No we know why they murdered Michael Jackson.

Pizzagate is Real! The illuminati and Madonna in Portugal!

First of all I want to make it clear that after completing this investigation, in my opinion Madonna is possessed by demonic entities and is being totally controlled by the Patriarchate (Jewish Masonry, Clergy, Illuminati) to destroy precisely Women and their greater power on Earth that distinguishes them and makes them superior to men, the power of Selection, Conception and Matriarchal! Think about this: If you were the devil and wanted to destroy Humanity and all life on earth what would you do? You would attack the Portal of Life on Earth, the Feminine and Matriarchal side of Nature, in fact all nature is Matriarchal! How they do this? They possess the minds and bodies of famous people with great power of influence around the world like Madonna, and convinced fans and people around the world to follow certain agendas towards the destruction of their own life on Earth that goes through the destruction of Matriarchy, the destruction of Woman in the name of a false freedom imprisoned to materialism financed and managed by the Patriarchate itself!

The Patriarchate is using Madonna to promote adoption, fornication disguised as free sex, and the LGBT agenda (Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals, Transsexuals and Transgenders, the ultimate goal is a single undefined sex!). Madonna is clearly a MKUltra victim who has been subjected to rituals and mind control ever since and has been formatted and programmed to manipulate and persuade the world population to accept the agendas that the Patriarchate wants to impose around the world, the Cybernetic and Transhumanist Agenda (the manipulation of the sexual gender attributed at birth, so that it is neither male nor female) through medically assisted reproduction with in vitro fertilization, and the destruction and substitution of maternal breastfeeding by industrial powdered milk formulas (see this article to the end!) All agendas converge in one direction: The Robotic, Cybernetic and Transhumanist Agenda!

This investigation will reveal to you that Pizza Gate is very real and that there is indeed a network of child trafficking, blood and organs of children mainly African, Middle Eastern and Asian, and even Caucasian, to serve certain groups of elites and the mafias of the military and medical pharmaceutical industry around the world who make a lot of money from treatments, drugs and vaccines that use stem cells and certain types of blood, and make a lot of money from organ trafficking and the sale of blood from healthy kids that elites drink and make transfusions to rejuvenate themselves and stay healthy!

It is already public knowledge that organ trafficking exists and that elites are willing to pay the money that is needed for an organ transplant they need. It is also well known that there is a blood mafia that uses healthy donated blood, especially Orh negative blood and Rhesus null (the rarest and most precious blood in the world called golden blood), blood completely without the rhesus factor, and sells it for large sums of money to the medical-pharmaceutical industry, since this blood, besides being the universal donor blood (all can receive it regardless of the type of blood they have), is a rare blood with very strong immunological properties that pharmaceutical companies use in the manufacture of drugs as vaccines!

Look at the above photo taken from this video that Madonna posted on her Instagram on 08/29/2017. Madonna appears at the beginning apparently pregnant and the title of this publication says: “OCD Game is ON! Drawing by my talented sister Melanie and Yes I am expecting a Food Baby!! Im going to name her Pizza”. After analyzing this video closely and thoroughly, the reading I do is that we are facing several messages transmitted in visual and written code!

Madonna appears apparently pregnant and in the title she says she is waiting for “Food Baby” and that she will call it Pizza! What does this mean? That Madonna is waiting to receive something related to babies such as blood, organs or even the bodies of living or dead babies? (“I am expecting a Food Baby!!”) Or it means that she are pregnant and will abort? For those who do not know, many satanic rituals are committed at snuff parties and inside the abortion hospitals and clinics themselves! You can read here a testimony from a former Satanist revealing that some of the satanic rituals he committed were committed in the abortion clinics themselves!

And to fully understand all this research and what we really are facing, it is also very important to see and hear this testemony of a great businessman who, when he was near the top of the Illuminati, he was invited to offer children for human sacrifices in satanic rituals in exchange for financial success and power! This businessman in this vídeo reports that this type of Luciferian and Satanic people have practiced these rituals for hundreds of years and that the Bible itself states that the Israelites did this and that this was one of the main reasons they were expelled from Babylon! I remind you that Madonna is a practitioner of Jewish Kabbalah and gives herself beautifully to international Jewry, that is why she is a “woman” full of power, fame and money!

