GLADIO TERROR: Virginia Beach False Flag Mass Shooting Ordered by Deep State to Distract from SPYgate + Gun Control

“Everything Points to a Shocking
False Flag Attack by Deep State

— State of the Nation headline from May 27, 2019
from an article titled:
COLLISION COURSE 2019: It’s gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY!

State of the Nation

False flag terrorist attacks have become the preferred means of distraction of the American people.  Epic scandals like SPYgate require major distractions to change the national conversation—FAST! See ANOTHER MIND-CONTROLLED PATSY: Virginia Beach Mass Shooting frames a ‘disgruntled employee’ as the fall guy

Mass shootings in high-profile venues are particularly carried out to divert the attention of the body politic when Deep State is under a LOT of pressure.  That pressure is coming from the necessity of covering up SPYgate.

In light of the radioactive revelations that are about to be made public by the DoJ after being authorized to declassify the Russiagate hoax documents, things are about to get very dicey. Truly, it doesn’t get more serious for the Democrat coup plotters than SPYgate.

Why Virginia?

KEY POINTS: The disastrous briefing recently given by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller was such a PR nightmare that that fiasco alone necessitated a major distraction. Not only was Mueller’s professional performance extremely poor, he raised more questions than he answered. This is why Virginia Beach — so close to Washington, D.C. — was purposely chosen as the site of the alleged terrorist attack. Much more significantly, however, was the ‘need’ for Deep State to stage a horrific mass shooting in the state of Virginia in order to justify the enactment of draconian gun control legislation. Just watch the new state laws restricting firearms in the weeks ahead. The treasonous U.S. Congress knows that We the People are on to their crime sprees (e.g. SPYgate) and therefore feel the need to swiftly disarm the citizenry…especially eliminating assault rifle ownership in the areas surrounding the highly vulnerable District of Columbia.

There’s a very telling back story to this false flag operation that concerns the Virginia state government.

At the same time that Governor Ralph Northam pledged to sign the odious law legalizing infanticide he became embroiled in a black face controversy among other collegiate indiscretions.  Simultaneously, the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General also came under fire for wholly “unacceptable conduct’.  This has never happened before where the top 3 executives of a major state government were being investigated at the same time. See: Why were the top three elected officials in Virginia really under investigation at the same time?

However, all three elected officials somehow avoided resignation at the time, which many found to be quite improbable.  It now appears that those charges were surfaced quite intentionally as a means of coercing each of them to support any gun control legislation that might result from a future staged mass shooting.  This is exactly how their Deep State handlers work to compel compliance with the New World Order agenda.

False flag massacre predicted for May

The following extended excerpt explains why SOTN predicted a mass casualty event to occur this May of 2019. Certainly, this mass shooting in Virginia Beach on the last day of May qualities as just one of the terrorist attacks planned by Deep State. See: 12 Killed In Shooting At Virginia Beach Municipal Center; Suspect Confirmed Dead

The SOTN excerpt begins here:

False Flag Mass Casualty Event

Because of what’s truly at stake for Deep State, everything points directly at yet another false flag mass casualty event (MCE) in the very near future.

Depending on how successful or unsuccessful that black operation turns out to be, the same perps will likely conduct a second false flag; and maybe even a third.

Their highly purposeful mission will be to sufficiently shock and awe the American consciousness into a PTSD mode. Only in this way can they completely take over the dominant narrative that might then revolve at that time around the first American coup d’état to be outed from the top down.

Let’s face it: the U.S. Intelligence Community will simply not permit the complete exposing of SPYgate. Every single intel agency was likely involved to include the FBI, DoJ, CIA, as were many senior officials in the Obama administration.

Obama himself knew of Hillary Clinton’s illegal home server and private email yet lied about it because he actually approved the unlawful arrangement. Therefore, the ex-prez is quite vulnerable to prosecution for many of the broken laws directly associated with both EMAILgate and SERVERgate, separate scandals unto themselves.

Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?

When you throw in all the other much bigger scandals in the Trump era — WIRETAPgate, SPYgate, FISAgate, DOSSIERgate — Deep State will feel compelled to blow the whole place up, if it must to keep a tight lid on all the threatening investigations.

