps to terminate the roll-out before if terminates US.

5G REJECTED: New Movement Emerges Bent on Incapacitating 5G Towers, Antennae and Equipment

Lastly, TPTB will also have another very serious situation on their hands should they continue with the patently unlawful and harmful deployment of 5G. Governments across the USA will face a barrage of lawsuits that will undoubtedly bankrupt them as a result of their intentional criminal negligence and increasing array of more serious crimes.

Likewise, the Big Telecom perpetrators and their numerous accessories to committing genocide will face immense legal and financial liabilities. At the end of the day, every individual materially involved in this deepening crisis will be held responsible. The institutional perps, however, clearly have the most to lose by way of their massive investments. For example: 5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit Good luck with that one, 5Ggate perps.

State of the Nation
April 15, 2019

Editor’s Note

The SOTN Alt Media platform and partnering websites have discussed the catastrophic 5G roll-out as much as any other news network on the Internet today. This dire and quickly evolving predicament is as BIG as it gets. When the true consequences of 5G are sufficiently known by We the People, everything will change in a day and a night. Even if it means “torches and pitchforks”, sooner or later this thing is gonna to blow—BIG TIME! So, what’s it going to be: an immediate injunction and cease and desist order from the SCOTUS… or a literal war in communities across America where 5G towers and equipment are destroyed faster than the telcoms can replace them. It’s still their choice. See 5G CRISIS: This is what “torches and pitchforks” looks like in the Digital Age

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