Here’s how Deep State is using the CIA’s Mockingbird Media to Normalize an Openly Gay POTUS and His ‘First Man”

Highly Organized Multi-Decade Conspiracy
to Elect a Series of US Presidents Who
Profoundly Degrade the Office

The criminally insane psychopaths who run the United States from the shadows want the American people to accept the notion of a homosexual POTUS and his husband occupying the White House

State of the Nation

What follows is the TIME Magazine puff piece that’s pushing this modern-day “abomination of desolation”. First, here’s TIME‘s pure propaganda cover:

If the American people don’t get it yet, they had better very quickly. Because it’s a well known fact of life on Earth that the devil always degrades his victim before he destroys them.

Now here’s the ridiculous puff piece on Pete Buttigieg and his husband. The more people buy into this nation-collapsing Cultural Marxism, the harder the USA will fall when it does.

Multi-Decade Conspiracy

Who can argue that many of the last presidents to occupy the Oval Office were each men of despicable character. For example:

Lyndon Johnson

George H.W. Bush

Bill Clinton

George W. Bush

Barack Obama

Clearly, this irrefutable narrative reflects a deep and broad scheme to condition the American people to accept thoroughly corrupt criminals as the U.S. head of state.

Obviously, the countless 2020 Democrat candidates for POTUS further reflect this clandestine plot to subvert the American Republic.

Really, has anyone ever seen such an utterly revolting freak show in the form of the ever-expanding field of Democrat candidates?

This country has never witnessed such a large group of highly inferior and repugnant men and women running for high office from one party. It’s truly horrifying what the Democrat Party has morphed into after it became a nakedly seditious communist entity.

May God have mercy on America!

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