PETE BUTTIGIEG: Manchurian Candidate, Cultural Marxist and NWO Globalist Programmed to Destroy the American Republic

Deep State’s Secret Weapon
to Steal the 2020 Election 

State of the Nation

It’s critical that the Right does not underestimate the cultural marxist candidacy of Pete Buttigieg.

There’s a stealthy Democrat plot afoot and Mayor Pete is at the center of it.  So is Joe Biden; so is Bernie Sanders, but Buttigieg is the real star of the show.  Here’s the back story:

KEY POINT: Really, what 37-year-old wakes up one day and decides to run for POTUS?  Exactly, they don’t, especially in out-of-control 2019.  Unless, of course, they are programmed (via Tavistock) and ordered to by their C.I.A. handlers to run.  This whole choreographed Democrat wacko-drama is yet another British attempt to surreptitiously take over the POTUS by stealth just like they did with Obama.  Hence, we are witnessing the latest real conspiracy associated with CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY.
(Source: The Pete Buttigieg Psyop: A Cultural Marxist Conspiracy of Dastardly Proportions)

Democrat’s Plan B

It’s no coincidence that the Democrat field is full of “Bs” as in B-list actors.  Biden is the best of them; but Bernie is so full of BS you wonder how he still attracts so many Berniacs.  Of course, Beto is so full of hot air the Beto blimp has already plunged back to Earth like the Hindenburg.

Now here’s the whole list of B-list actors who are 2020 Democrat contenders and who are each a critical piece of this clandestine plot to steal the 2020 election.







Bill de Blasio




Brown has since dropped out

However, it’s the Biden—Buttigieg—Bernie gig that is the one to watch closely—VERY CLOSELY.  Not only are all 3 totally full of BS, they’re bumping up against each other for hidden reasons and in a manner which is completely staged.

The DNC is cunningly setting up Creepy Joe Biden for the nomination only to snatch it away from him at the crucial time of the 2020 election cycle.*

*It’s a well known fact throughout the political polling realm that any frontrunner a year and a half before Election Day is often doomed.  The frontrunner seldom receives a major party nomination.  Such is the curse of Joe Biden’s extraordinary lead in the polls today.  He’s only there to distract and divert, deceive and misdirect.  And Crazy Joe is darn good at it.

Given Biden’s 76 years of crazy baggage, they know that Trump will destroy him in the thick of the campaign season.  Biden is the real straw man in this Democrat “dog and pony” show.  The DEMs will use Crazy Joe as a red herring to deflect from mayor Pete’s candidacy.  In this way, Buttigieg increases his following by the day while Biden takes hit after hit as the frontrunner always does.

Old Uncle Joe is the perfect “town fool” to take the blows from Trump as he goes down for the count for the last time.  Really, there has never been a better village idiot to divert the attention of the electorate during what promises to be the most interesting campaign season in U.S. history.  Yes, even crazier than the 2016 election because of what’s truly at stake.

KEY POINT: The 2020 election is by far the most consequential in U.S. history.  Whoever wins will dictate the future of the USA like no previous POTUS.  That’s why the communist and treasonous Democrat Party cannot be allowed to steal this election.  They will lock down the Republic into a full-blown “USSA” faster than you can say “Bolshevik Revolution”.  After 4 years of Trump, the Democrats will not risk not occupying the Executive Branch again.  SPYgate, FISAgate, OBAMAgate and many other scandals have necessitated a coup — soft or violent — in order to swiftly shut down these extremely serious investigations.  The DEMs have never been so desperate.

2020 Manchurian Candidate

If ever there was another Manchurian Candidate to pick up the cultural marxist mantle from Barack Obama, that would be Pete Buttigieg.

Just like Obama was, this 37-year-old kid has been fastidiously groomed since childhood (and that was just a few years ago) to advance the New World Order agenda for the globalist cabal.

