The Impeachment Kangaroo Court, Gabbard’s Gravitas and the 2020 Election Cycle Chaos

Santa Rosa, CA
October 19, 2019

What Do Decent Folks Do Now Regarding the 2020 Election?

by Rich Scheck

Donald Trump became president in large part because he was willing to take on the political establishment represented by the MIC, the MSM and the Neocons in his own party.

He showed courage and boldness while bringing derision upon himself for challenging the Imperial designs of the bipartisan Washington Consensus, much to the pleasure of his political base of patriots, independents and libertarians.

The public was eagerly waiting for a champion to express their deepest felt needs and existential concerns. Bernie Sanders did that well on the Left side of the political spectrum but had his nomination stolen from him by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Ron Paul had done his best in the two previous elections to capture the Republican nomination but lacked the “fire in the belly” fight Trump brings to everything he embraces and failed to overcome the obstacles presented by the Neocons.

Sadly, Trump brought enormous baggage to his position as Head of State by virtue of his business dealings, personal history of sexual excess and thin-skinned narcissism. These weaknesses have been exploited mercilessly by those who detest him and find his presence in the White House repugnant.

Four years ago I became the first journalist to see the potential for Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to become a serious presidential contender.

She has been an articulate proponent of the same core theme that attracted so many voters to Trump: the need for the United States to constrain its lust for Pax Americana and cease our endless interventions in foreign wars.

For this she has received the same treatment as Trump: ludicrous accusations of being a Russian agent and Putin puppet. For daring to take on the vested interests that profit so handsomely from war exactly as predicted by Ike in his famous farewell address of 1961, Gabbard has become the target of those responsible for our criminal wars of aggression.

But unlike the incumbent, she has virtually no baggage compared to him when it comes to possible self-serving business deals with Russia. She has a totally different temperament from the hot-headed NY realtor and brings a level of cool gravitas and divine feminine grace to her every utterance.

Moreover, she is not a shrinking violet feminist, limousine liberal or academic purveying some idealistic scheme to make the world better based on their new book on global government. Gabbard spent two tours of duty in Iraq as a proud member of the
military and thus can speak from personal experience about the horrors of war.

Her credibility is further enhanced by her willingness to confront the members of her own party when they have the same deranged fits of contortion they show towards Trump for suggesting we stop being the world’s policeman.

Gabbard withdrew from her leadership role with the DNC in 2016 after it became obvious to all that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton conspired against Sanders. That showed rare integrity in the sewer that is the DC Swamp.

Now comes Mrs. Clinton in the run-up to 2020 armed with her self-justifying accusations to take revenge on Gabbard for speaking truth to power in 2016. Gabbard has brilliantly parried these limp verbal thrusts and turned them against Hillary while fully displaying exactly why she would make a fine world leader.

When it comes to Hillary, Trump’s pronouncements create cognitive dissonance. She was at his wedding to Melania and he has failed to “lock her up” after 3 years while bungling his Ukraine/Crowdstrike gambit to expose DNC corruption during the 2016 election.

By contrast, when Gabbard calls out the former Secretary of State as a warmonger and behind-the scenes-manipulative ghost candidate eager for a 2020 rematch, she does so with boldness and clarity. Even Tucker Carlson likes her!

I continue to have some reservations about Ms. Gabbard, especially because she is a member of the Globalist CFR. My reluctance to be fooled again has been over-come for now by how well she repelled the attacks by Clinton, CNN and the NY Times on the core issue of Imperial Overreach.

As things now stand, Tulsi is the only candidate other than Trump willing to articulate that we need to stop these regime change interventions. But the president’s close ties to Israel and weapons deals with the Saudis undermine his credibility while sending mixed messages to the Russians, Chinese and regional players of his true intentions.

Americans have become like the Kurds, constantly being lied to and screwed by our leaders. Trump has had three years but has blown his chance by virtue of inconsistent actions, failed promises and poor administrative skills.

Patriots, Libertarians and independents are understandably wary of any member of the Democratic Party. If she decides to stay and fight in a quixotic effort to reform it, she will likely lose. By going third party she can distance herself from all association with them and stand apart as her own person: proud, beautiful, a woman of color and a loyal American desiring to serve her country.

The United States is in very deep trouble. Scapegoating Trump is easy and divisive. Gabbard has cautiously warned of the dangers implicit in impeachment, another example of her leadership and youthful wisdom.

She is far from perfect but too me, represents the only hope in a virtually hopeless situation for a brighter future. I urge decent folks everywhere to embrace her candidacy in the days ahead…….at least for now!


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