Trump’s foreign policies have caused a recession which will trigger a global depression!

Trumpty Dumpty’s Fall from China’s Great Wall…

…while the rest of the world has to pick up the pieces.

Submitted by The Armchair Geopolitical Analyst
State of the Nation

If ever there was a presidential dunderhead, it’s Donald J. Trump.

Why, pray tell, would The Donald climb up to the highest point on the Great Wall of China and forcefully heave his body to the ground?

It just doesn’t make any sense that he would morph into Trumpty Dumpty just prior to his re-election bid, does it?!

Here’s a guy who his staked entire presidency on “It’s the economy stupid”. And then he proceeds to wreck and ruin the economy.

That’s right: he literally transformed himself into Trumpty Dumpty as the direct result of starting the stupidest trade war in world history.

Really, you can’t make this stuff up! How could anyone be so stupid?! We’re talking about a SUPER STUPIDO, people.

The main reason why we’re so satirically vocal about Trump’s stupidity is because as he tries so hard destroy China’s economy, he’s destroying ours as well. And, as he destroys both economies, he destroys the global economy.

Hello! HELLO ! ! HELLO ! ! !

Now here’s an excellent analysis of exactly how Trumpty Dumpty crushed any chances of being re-elected.

Trump gets demolished by his quixotic trade war with China

Obsession with China

It was clear even before his 2016 election that Trump had an unhealthy obsession with China. But the telling video that follows shows that Trump’s obsession goes way beyond even what many seasoned geopolitical analysts speculated about.

Trump & “China” (Video)

Only those who watched the preceding video can understand just how troubled Trump really is about China. The problem for the American people is that Trump purposefully picked a fight with an 800-pound gorilla.

Not only that, but China is also a silverback which is why Trump is a mere plaything who was just thrown off the Great Wall of China.

Hong Kong psyop

There are many ways that Trump profoundly undermined any prospect whatsoever of a trade deal with China. However, it’s his CIA-staged color revolution in Hong Kong that really screwed the pooch. How so?

The Chinese have never trusted Trump from the very beginning of the negotiation process (Remember when Trump recklessly bombed Syria while he dined with President Xi at Mar-a-Lago?). That was before the whole world watched Trump whimsically tear up the Iran Nuclear Deal, so why would any nation ever trust him again?

However, given Trump’s stealthy subversion of the Hong Kong government, he’s now a marked enemy of Beijing. Not only will he NEVER get a trade deal, the Chinese government will likely work triple time to ensure his 2020 defeat after preventing any kind of a deal from being signed. Why wouldn’t they just wait for the new POTUS to deal with?

Now remember that Trump’s utterly foolish U.S. State Department-abetted color revolution in Hong Kong was instigated not long after he sent his U.S. Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait — on multiple occasions — and right in the middle of the delicate trade negotiations.

Of course, those unparalleled provocations were undertaken during the same period in which Trump conspired with Canada to kidnap the daughter of the Founder/CEO of the biggest Telcom manufacturer in China.

The guy is just brilliant, isn’t he?!?!

QUESTION: Why would any POTUS self-destruct so completely in the midst of the most competitive U.S. election cycle ever … … … unless they were given orders to?

Sun Tzu’s Art of War

Now if there’s one thing China does not like it’s being bullied, especially by the Anglo-American Axis powers. It brings back memories of the devastating Opium Wars.

China knows full well that Hong Kong fell victim to a highly complex series of classic CIA/MI6 black ops. Therefore, they will counter those thuggish moves in a manner and at a time that their “Art of War” strategy advises.

So, while President Trump is still learning how to play checkers, President Xi will be executing his moves according to real 5D chess, not fake 5D as the phony QAnon likes to prevaricate.

What Trump woefully failed to understand in dealing with the Chinese is that they always play the long game. They will especially do this when their opponent is playing the shortest game ever played. That’s Trump’s style for as long he’s been in business and why he has 7 bankruptcies (not 4) under his belt.

Hence, as Trump gins up his extremely shaky POTUS campaign, China actually holds all the trump cards to the 2020 outcome. Surely, Trump knew this since China can pull the plug on the U.S. economy just as easily as the USA can put a dent in China’s.

Now that Trump has played ALL of his trump cards, he’s totally backed into a corner. Now we all wait and see just how much real damage Beijing will inflict on the American economy between now and Election Day. See: Trade War Against China Is Backfiring—BIG TIME!

One thing is for certain: China has already begun their counter-attack. And, no matter how they work against Trump’s re-election, they will be sure to operate with the necessary stealth and secrecy to seal his sorry fate. In other words, regardless of what they do, it will not translate into a Russiagate.

Quite unfortunately for Trump, all that’s required for China to pull off the greatest election fix in U.S. history is for them to do what they do best—NOTHING.


It’s important to note that all of this juvenile checkers playing is due to the Neocon Zionists who have taken over Trump’s administration. See A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

Let’s not be fooled, however, as to how that takeover really took place. Trump was programmed from the get-go in June of 2015 to hand over power to Tel Aviv. Which is exactly why the White House is currently owned and operated by the apartheid state of Israel.

Somehow Trump’s “ruin China game plan” was supposed to MIGA. Instead, Trump has been willingly used to trigger what will be the worst recession of this third millennium, and probably the worst economic depression Americans have ever seen. By the way, isn’t this precisely why Trump floated the idea of buying Greenland? MR. DISTRACTION: Serious talk of recession pushes Trump to ‘buy Greenland’

And all because Trump has always had this thing for China. If you’ve got a problem with the trade relationship with the Chinese, simply sit down and talk with them. And negotiate in good faith; not while you issue sophomoric threats and dark warnings that will all come back to haunt like a boomerang.

Welcome to the plight of Trumpty Dumpty between now and November 3, 2020.

If there’s a silver lining in this dark cloud, it’s that the Truth About Trump Will Bring Down the Whole System.

Commentary submitted to State of the Nation

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