PETE BUTTIGIEG: A Stone-Cold Manchurian Candidate More Dangerous Than Obama (Video)

They often select relatively young and easily manipulated political aspirants who can be completely controlled once they get into the Oval Office.  Just look at what they did with Obama during the most lawless and corrupt 8 years of any POTUS in American history.  There are so many scandal “gates” being investigated associated with Obama’s presidencies that it boggles the mind.  There’s an exhaustive list of them posted here: IMPEACHMENTgate: A Deep State Hoax Carried Out to Distract from the Countless Democrat Scandals, Criminal Conspiracies and Coup Attempts

There are very good reasons why so many commentators have rightly pointed out the striking likeness between Pete Buttigieg and MAD Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman.

As for Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend Indiana, one can only imagine what the NWO globalists have in store for the Republic if the Democrats are successful in stealing this election.  By the way, how does a small town mayor, who is literally wet behind the ears, even leapfrog into the White House unless Deep State is working triple time to put him there?!

What is always concerning about any Manchurian Candidate is the extent to which they have been programmed by their cultural marxist handlers to further destroy American society.  Here’s just one example of how Buttigieg — a man-boy, with virtually no accomplishment except his glaringly unexemplary gay marriage, is being used to tear down towering Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. See Pete Buttigieg: Erasing Thomas Jefferson’s Name ‘Right Thing to Do’

KEY POINTS: There is perhaps no more integral component of the Cultural Marxism agenda than the premeditated strategy and myriad attempts to tear down the Founding Fathers.  The globalists know that when the populace loses all respect for the true American heroes who founded this great nation, the end is very near.  That Buttigieg has undergone profound brainwashing (and propagandizing) in this regard makes him an extremely dangerous agent of the Crown whose other primary purposes are to further undermine national sovereignty and territorial integrity.  This highly deceptive and contemptible boy mayor, then, is yet another proof that the barbarians are inside the gate.  Truly, Buttigieg’s odious social justice warrior behavior represents the worst form of liberal virtue signaling.

Deep State’s Secret Weapon

The plot here is really very simple.  The power elite have used this same covert strategy in several U.S. elections over the decades to determine their carefully chosen president.

First, the current field of declared Democrat candidates was purposefully created in order to fully engage and captivate the liberal side of the electorate TO THE MAXIMUM DEGREE.

Really, why else is Bernie even here again except to deceitfully corral his Berniacs into a pen of political compliance which represents a significant voting bloc.  He tried to do the very same thing for Clinton, but failed miserably.  Too many millennials saw right through his charade and proceeded to vote for Trump.

However, in 2020 the DEMs are setting up many candidates, each of which have been given orders by the DNC to totally win over their followers as convincingly as possible so that they can then be delivered to Mayor Pete after he’s nominated.  Even FOX News has jumped on the Buttigieg bandwagon as they treacherously help carry out this devastating Deep State agenda. See BUTTIGIEG: Even FOX News is bewitched by the Deep State’s Golden Boy

However, even with the glowing endorsements of so many former Democrat candidates, Buttigieg still has a HUGE uphill climb.  Deep State doesn’t really care about that; all they are doing is generating enough excitement around the boy mayor so that when they do attempt to steal the election, Buttigieg will have seemed to be a plausibly popular candidate with a critical mass of manufactured national support.

Really, since when would the body politic of the United States of America ever elect a gay kid mayor married to a man whose husband would be declared the “First Gentleman”.  And where’s the rest of the “First Family”?

Now here’s an excerpt from a previous SOTN exposé that fleshes out the skeleton of this Deep State conspiracy:

Election Theft 2020

First, it’s of paramount importance to know that the Democrat Party got away with massive election theft during the 2018 midterms throughout the country.  They literally stole every election in sight and got away with it scot-free.  Yes, they got caught in Florida, but Florida’s always different.

Secondly, it’s equally important to realize that nothing has been done to fix this extremely serious problem.  And, that the election system is more vulnerable than ever to being manipulated just as the electoral process is very easily rigged.  Hacking the voting and tabulating equipment is as easy as ever.