Madonna when arrived in Portugal had a problem in customs because they did not release a package she was waiting for! What package was that?

At the beginning of the video you can perceive by the sound, that she writes something in the paper that holds in the hands. This paper is a calendar with dates, tasks and locations! In this agenda we can see places like Italy, Portugal and London!

In this image from above you can see that she was in Italy, Puglia, before coming to Portugal with entry in Lisbon! And in the image below we can clearly see a meeting scheduled for London and what she writes at the beginning of the video, which seems to be a contact name, a code or location in London!

Next, she films a photo of Frida Kahlo and a picture on the left side with a face and a hidden message written in invisible ink that says “nothing can be changed until fallof …”

Can you see the message written on the board with invisible ink? Later on throughout this investigation you will know what is written there and what it means. If you can not see, move your head to the lower left corner of the monitor that you can already see very well. Must be a technique they use, using the negative to pass messages that can only be seen correctly on the dark parts of the screen!

In this image from above you can see what looks like 2 sweets and 2 pens, maybe it is a code that represents the amount of something (2 children, 2 babies?) Or the number of a street or house! In pedophilia investigations, the members of these networks use gums or sweets as a code message! I do not know if there is a relationship, but it is curious that she has given prominence to this board with sweets and pens!

I remind you that Madonna is a practitioner of Jewish Kabbalah, in which everything is interpreted with numbers, dates and gematria systems! It is important to understand that one of the techniques of secret societies is to pass messages between them in front of everyone but in a codified way, for example, publish a video or a photograph on social networks with a book with a certain title, and that means something that only they know. A painting, certain objects and loose sentences seemingly meaningless that only they know what it means, as it was done in this video published in the Instagram of Madonna!

In that way, they avoid communicating directly to each other about what they are doing or what they are going to do, as this could easily be reported in the case of an investigation. Moreover the elites know perfectly well that all communications via mobile phone and internet are recorded and easily tracked! The media also do this with certain titles and key words and phrases that are published to pass messages between these undetected groups, which can either be secret societies like espionage, state intelligence, intelligence, military, etc.!

What was once done in wars with phrases in code, continues to be done today because it is the safest, fastest and most effective way to pass encrypted messages. Computational encryption is good for those who do not have the right data access tools. Because those who have these tools, certain companies, governments and authorities, encryption is a commercial ploy that they have created to hide the fact that any and all data once computerized, their access is facilitated for those who have the right tools regardless of type of encryption that was used! That’s why elites use craft methods!

Data, once computerized, are recorded in magnetic layers and even when the encryption is applied, the previous state of this unencrypted data remains in another layer at a certain access level! Just using the right tools and methods is possible to access these ghost layers, because they are there on another level, in another dimension! What these tools do is identify the ghost layer of the data before it has been encrypted, access that layer and re-read the data! This also exists in human life because a computer is literally a copy of nature, In metaphysics this is known as Scrying, being able to see the past, what happened (was written, lived) in a certain space at a certain time period!

In this photo above you can see the message there written in invisible ink! “nothing can be changed until fallof …

She continues to film and focuses on a painting on the wall with a red background (blood?) And with a family, the Mother on the floor and the Child in her lap, who seems to be a traditional Portuguese family with a child playing the accordion!

In this image from above you can see even better the message written with invisible ink in the frame on the left side! “nothing can be changed until fallof …

She pretends to be fixing the paper of the agenda but focuses the clock! And the clock is at 11 hours! The number 11 in the Jewish Kabbalah represents the Daath, or knowledge, it is also the gateway, a portal to the qlippothic realm (the opposite of the sephirothis numbers). Qliphoth is the representation of evil and the impure spiritual forces of Jewish mysticism, the polar opposites of the sacred Sefirot! Madonna is a Daath woman because she has the 11 vibration! This is why the Jews use Madonna!

