TRUMP: The Most Dangerous Economic Hitman & Financial Terrorist Of All Time


State of the Nation

No other POTUS in American history has terrorized the world like President Donald J. Trump.

No other POTUS has traumatized nations, large and small, like Trump has.

Truly, in Trump did his masters find the “Ultimate Economic Hitman & Financial Terrorist”.

It’s of paramount importance to understand that this is Trump’s primary mission assigned to him by the Khazarian Mafia. After all, the banksters have ALWAYS completely controlled his destiny.

KHAZARIAN MAFIA RULES: While it’s true that Israel installed Trump in the White House, it was the Jewish Mafia that made sure he was elected.

As for the Khazarian Mafia (KM), just who are these vast networks of interlocking crime syndicates, crime families and criminal cabals comprised of countless criminally insane psychopaths? How do they act with such impunity? And where do they operate?

Crime territories

From both a geopolitical and law enforcement standpoint, there’s only one way to correctly understand how the planetary civilization is split up.

Every square inch of the planet is divided into crime territories not too unlike how the greater New York City area has been divvied up by the Sicilian Mafia for decades. Bear in mind that the Sicilian Mafia operates at a lower level of organized crime; for the Khazarian Mafia totally controls every move made by the NYC mob.

In point of fact, the New York City model of mob control has been effectively exported to every single city in the USA. Before that Khazarian Mafia implementation plan was executed, every major city in Europe had already been taken over for centuries.

The efficient utilization of the mob territories had been previously perfected across Europe by the Black Nobility that began its reign of terror during the later part of the 13th century. That’s a LOT of time for them to perfect their efficient model of takeover and control of cities, states and nations alike.

It’s critical to note that the Black Nobility is more deeply entrenched today than ever. After all, their calling card is Gladio-coordinated terrorism that’s now inflicted anywhere on the planet they so choose.

Here’s the actual hierarchy: The Black Nobility are the real old Illuminati families of Europe whose immense wealth came from the spoils accumulated over centuries by the Roman Empire, the stolen riches of the Nine Crusades as well as the massive transfer of wealth that occurred during the aftermath of Marco Polo’s travels to the East. This is the real “Old Money” that controls the world up to this very day.

In order to maintain their ascendancy worldwide, the original crime families of Venice, Genoa, Milan, Florence, Turin and Bologna created a vast terrorist network across Europe. It could be said that Operation Gladio, the terrorist arm of NATO (aka the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization), is the current incarnation of the original mafias that terrorized Italy in order to effectuate their “Problem~Reaction~Solution” MO.

As for the Khazarian Mafia that predates the Black Nobility of northern Italy, a main offshoot evolved from the natural marriages (both literal and figurative) that took place between the Jewish banksters and Catholic Italian nobility throughout the previously listed cities of northern Italy. They were the muscle of the original Black Nobility who would never dirty their hands with terrorism or mob activity.

As such, the Khazarian Mafia was responsible for administering all of the illegal businesses and sordid trades such as extortion rackets and prostitution rings, as well as drug trafficking, arms trafficking and human trafficking. These illicit enterprises have been around forever and are the most lucrative of all. Much more significantly, whoever controls these crime syndicates effectively controls the society because of all the dirt associated with the major movers and shakers becomes easily tracked (think Pedogate).

Khazarian Mafia

There should be no doubt whatsoever about the true purpose of those extremely dangerous and dark forces who installed Donald Trump in the White House.

Prior to Khazarian Mafia shoehorning Trump into the Oval Office, they used him to advance countless illicit enterprises via stealth and secrecy within the various fields of business that he was directed to engage.

The following video well portrays the primary MO employed by Trump and the VERY wide and deep upline organization (read: crime syndicate) that has controlled his entire operation since the very beginning of his fabricated career. A Survivor of a Trump Lawsuit Shares His Story (Video)

Groomed to be the premier frontman for the Khazarian Mafia, Trump’s career wended its way through all the various businesses that have always been strictly controlled by the mafia. You name it, Trump was up to his eyeballs in mob bosses, mafia families and Cosa Nostra consiglieri. Were this not the case, he would never have been able to develop a square inch of land in Manhattan or single casino in Atlantic City.