Now fast forward to 2020: It’s clear that the Democrats intend on nominating a candidate who really galvanizes the electorate–both sides. (Obviously the Republicans and real conservatives will not be taken in but the DNC will try very hard.)  That individual will be anointed because of their ability to rebuild the Obamanation to the extent that Trump has knocked it down, as it deserved to be.

With this background, it should be easy to see how a Buttigieg candidacy could energize the liberal base as well as excite the left-wing fringe.  As long as he is able to motivate a high level of participation at the polls on November 3, 2020, the stage will be set for an outright election theft.  This particular dynamic is essential to the Democrats plausibly getting away with yet another stolen election.
(Source: Here’s the Democrat’s secret weapon to steal the 2020 POTUS election)


It’s gonna get ugly from now until Election Day—real ugly.

Running a married gay candidate is about as provocative a thing Deep State could do in a traditionally Christian nation.  Nevertheless, the NWO globalists are on a mission to transform the USA into a cultural marxist paradise ruled by a totalitarian communist government not too unlike the European Union. See European Union Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe

KEY POINT: How stunningly clueless is this gay POTUS candidate about the profound offense his mere candidacy represents toward the vast majority of Americans.  Isn’t this shocking lack of consideration and concern for the U.S. citizenry in and of itself a sign of blinding self-absorption.  Then how can such a narrow-minded individual preside over the largest, most powerful nation on Earth, particularly when his primary focus and assigned task is to greatly advance the LGBT agenda. See LGBTTTT AGENDA: Debasing Society and Corrupting Civilization

By the way, this “Pete B.” tactic is quite similar to the way that the gay Tim Cook was shoehorned into the CEO position at APPLE when it was the largest corporation in the world.  Is that what Steve Jobs wanted before they killed him with cancer… really?!  APPLE has plummeted in so many ways since that dark day that Cook was installed by the Shadow Government (the C.I.A. installed him so that the MAC OS could be completely compromised and back-doored by DARPA as it has been).

Now fast forward to 2020.  The cabal will attempt to install Buttigieg for a variety of sovereignty-destroying reasons.  First and foremost, Buttigieg’s Tavistock masters will use him to promote the utterly decadent LGBT agenda nationwide and globally, as if Obama didn’t already do enough damage to the planetary civilization.  In point of fact, virtually every Rhodes scholar ends up at Oxford (think Bill Clinton) in order to undergo the most sophisticated MK-Ultra mind-control programming the C.I.A. has ever devised in collaboration with the notorious Tavistock Institute.


That the globalists would stage such a transparent psyop with the explicit intention to normalize a married gay POTUS is so far beyond the pale it’s quite scary.  What else do these incorrigible and criminally insane psychopaths have up their sleeves?!  For when the delicate fabric of American society is irreparably torn, we’ll have reached a point of no return for the Republic.

Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that the Patriot Movement mobilize like never before.  Were the Democrats to take over the Senate and expand their majority in the House — with a Democrat president in 2021 — the last opportunity for patriots to take back the country peacefully will have passed forever.

The single best way to combat these waves of cultural marxist depredations, covert communist infiltrations, deranged socialist conspiracies and violent bolshevik plots is to circulate exposés like this one.  Were the conservatives across the nation to know about depraved schemes like this Buttigieg psyop, they would lock and load in a heartbeat so as to preclude an American “Bolshevik Revolution”.  Because that’s exactly what these out-of-control Democrats will do in order to preserve the Obamanation and especially the many “Sodom and Gomorrahs” on the Left Coast, the East Coast and places like the Chicago and Detroit Democrat wastelands in between.

Look it, people, highly radioactive information like this is essential to saving this nation.  These hard truths and sordid facts, while difficult for many to face, must be widely distributed so that folks can respond accordingly.  After all, the fate of America now hangs in the balance.

State of the Nation
May 20, 2019


Why does Pete Buttigieg really remind so many of Alfred E. Neuman of MAD Magazine?

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