After all, when SWAMPgate is blown wide open, the entire D.C. swamp will be full of indicted (i) agents of Deep State, (ii) rogue Intel operatives, (iii) traitors in Congress, (iv) SCOTUS imposters, (v) perfidious appointees from previous administrations, and (vi) former POTUSes who sold out their country.

SWAMPgate: You won’t believe how ALL the perps are connected…as in joined at the hip!

Hence, the primary and most effective way of keeping this all under wraps for Deep State is to pull off a 9/11-level terrorist attack. Or, multiple MCEs that distract and divert over the course of this exceedingly tumultuous period of exposure of so many Obama-era scandals.

These various CIA-directed, FBI cover-up false flag operations could take many different forms as explained here: Desperate Deep State Guaranteed to Carry Out Major False Flag Mass Casualty Event to Divert from SPYgate Revelations

KEY POINT: In view of this highly explosive and tense situation, both sides are ready to push the buttons on their respective nuclear options. Trump just authorized the declassification of the Russiagate probe documents which puts the Democrats on notice. The House threatens impeachment through a variety of mouthpieces every other day diluting its effect with each act of unlawful intimidation. There are many other much more devastating alternatives available to both sides of this epic battle which will become known in the weeks and months to come. However, no matter what does happen, there’s no stopping this war from going nuclear as points of no return have already been exceeded. See: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility


Operation Gladio, the terrorist arm of the NATO (aka the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) has been conducting false flag operations throughout the USA since 9/11 and before.

All of these mass shootings and bombings have been carried out by Gladio in concert with the U.S. Military, C.I.A., FBI, ATF, Mossad, MI6 and local law enforcement agencies in the locales attacked.

These coordinated false flag terror events are implemented under the auspices of the Shadow Government which is implementing the New World Order globalist agenda.

The primary goal is to strip American of their guns and cunningly abolish the Second Amendment.  Their secondary objective is to undermine national sovereignty sufficiently so that the United States can be integrated into a planned North American Union.

Hence, these mass shooting will not stop until the Deep State traitors have collapsed the American Republic and replaced it with a totalitarian communist government that answers to a supranational body headquartered in a certain foreign nation.

KEY POINT: No one really knows if this mass shooting in Virginia Beach was for real, a hoax, or a hybrid of the two.  It’s virtually impossible to determine what really happened in these highly controlled mass casualty events (MCE).  Nevertheless, they still have the same effect on the mass consciousness.  That’s the goal: to instill fear and apprehension among the populace so that the globalist cabal can more easily execute their various hidden agendas.  But DISTRACTION is always another stealthy purpose behind these MCEs.  There are now so many serious Deep State scandals that the perps have no choice but to cover them up before the dominos start to fall as they never have before.

There’s no other country on Earth that is plagued with so many false flag mass shootings.  Truly, the United States is under constant terrorist attack yet very few people understand this stark reality.  It’s inconceivable that so many folks would turn into mass murderers unless they were operating under the influence of some very serious government-run mind-control programs.  Almost all of these patsies are heavily medicated with powerful psychotropic drugs and suspiciously under the care of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

Were the U.S. citizenry to simply think about the great disparity of gun violence here compared to the rest of the world they would quickly understand that America is being targeted by Gladio with a vengeance.  Per capita, there are far more staged mass shootings in the USA for the reasons stated above as well as to achieve other ultra-classified goals.  Those other black ops are actually ‘legally’ justified by the latest NDAA version signed by the treacherous Obama. See “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA Produced by the Department of Defense

State of the Nation
May 31, 2019

Editor’s Note

It has been claimed that a scheduled “active shooter drill” was scheduled at the very same venue in Virginia Beach today — Saturday, June 1.  If this is true, then such a drill would have provided a perfect opportunity for the ‘authorities’ to set up the false flag operation in advance as they have done with many other staged mass casualty events.  In this way, the so-called crime scene is completely controlled for maximum “shock and awe” effect.  SOTN has not been able to verify this important “drill” claim.


Virginia Beach Police Department active shooter training workshop CONFIRMED (Video)

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