Trump’s primary businesses were gambling casinos, flashy high rises for the rich and famous, beauty pageants, modeling agencies, golf courses for the wealthy, etc. Each of these enterprises falls squarely in the domain of organized crime.
(Source: Truth About Trump Will Bring Down the Whole System)

Of course, it was the manic development of gambling casinos where Trump likely excelled in assisting with the laundering of massive amounts of dirty money. This is what Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos are all about—MONEY LAUNDERING. It’s also why Trump has deferred to casino magnate and arch-Zionist Sheldon Adelson on several occasions, especially where it concerned critical cabinet appointments (such as Neocon Zionist John Bolton). Trump even awarded Adelson’s wife the Medal of Freedom in spite of the couple being his biggest 2016 campaign donor.

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson at President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration – Richard Ellis/Zuma

Given the preceding list of Trump’s various business ventures, it ought to be clear that he was always set up as the quintessential KM frontman, which in turn set him up to be floated as a POTUS candidate. Even his stint on The Apprentice quite conveniently gave him extensive exposure to the electorate which set him up to be prez.

In point of fact, the only reason why Hillary Clinton was nominated in 2016 was because it guaranteed an enormous and unprecedented backlash against the Democratic Party for selecting such an ugly and detestable candidate. That’s right: Trump only won because of the intentionally engineered unelectability of Clinton (which is also why the DNC was ordered to steal the primary from Bernie, Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of the KM’s key tribe members).

This is how the Khazarian Mafia has worked for centuries: with audacious deceit and duplicity, shocking dishonesty and deception. Their endless schemes, of course, go way beyond the mere election of Donald Trump as seen in the following series of KM exposés.

Khazarian Mafia: You don’t know what you don’t know

Disastrous Foreign Policy

Of all Trump’s presidential initiatives conducted on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia, it’s his catastrophic foreign policy that has distinguished him as “the ultimate economic hitman and financial terrorist”. To plant such a destructive agent of the Khazarian Mafia in the White House was quite the coup.

Let’s face it, there’s no POTUS in history who has ever thrown his weight around the international community like Trump. He acts like the 800-pound gorilla who sits anywhere he wants to, anytime, anyway … without even the slightest regard to the often devastating blowback.

Trump’s real problem is that he never sees or recognizes that awesome blowback as it hovers like a massive gathering superstorm heading right for the United States. The most serious consequences of his utterly cataclysmic foreign policies will be born by the American people. Trump himself will most likely be long gone before the many economic wars and financial conflicts he deliberately started have done their worst damage to the USA, as well as to the world-at-large. The first major victim of his offensive trade policies and currency wars will certainly be the petrodollar.

What does some of that damage look like on the ground in 2019? As follows:

The Trump administration’s intensifying trade war with China, numerous economic sanctions levied against Russia, relentless economic and financial war against Iran, ongoing financial and military support to MIGA, illegal military support of Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen, illegal blockade of Venezuela, sanctioning of and unlawful U.S. troop presence in Syria, backing of a warmongering Libyan strongman, continuing prosecution of the Afghanistan War, unprecedented economic alienation of Europe, and increasing trade and diplomatic tensions with India, etc. all reflect the imminent decline of American influence and power.
(Source: The Final Conflict Between East and West, Stage Being Set for the Hot Phase of WW3)

The essential point about this purposeful Khazarian Mafia strategy is that it mimics what the International Banking Cartel carried out just prior to the First and Second World Wars. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave the banksters much power to manipulate the markets and currencies in the lead up to World War I. The same banksters then manufactured the Great Depression as a necessary prelude to triggering World War II. Well, Trump is being used in the very same way to push the world community of nations into the hot phase of World War III.

