The Pedogate Scandal Behind the Deep State Conspiracy

“AG Barr will absolutely NOT drain the swamp.
was deliberately appointed by the POTUS
to protect Deep State. And he’s doing a heckuva
good job.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

State of the Nation

It’s entirely true: the efforts that are reflexively undertaken to cover up the greatest crimes perpetrated by the U.S. Federal Government are as complex and convoluted as they are incomprehensible.

If the American people knew what really went on regarding notorious pedovore Jeffrey Epstein and his clandestine relationship with Attorney General William Barr, they would retch with utter disgust and revulsion.

First of all, AG Barr has been fully apprised of the fact that Epstein was secreted away in the wee hours of Saturday morning, August 10, the day he allegedly committed suicide. Hence, Barr’s feigned reaction to the absurd suiciding account of Epstein was both disingenuous and juvenile. As follows:

BOMBSHELL! Prison Eye-witness Says Epstein Was Released Alive in a Wheelchair at 4:15 AM on Day of Alleged Suicide

Of course, the ultimate outcome of this “suicide of the century” while being housed in maximum security federal detention facility will reveal that it was a classic inside job… because it had to be.

Barr himself knew that Epstein could not ever be allowed into a courtroom, as the ultra-classified multi-decade black pedo-operation would be exposed. After all, it was AG Barr’s father who first hired Epstein to teach in his upscale, private Manhattan high school that jumpstarted Jeffrey’s career as a voracious child predator (aka a pedovore). See: Why did William Barr’s father really hire Jeffrey Epstein to teach CALCULUS at an exclusive NYC high school where Donald Barr was headmaster to the nation’s elite students?!

What’s the critical point?

Well, there are a few crucial points, each of them reflecting very badly on President Trump.

Draining the swamp was a false promise

Does anyone notice that Trump is no longer repeating his campaign slogan from 2016— “Drain the swamp!”

That’s because he never had any intention to drain the swamp.

Not only that, but Trump has appointed more ugly swamp creatures than any other POTUS in history.

One of the most conspicuous of these swamp creatures is William Barr.

Trump’s AG Should Be Disbarred Not the Nation’s Top Lawyer

After months and months of haranguing the utterly reprehensible Jeff Sessions, Trump then appointed Bush crime family insider and AG fixer William Barr. See: CIA Covert Operative William Barr Nominated by Trump for Attorney General. His Role in the Iran Contra Affair

Now, why on Earth would Trump ever make such a bad personnel move? Isn’t the Attorney General the single most important appointment for any administration? Some political analysts even argue it’s the most powerful position in the US government.

In point of fact, Barr was specifically hired by Trump to do one thing and one thing only: Not drain the swamp, and to protect Deep State. As for the back story of how these two amigos got together, the following exposé lays it all bare.

Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway


The single greatest scandal of the Trump administration is EPSTEIN-BARRgate.

Trump, himself, is deeply implicated in this criminal conspiracy to cover up the heinous crimes of child sexual abuse, child exploitation, child trafficking, child slavery, satanic ritual child sacrifice, as well as child organ, tissue, blood and adrenochrome harvesting.

The evidence is indisputable that Trump had a much closer relationship with Epstein than the president acknowledges. See: The Flight Logs Prove That Trump Flew On Epstein’s Lolita Express

But that’s not the worst of it. There’s is a glut of circumstantial evidence that demonstrates that Trump had an agreement with Epstein that permitted Epstein to recruit underage girls from Mar-a-Lago. Virginia Guiffre, Epstein’s most vocal and legally aggressive accuser was snagged by Ghislaine Maxwell — his primary recruiter — at Mar-a-Lago. Her father was also employed by Trump. Now here’s the long version of this salacious tale:

Trump-Epstein Back Story Is Getting Worse by the Day

Trump even appointed Alex Acosta as his Labor Secretary knowing that he was the corrupt US Attorney who illegally offered Epstein the sweetest plea deal of the millennium. That illicit deal permitted Epstein to continue his crime wave against countless young girls like they were sheep being herded for the slaughter. See ACOSTAgate: Trump’s most damaging and radioactive scandal

Why would Trump ever make such a predictably disastrous political move by appointing Acosta in the first place?