Madonna was born on: 16-08-1958 = 16+8+1+9+5+8 = 47 = 4+7 = 11

And as you can see from the image below, her full name corresponds to 11 in Jewish and 11 in Satanic! Perfect! The shell (vehicle, woman) perfect for the Jewry to use it for its purposes and diabolical ends, as they have used her, because Madonna is the high priestess of the illuminati, and as you can read in the following link, Madonna is no joke, it is a powerful sorceress the Illuminati use when they want to create a new era and a new way of life in the world!

Continuing with the video analysis, Madonna continues to film and focuses very quickly on a red book entitled “The Bad Girl“. Next, she returns to focus the complete scenario with the paper agenda, the clock, the picture with the message written in invisible ink, the photograph of Frida Khalo and the picture on the wall with red background (blood) with the traditional Portuguese family with the Mother on the floor and the Child on his lap playing the accordion!

And in the end she focuses the dustbin with something inside! This may not be relevant or may be very important, it may indicate something is left in the trash to be picked up by someone, and that it can only be picked up after 11nothing can be changed until fallof 11“.

What does all this mean? If we analyze everything from the beginning, we can easily form a message that may be: Madonna is waiting for a “food baby”, a code word for drugs, blood, organs or children, which she will call Pizza (something edible) delivered to London at the place or contact person she wrote at the beginning of the video below London (I can not understand the written name). The “Food Baby” is to be picked up in the dustbin (trash) at Casa Azul in Lisbon or Sintra (perhaps where she was or where she is living), In Lisbon there are two geriatric houses with the name Casa Azul and some houses also with that name! And in Sintra, where Madonna bought a Mansion for 7 million, there is the Casa Azul Hostel and a holiday home with the name Casa Azul!

And since the Illuminati likes to play with the inversion and the mirror of the meaning of the words, one possibility is the “Food Baby” can only be lifted until the 23 hours (11 hours of the night), the time of garbage collection in Lisbon and Sintra, or it means no one can touch the “Food Baby” that is in the dustbin (trash) until 11 PM! The garbage collection service itself may have agents infiltrated to pick up the packet in the blue house (la casa azul) after the 23 hours when the collection service starts!

All roads are going to the Blue House (Casa Azul)! That’s why when Madonna arrived in Portugal and was waiting for her VISA, she published this photo on the Instagram with the title “Feeling Blue in Lisbon”,

illuminati card game!
“jantar com os mestres” – numa pizzaria

Now that you understand why elites use simple, hand-crafted methods to pass messages between them, let’s continue to look at the main theme of this investigation, Pizza Gate, child trafficking, organs, and blood! The blood consumption by high personalities has been exposed in some vídeos and blogs that reveal that these practices are committed in closed circles by the elites, in satanic ceremonies and rituals for fame, power and lots of money! They practice human and animal sacrifices to please such entities as they regard their gods or their god in exchange for physical immortality, fame, power, and a lot of money! Among them, they are known as magicians or masters! And here is one of those magician masters who stands behind such personalities as Madonna:

Look at the title of the photo “Madonan’s magician“. The enigmatic Steven Meisel (fake name?), The Madonna’s magician! It was he who photographed Madonna in her book Sex, in 1992, and it is he who is behind many famous personalities mainly in the world of fashion. He is considered one of the most successful photographers in the fashion industry, filming regularly for American Vogue and Italian. He rarely gives interviews, always walks with dark glasses and dark clothes and hats and is obsessed with photographing high society women! These types of photographers have profiles of predators, they are good looking, seductive, charming, know how to exploit women’s weaknesses, vanity, money and materialism, and use photography and fashion as baits and trojans to catch up with women who are vain and have ambition for money, materialism (material girl) and fame!

It is this type of magicians and masters who hunts his prey (especially women) to the sick and disheveled world of fashion that is fed by photography! Without photography there is no fashion and without fashion there is no social formatting! And without social formatting there is no control because each human-being is equal to himself, there is not one equal to another! Fashion has been created and is nourished by photography, by the lens, to prevent anyone from being equal to itself, to avoid the subjective, as the definition of subjective itself reveals to us “That is exclusively in the spirit.”! They do not want us to live by the Spirit, they want obectiveness, they want people to live by the lens, by the fashion, by the photography!