It’s crucial to comprehend that the entire world has been mired in the cold phase of WW3 since the US government-sponsored terrorist attacks of 9/11. (The resulting War on Terror was actually the inaugural event for World War III.) Those false flag operations implemented on September 11, 2001 were conducted by several elements within the Khazarian Mafia to include the American Neocon Zionist cabal, Saudi Arabian financiers, Israeli Mossad agents, and British MI6 cover-up artists. For example, see how the House of Saud was actually established by a crypto-Jewish family in the three exposés below.

The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

Is The ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?

The Jewish Roots Of The House Of Saud Family Tree

Trump’s Crypto-Jewish Family

Everything points to the great likelihood that Donald J. Trump was born into a crypto-Jewish family.  That’s why all of his children are either married to a Jewish spouse or have been in close relationship with a Jewish significant other.

Trump’s son-in law Jared Kushner is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s inside man in the White House. He spends more time jet-setting to Tel Aviv and Riyadh than he does anywhere else on the planet. His so-called Palestinian peace plan looked like it was written by Israel’s far-right Likud Party. Like Trump often said: He would bring peace to Palestine … … … yeah, at the end of the barrel of a gun.

There’s now so much irrefutable evidence that proves Trump’s fealty to Israel is what got him elected that he no longer tries to hide it. The POTUS is even stealthily pushing the Noahide Laws on this nation without regard that folks everywhere are now onto his outright treason.

Recent events have occurred that dramatically underscore the unparalleled loyalty that Trump has to Israel, as well as his attempts to manipulate the Jewish community in America. See: Trump referred to as the “King of Israel” conservative radio host

What this extremely dangerous and rapidly deteriorating situation means to the American people is more war. Israel has used the U.S. military much as it deploys its own IDF, utilizing the U.S. Armed Forces to fight its unending unprovoked wars of naked aggression throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. See: Trump Dances to Israel’s Tune

KEY POINT: There has been a dramatic uptick in the number of acts of aggression by Israel against sovereign states throughout the Middle East. Israel now attacks Syria at will, just attacked Iraq, and uses Lebanon as a staging area for their unlawful invasions. Tel Aviv knows that Trump has their back and feels empowered to launch airstrikes whenever they so choose. Warmonger Netanyahu forever threatens Palestine with war, that’s really a slaughter, in order to justify stealing more land from them. The only reason Tel Aviv acts with such shameless impunity is because of Trump’s total military support. Trump will always sacrifice American blood and treasure to “Make Israel Great Again” even before he does so for his own country.

The upshot of Trump’s crypto-Jewish background is that he was chosen to be POTUS by the Khazarian Mafia because of his quiet, yet zealous, brand of Christian Zionism. Only in this way could he be sold to the conservative side of the electorate as one of them—an avid ‘gun-toting’ Christian Zionist from the Deep South or Midwest. Had he been ‘born’ into a Jewish Zionist family, he would never have been elected. Notice how all the Christian Evangelicals and Fundamentalists and Dispensationalists make up the majority of Trump’s base. This manipulation of the body politic took place over several decades, insidiously executed by the Khazarian Mafia agents who covertly took over the churches years ago.

The Ultimate Economic Hitman & Financial Terrorist

Any historical review and objective analysis of Trump’s career will reveal that he was always surrounded by Ashkenazi Jewish banksters, lawyers, politicians, accountants, developers and bagmen. They formed a veritable phalanx of protection around him, which guaranteed him success and his untouchability in business, and were as cut-throat as they come. Fearsome lawyers like Roy Cohn served as his mentor which meant that Trump could practically get away with murder.

Donald Trump with his lawyer, mentor and handler Roy Cohn

This is how Trump was painstakingly trained over many years in the cultivation of his notorious MO. He has repeatedly demonstrated as president that he will use any strong-arm tactic necessary to get his way. Nations rich and poor and have fallen victim to his financial terrorism and economic sanctions. His disregard for treaties such as the Iran Deal further reveal a KM anarchist whose central operating principle is: “His way or the highway”.