Because Trump’s in on the plot … … … and has been from the very beginning. That’s why!

Also, more significantly, because Trump has played an integral role in the Epstein conspiracy throughout his whole Palm Beach career.

And, that’s exactly why Trump’s Inner Circle Partied with Jeffrey Epstein 2 MONTHS after his Prison Release.


If people knew the true depth and breadth of EPSTEIN-BARRgate, the Trump administration would collapse in a day and a night.

Not only are Epstein and Barr joined at the hip via the AG’s father, everything points to Barr giving the green-light to secret Epstein away forever to a safe harbor such as … … … Tel Aviv.

Barr’s post-suicide performances were way too transparently amateur to take seriously from an Attorney General.

Really, if the DoJ did not want Epstein killed or kidnapped — IN A HIGHLY MONITORED FEDERAL DETENTION FACILITY — he would have been put in Level 5 lockdown which would have made him the most protected prisoner in U.S. history (After all, he was the most valuable inmate in history). Nevertheless, his melodramatic suiciding op was loaded with much more meaning as this exposé explains: HOLY CHUTZPAH! Epstein Suicide Psyop Sends Serious Message to Humanity

Quite obviously, this entire affair was engineered at the highest levels of justice and law enforcement, which ensured Epstein would escape from his fate safely and quickly, which he did.

It can now be asserted that the suiciding of Epstein will see no substantive investigation. Nor has Trump characteristically weighed in on the matter. He’s been unusually quiet and purposefully distracted by manufactured distractions such as Frankenstorm Dorian.

OPERATION SUPERSTORM DORIAN: A Geoengineered Hurricane Weaponized and Targeting Florida—Why?

That Superstorm Dorian was parked right next to Mar-a-Lago for days speaks volumes about its true intent, especially after the mega-hurricane sideswiped Epstein’s Little Saint James island. Clearly, Trump was being given a HUGE message to stay on the Deep State reservation. And, should he leave the reservation, that Palm Beach could easily be turned into a Freeport, Bahamas-like disaster area.

There’s a major back story to the Epstein saga that’s only been reported by a couple of channels.[1] Why even the Alt Media refuses to disseminate these and other radioactive narratives speaks directly to the extent that it now functions as controlled opposition for a POTUS candidate who is a major player in the Pedogate cover-up.

What makes EPSTEIN-BARRgate so serious is that it directly implicates Donald Trump in the global Pedogate control system. It also indicates that the POTUS is likely being manipulated by the Pedogate control mechanism and that he’s an essential link in the massive ongoing cover-up. Or else why would Trump ever have appointed Barr? The U.S. Attorney General is the main gatekeeper responsible for the expeditious investigation and prosecution of all major crime sprees, crime syndicates, crime families and criminal conspiracies that fall within the DoJ’s federal jurisdiction?

KEY POINT: It must be pointed out that so many real patriots on the Right defend Trump no matter what he does wrong or doesn’t do out of unconscionable neglect. These same folks particularly rail against all things having to do with Pedogate and yet they give Trump pass after pass in spite of his self-evident involvement. This overwhelming psyop obviously runs very wide and deep as only Deep State can carry it out.

The bottom line here is that Trump became, or already was, the very swamp creature he promised to eradicate from the fetid D.C. swamp. Therefore, it’s now clear that as Epstein-Barr Syndrome goes viral: Trump has the worst case.

Not only that, President Trump is now permitting his own daughter and son-in-law to mobilize Big Tech and Big Social Media against the Patriot Movement concerning the right to bear arms.

This betrayal is as big as it gets. When Trump colludes with Facebook, Apple and Google to spy on and monitor law-abiding Americans in order to identify the patriots who will then have their guns summarily taken away, you know he has gone dark—VERY DARK indeed!

Trump to partner with Big Tech to use spy data from Amazon, Google and Apple to monitor gun owners.

Jeffery Epstein: The shocking global conspiracy

Very few Pedogate researchers and Epstein investigators really understand the true purposes behind the conspiracy.

What follows is an excellent video presentation of just one piece of the Jeffrey Epstein hidden agenda: Jeffrey Epstein and the Mad Scientists.