The purpose of fashion is to standardize, stereotype, and shape society with styles and forms (it is no accident that Bruce Lee told us not to have styles or shapes), for in this way mankind is easily controlled and manipulated with molds, models to follow! That’s why they call themselves models in the fashion world! Models to follow for us to be shaped like pieces of a machine, automatons, cyborgs! This is what they want and are doing: Cybernetic and transhumanist agenda!

This magician and master (this is what he calls himself in the photos he publishes in his instagram) has an interesting particularity. Do not get old! Do you know how old he is? 63 years old! How can he keep looking the same way year after year? With the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit? I do not think he’s a Saint! Only with masks and beauty products? Nor does it seem to me, because if that was the case, all the high personalities did not age either! A human being in natural conditions, without being contaminated with toxic food, living a healthy life, with good intentions, a clean mind and a pure heart, does not age or age too slowly, this is a fact that is not being promoted in Society because health does not give money to the mafias of the food and medical-pharmaceutical industry!

There are two types of enlightenment, the true enlightenment of the Primordial Source, the Consciousness and the Christ Light, which is a Spiritual Light from within, the Spirit that manifests in the Body. And there is a Luciferian (ego-ignited) illumination (illuminati), the light that feeds the ego and is used only for personal gain, for fame, power and money, which always feeds from the outside in, it depends on an outside source! This is the kind of enlightenment that elites practice! It is not a light, it’s a flame that shines as it consumes the energy of others! Vampires!

And this guy who lives in the fashion world, who is obsessed with photographing the women of high society, and who calls himself master, does not seem to have a heart and a pure mind to be illuminated by the Holy Spirit, the Primordial Source! Which leads us to question what kind of light it is that they drink as a drug they depend on (OCD Game is On) to keep themselves always healthy and with the same look and inflamed ego always surrounded by high personalities and full of fame and money! By the way, OCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder! Obsessive-compulsive disorder! What does Madonna mean by OCD Game is On in an Instagram post with a hidden message written on a board and in the setting itself, and with terms like Food Baby and Pizza? Is Madonna and her magic master obsessed with blood?

A Human Being is made of Spiritual Light that shapes the body! This spiritual Light is in the blood, it is the prana, the vital force! A body is a manifestation, a physical projection of the spiritual force that is in the blood of that body! A body is literally formed by the intention of the Spirit acting in the blood! The body is fed by blood! The lighting and the aging therefore depends on the blood that flows in our body! That’s why elites pay what it takes to receive healthy blood transfusions, to stay healthy and rejuvenate!

But there is a problem that the medical-pharmaceutical industry is trying to solve, and that is why they have a special interest in blood to study and manipulate it: The problem is the bio-incompatibility between blood types that prevents some members of the elites from receiving blood transfusions and drink the blood! That is, not everyone is compatible with these practices but everyone wants to be! This is the agenda of physical immortality that they seek to achieve!

It’s no coincidence that Peter Thiel, PayPal’s billionaire co-founder and Donald Trump’s advisor, has recently admitted in the media that he is very interested in Parabiosis to rejuvenate himself with the blood of healthy children!

“I’m looking into parabiosis stuff, which I think is really interesting. This is where they did the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect,” Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and adviser to Donald Trump told Inc. magazine. “I think there are a lot of these things that have been strangely under-explored.” – Fonte

But this is not just an experience with rats. Jesse Karmazin’s startup, Ambrosia, is already doing it with humans, and the rich and millionaires pay whatever it takes to get the bio-compatible blood of healthy kids and teens! What they are now doing is conditioning and mentally manipulating people to get them to accept this kind of satanic practices as normal to be accepted by the majority of the population!

All the people who stupidly were denominated by the Vatican as Saints (because we are all saints) practiced a way of life physically, spiritually and mentally healthy and for that reason they had the pure and healthy blood, also they did not age or they aged very slowly and they always had the skin very beautiful and a luminous halo around the body that represents holiness, the connection between Heaven and Earth.

There are cases in Portugal that have been hidden from public access, which reveal to us that people actually saw these saints levitating physically! And there are some bodies of these saints that are serving as tourist attraction, as a weapon of religious manipulation by the Vatican to deceive people with prayers and alms as if some saint were to do someone a favor in exchange for money! If a saint has to do something he/she will do it in GRACE because he/she lives in GRACE, and not in exchange for money, much less in exchange for money, the tool of the devil! But people never learn! These people who were regarded as holy, it was discovered that when they died, their body did not deteriorate! What they do not tell you is why! And instead, they make you worship a body as being a deity!