KEY POINT: No other president in U.S. history has ever attempted to issue orders to Corporate America the way Trump has. Ordering them to stop doing business with China or Iran or Syria or Venezuela is simply unprecedented. The POTUS has no such powers, and to boldly arrogate them unto himself reflects the height of hubris and self-importance. See: Trump asserts ‘absolute right’ to order companies out of China, POTUS has no such power

What’s quite interesting is that virtually every victim of Trump’s financial terrorism and economic warfare chooses the highway because they know that he cannot be trusted. Even if he makes a deal, Trump cannot be relied upon to stick with it. Never in American history has the trustworthiness of a POTUS been so low for various legitimate reasons. That’s because this is precisely how the Khazarian Mafia operates worldwide. They own a big chunk of the planet and are using all the leverage they can muster to steal the rest of it—ANYWAY THEY CAN!

The whole world just witnessed Trump’s hissy fit after being rejected by both Greenland and Denmark. When has so much chutzpah ever been exhibited by a head of state of a superpower?! ONLY when they are a frontman for the Khazarian Mafia, that’s when. Who else would ever attempt the reckless takeover of another sovereign nation IN BROAD DAYLIGHT? Now watch Trump send in the State Department with C.I.A. back up to foment a color revolution in the capital of Greenland—Nuuk.

Looks like the Trump administration is planning on another color revolution…in Greenland!

The Trump administration has audaciously incited months of CIA-directed protests in Hong Kong. In his misguided attempt to coerce the Chinese to sign a totally one-sided trade deal, Trump pressed the button on a regime change in Hong Kong again IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. He really doesn’t seem to care that the world community of nations is witnessing his stunning perfidy and deceitfulness. See: Hong Kong Protests Stealthily Engineered by CIA Into Fake Rebellion Against China

The extraordinary ramifications of so many Trump debacles of this nature is that he’s pushing the world into many thorny conflicts. Should he continue on the same trajectory, the USA will surely experience a series of market crashes as well as a US dollar currency collapse. Such a calamity will then send the Global Economic & Financial System into another Great Depression that will far exceed that of 1929.

KEY POINT: Now here’s how they did it. Basically, the Khazarian Mafia gave Trump full power to express himself however he wanted to. They “let Trump be Trump”. In this manner, Trump dumped the perfect wish list on the Right, which they bought hook, line and sinker. In so doing, the Neocon Zionists permitted him to make all sorts of ridiculous promises to the body politic which would NEVER be fulfilled. He was allowed to falsely articulate domestic policy while the Neocon Zionists would absolutely control foreign policy. Of course, the utterly fake feud with Deep State only reinforces Trump’s bogus image as a nationalist and populist president. He’s neither as his biggest campaign contributor is the Military-Industrial Complex, the Khazarian Mafia’s biggest profit center worldwide.

Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Perhaps all of these trade and commerce, economic and financial convulsions are being engineered with purposeful design. If so, then the following prescient article represents the future unfolding of this surreptitious scheme to trigger World War.

THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Of course, such a full-scale war would only serve to advance the New World Order agenda being promoted by the globalist cabal in every country on Earth. The final phase of that agenda goes way being the Greater Israel Project for the Mideast; it also plans for the establishment of a One World Government based on the Noahide Laws. For it is by taking advantage of the “Ordo ab chao” post WW3 that The Powers That Be will feel empowered to take over the entire planetary civilization.

In order to correctly understand the true nature of this nation’s Uniparty, which is quite deceptively working to destroy the American Republic, the following extended exposé of the other side of the political counterfeit coin is presented here: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility. As a matter of historical fact, both major parties have always worked together to undermine American sovereignty. And very few have ever suspected the true foreign powers behind this GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY.