Next, there is this great piece of investigative journalism that delves deeply into some of the unknown globalists who also have skin in the game—the execrable Epstein game. Jeffrey Epstein, MIT Media Lab and the Bizarre Suiciding of Aaron Swartz

The inconvenient truth for the New World Order globalist cabal is, of course, that they have been outed in the worst way by the extraordinarily feckless exploits of one Jeffrey Epstein.

How his masters ever allowed the serial pedophile to get prosecuted and imprisoned in the first place is a study in the slow-motion dissolution of the ubiquitous Global Control Matrix.

The Jeffrey Epsteins of the world are NOT supposed to be exposed—EVER!

So precisely how this happened provides a vital clue about the long game being played by the NWO cabal. That long game, however, seems to be greatly accelerating at this pivotal point in human history. See New World Order Countdown October 31 through December 10, 2019


While the most consequential Trump deception appears to be his patently false promise to ‘drain the swamp’, there’s a much bigger con going in the background.

As for Trump’s secret deal with AG Barr, it’s now apparent that they both agreed that even James Comey would not be prosecuted. After so much time calling for justice for Phoney Comey, Trump is now saying that he “got lucky” to avoid prosecution by Barr’s DoJ.

Oh, really, Comey flouts laws like they’re his to be broken at will and there’s will no punishment whatsoever according to AG Barr. And, Trump is all of a sudden perfectly okay with that. See: Trump and Barr Let Comey Skate

This highly suspicious behavior is perfectly consistent with Trump’s governing MO as the greatest flip-flopper of all time. He’ll say one thing in the morning and then reverse his position or decision by close of business same day. All of this flip-flopping is quite calculated and being conducted toward the advancement of a specific objective.

Just what is that goal? And, just how dangerous is the “TRUMP DECEPTION”?

How deep, really, is Trump into the nefarious plot to literally enslave all of humanity?

For those who refuse to believe in the existence of such a rapidly unfolding end-game conspiracy, please read every word of the following exposé. First, be sure to watch this entire video in order to grasp the true profundity and treachery associated with “THE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS TRUMP DECEPTION”. VIDEO: Classified Docs Reveal DEADLY “Project Zyphr”

PROJECT POGO & PROJECT ZYPHR: It doesn’t get more serious than these two black ops!


As long as William Barr is AG, the swamp will not be drained even a little bit. Prosecutions will be reserved for insiders leaking the truth, outside whistleblowers who expose government scandals, and honest GSWs who reveal corruption and/or criminal activity.

Any formal investigations initiated by Barr will be for all the wrong reasons. They will precipitate no meaningful prosecutions of the swamp criminals, nor will they ever conclude. Do any investigations inside the Beltway ever produce convictions or incarcerations of real corruptocrats or career criminals? They’re expert at starting investigations that are never, ever, completed.

Most of these fake investigations have contrived outcomes which support the vested interests of the power elite. Nothing ever happens in Washington that opposes the desires and goals of the wealthy elites. Toward that end, AG Barr is the quite deliberately planted inside man for the political establishment and international banksters.

Barr’s furtive relationship to Epstein reveals that he is a Deep State operative who cannot be trusted by the American people. It’s even quite likely that AG Barr was selected by his hidden masters because of how he has been compromised by his handlers via various sordid EPSTEIN-BARRgate activities.

Special Note: In light of the heavy import of this post, how do so many on the Right not see the obvious? Good Christian mothers and conservative fathers throughout the Deep South and Midwest, who justifiably rail against the horrors of Epstein’s abuse of underage girls, fail to connect the flashing dots. Even with tons of evidence proving the irrefutable close relationships between Epstein and Dershowitz, Trump and Barr, those hard-working folks who are moral, upright and concerned are still immersed in Trump cult consciousness. Talk about voting against your most basic interests! Yes, the insane and demonic Democrats are still much worse, but why not draft a real patriot for 2020?!

State of the Nation
September 5, 2019


[1] The Bizarre “Epstein-Barr Syndrome” (Video)


Epstein’s Island Temple: Satanic worship and child sacrifice and what else?

Epstein Victim Reveals Unspeakable Horrors When 5 Years Old at Domed Temple on Orgy Island (Video)

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