Carlos Muñoz Ferrada: Hercolubus and the Gifted Astronomer Who Discovered it


HERCOLUBUS: A massive celestial body with an orbit that intersects our known solar system passing in close proximity to the Sun and Earth. Since this celestial object seems to fit the profile of several names given to a common celestial body, its important to make this connection at the beginning. The most common names are Planet X, Nibiru, Red Planet, Brown Dwarf, and Hercolubus.

It seems the body of research related to a massive planet with an intersecting course to our solar system has started to point to the same celestial body and or star/solar system.

ferradaCarlos Muñoz Ferrada – A Chilean Scientist, Geologist and Astronomer born in 1909 died September 11, 2001 (approx. age 92). He spent nearly 59 years researching celestial bodies specifically Hercolubus and predicting with stunning precision geological activity such as the Chile Earthquake of 1939; Carlos predicted the quake within 4 hours of the event. Carlos Munoz Ferrada was also the first person to provide accurate information about the trajectory and disturbances that the famous Halley’s Comet would go through in its passage through our solar system indicating that at the last second the comet would alter its speed and go closer to the sun than predicted. And that’s exactly what transpired in the passing of the comet.

“With his dynamic geoscience, this genius scientist has surpassed all laws of modern astronomy. Through his calculations, not only predicting numerous earthquakes, but also geo-thermal explosions and climate changes in all parts of the world. He discovered new comets and planets deciphering their trajectories, mass, brightness, color, sidereal coordinates and orbital motions with amazing accuracy, before these celestial bodies were even seen by the large modern telescopes of the world.  This generated astonishment throughout the world, leading to the Royal Astronomical Society of London to reshape its policy, stating that “due the unusual case of Mr. Munoz Ferrada, all new comets would take the name of the one who first calculated them and not from the one who discovered it by chance with a telescope.”

Discovering Hercolubus

Mr. Ferrada first discovered the object by accident with his telescope. He continued researching Hercolubus and the coming effects of the presence of this body as it begins to have vibrational interaction with our solar system and specifically with planet Earth.  He called it the Comet Planet because it has the mass of a giant planet with a tail.

In an interview nearly 17 years ago in 1999 at age 90, Mr. Ferrada broke his silence and made many alarming statements about the passing of this celestial body Hercolubus. The following section will highlight some of what he said:

• Soon events will take place that will allow Hercolubus to be seen with the naked eye. This body will not go unnoticed and everyone will see it.

• There will be a lot of confusion, more than confusion. And they will give many interpretations about it. Astronomers will say that what we will see is Mars or any other planet. But, in reality, it is Hercolubus.

• Earth and Solar System Changes Begin to Increase

• 3 Major Earthquakes, between France and Spain, South Pacific coast Valparaiso to Arequipa, And Java Sumatra and Borneo. 3 Spots. These spots will go through earthquakes of volcanic nature. Hercolubus will cause devastating earthquakes and a great transformation. The large gravitational field that brings this new star, which has not penetrated for 13,000 years and that 13,000 years ago were the times of the lost Atlantis, has resonance and effects that produce reflections and weaknesses…will cause big change.

• There are so many things, it’s unfortunate, mankind is not prepared. The change comes…The destruction comes…And, above all, will affect humanity and its existence, its production, and its own substance.


  •  Hercolubus is a RED ‘comet planet’ which presents an elliptical orbit of a comet and great mass of a planet, in other words “a planet with a tail”.
  •  The star is charged with cosmic energy, as to say rarefied radiation which according to scholars alters behavior and health, and will provoke incurable epidemics and irritability, bringing wars.
  •  Does not meet the conventionally established celestial physical laws.
  •  Travels between our Sun and a Black Sun which is found 32 trillion kilometers away.
  •  Will pass 14 million kilometers from  Earth.
  •  IT IS APPROXIMATELY SIX TIMES BIGGER THAN JUPITER, thus its approach of 14 million kilometers from our world will exercise a disastrous attraction upon the incandescent liquid minerals inside the Earth, provoking tremendous internal pressures and therefore triggering volcanoes and earthquakes.
  •  It will end up penetrating our Solar System and be visible to the naked eye as well as photographed.
  •  “Its arrival will cause massive human and geophysical change, bringing change and destruction”.


Visibility and Time Line

Mr. Ferrada stated that starting after August of 1999, the effects of this would intensify and spread including earthquakes, volcanic activity and including tsunami frequency.

Mr. Ferrada also stated that Hercolubus COULD BE PHOTOGRAPHED FROM THAT DATE ON!

More to come.


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