What’s still missing, however, for the Right, the Patriot Movement, the Conservative Christians and other diehard Trump supporters is a clear explanation of how President Trump was inexorably cornered into his present predicament. Regardless of whether his stated campaign intentions of world peace were genuine or not, he has been used by the Khazarian Mafia to greatly intensify the USA’s relentless warmongering. See: Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway

TPTB did the exact same thing to Manchurian Candidate Obama by awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing, and then using him to tear up the whole Middle East before restarting the Cold War with Russia.

This is how the Khazarian Mafia controls both sides of the political aisle. They always control the POTUS election outcomes by totally controlling the Uniparty candidates. Both Trump and Clinton are puppets on a string; one trotted onto the stage for the Right, the other for the Left. Does anyone really think an honest candidate who works for We the People could ever get elected in the USA?

For the uninitiated, the following article provides some vital historical background that will further inform the carefully hidden Donald Trump back story: The Hidden History Of The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

It now ought to be much easier to understand how this clan of banksters thrives on war, rumors or war and, particularly, on world war. But first they are always sure to wreck and ruin economies everywhere to set the stage for their global conflicts.


The world has never seen such a brazen and impetuous financial terrorist in the Oval Office as Donald Trump; nor have they ever seen such a bold and impulsive economic hitman. It’s true that his record as a completely untrustworthy businessman and shady bankruptcy artist foreshadowed his presidency. See: Trump’s bullying MO in his businesses is just like his gunboat diplomacy as POTUS (Video)

With the 2020 election looming, it’s imperative that Trump be challenged by a real populist candidate, not a fake patriot whose allegiance is much stronger to Israel. A second Trump term will spell disaster for the USA; hence, the call to action is right now and urgent.

The patriots and conservatives among us, who know that a Democratic presidency means the end of the Republic, should also be aware that Trump will destroy what’s left of this once great nation with a second term. More than ever, he will feel he has license to MIGA at the expense of MAGA all day long should he win.

Trump’s primary reason for even running again is to stay out of prison. The SDNY has it in for Trump and they have enough evidence to lock him up for life. For this very reason he has not gone after the Clintons or drained the swamp of even a single corrupt or criminal Deep State traitor. If he did, he would be outed for his deep involvement in EPSTEINgate, which is exactly why the case was reopened in such a big way. See Deep State goes after President Trump with EPSTEINgate.

Lastly, every voter on the Right is now compelled to explain how Trump could have ever appointed Alex Acosta to Secretary of Labor when he was the key point-man who allowed Epstein to remain on the street for another 11 years (ACOSTAgate: Trump’s most damaging and radioactive scandal). Those who have an explanation better be ready to face the wrath of so many young female victims of child traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Bottom Line: Trump is toast when the Right realizes that he’s really Don the Con.[1]

Special Note: Every KM-controlled POTUS is told who to appoint to their war cabinets. This is why ‘peacemaker’ Trump wasted no time firing his cabinet soon after he was elected, and then replaced them all with stone-cold warmongers. Putting the Christian Zionist Mike Pompeo at State, Neocon Zionist John Bolton as NSA, torture queen Gina Haspel at the C.I.A., Jewish Zionist Jared Kushner as Special Advisor to the POTUS, Ashkenazi Jewish Banker Steve Mnuchin at Treasury, Rothschild Zionist agent Wilber Ross at Commerce, Gun-control advocate William Barr as AG, Christian Zionist Betsy DeVos at Education and Neocon Zionist Mike Pence as VP clearly reveals the extraordinary deception that Trump is capable of. It’s virtually impossible for so many hardcore Zionists to end up in one cabinet unless it was planned that way from the start. Each of these KM henchmen plays a crucial role in the furtive NWO agenda being implemented around the globe today, and especially here in the United States. After all, The USA Is The Military Arm Of The New World Order and, likewise, the main muscle of the Khazarian Mafia.

State of the Nation
August 25, 2019


[1] TRUMP IS A TOTAL FRAUD & By Far the Biggest Con Man in U.S. Presidential History

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