Here’s how the Global Warming hoax really got started

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following important excerpt comes from a previous SOTN essay titled: NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

It explains how the stage was stealthily set by the New World Order globalist cabal to carry out the CO2-driven Global Warming hoax.

If you are reading this, please understand that very few people on the planet know this critical back story, so please spread this post far and wide.

The Back Story:
This is what TPTB did. They saw that the planet had entered a period of global warming. This occurred during World War II when they had to track the weather very closely for wartime purposes. The steady warming of the planet paralleled the same period when the Oil & Gas Industry really began to take off and the global population explosion first began. At the time when the data really started to pour in, the warming was just a small campfire … this was early on, right after World War II. Soon after they first made those observations about the slow warming of the planet, the decision was made to turn the campfire into a wildfire. They experimented with HAARP and used Chemtrails and other geoengineering technologies to ramp up the heat. Eventually the wildfire of global warming was stoked sufficiently so that full-blown forest fires, brush fires and grass fires were jumping off anywhere and everywhere. In this way the synthetic component Global Warming was fabricated on top of a very real phase of planetary heating. The next part of their plan is explained below.
(Source: New World Order: Where Geoengineering Via Chemtrails Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix)

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July 20, 2019

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