The secret is in the blood that runs in your veins, in DNA! And it is the Human DNA that these beasts most want to capture and manipulate, just as they are doing with genetic testing and screening disguised as medical diagnostics! The blood is what keeps the body incorruptible and undamaged, if the DNA, the genetic code is healthy, without mutating! A human body does not deteriorate, it does not decay, because it is being nourished by the spiritual force that is in the blood! If the blood is pure and healthy, the body remains pure and healthy, the genetic programming works correctly! If the blood is contaminated, intoxicated, or manipulated, the body becomes impure and sick, it undergoes genetic mutations! It is not by chance that the best practice to cure ourselves of an illness goes through the cleansing and detoxification of the blood such as fasting and drinking a lot of mineral and pure water because a body is fundamentally water and minerals! Because it is the blood that will feed and set the condition of the whole body!

That is why the media and medical authorities are always promoting the blood donation campaigns, because they want to capture the blood of the children and healthy people who can donate blood! And that is why blood without the rhesus factor, especially the Orh negative (universal donor) and the Rhesus null (rhesusnull) is so intended and precious by medical authorities! They want your blood to drink it and for the blood transfusions that the elites make to keep them always young and healthy! Your blood is worth millions to the elites and to the medical-pharmaceutical industry, and it is donated for free!

“The early days with the master”
“Rare video of Master”
“Mirror selfie of the Master. What a beatiful man he is”
Master with his friends
illuminati card
illuminati card – Dracula
carta illuminati – o sérum da imortalidade

This last Illuminati card says, “If you join us, you can live forever. Interested?

Another curious fact is that one of the peculiarities of those who are possessed by demonic entities is their speech in the third person and an attitude that is always very narcissistic, proud and self-centered! I already showed you in this vídeo Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Portugal, doing it! As the demonic entity seizes the body of this person, this entity does not speak for her but for the person who has taken over! “Mirror self of the Master. What a beatiful man he is“.

These demonic entities, as my readers have already had the opportunity to observe in my diary, in this blog I am writing now, following the discussions I had with one of those vampires that committed cyberstalking in this blog, that demonic predator that goes by the name H on the comments and has links with the military-medical-pharmaceutical industry, the centerpiece of all the demonic agendas, are masters in the art of subversion, deception, mixing truths with lies and suggesting the brains of people to control them, this is a demon! That’s why the medical and psychiatric areas are areas of special interest to these demons because it is through these areas that they can study the brain’s functioning to know how to manipulate it and colonize it, and thus control the whole society and the entire world!

Another peculiarity of demons is seduction! They seduce through written and spoken words, are charming, seemingly caring, deceive and show themselves in the world as what they are not because that is how they manage to deceive the entire world! They wear various masks to act in society and hide what they actually do! They use the mask of Philanthropy to hide their real intentions that are always contrary to the appearances they publicly mask in society! This is how the demons act, exploring your human emotional weaknesses! They disguise themselves as humans and pretend they have human feelings!

And the best mask for doing so is through politics, philanthropy (false solidarity), health, and the religious sects that these demonic entities use because they are the best areas to explore the human emotions with which they can manipulate humanity and make it follow the path that these demons want people to follow! And all the political paths and agendas are under the control of these demonic entities and always converge to the same: The Cybernetic and Transhumanist Agenda! Genetic manipulation and medical assisted reproductive technology!

They want to manipulate your DNA and DNA of all life on Earth to prevent the natural process of enlightenment, which raises all of us spiritually! They want to prevent Heaven on Earth! And that goes through genetic manipulation! It is not by chance that they are using the Pop Queen Madonna to promote transhumanism by selling creams and beauty masks with chromium that are applied to the skin with magnetic devices whose toxicity has not yet been properly investigated!

Chrome Clay Mask is a cream based ingredients such as Chromium with negative electrical charges, ie with electrons! They use the Chromium and the ingredients with negative electrical charges (electrons), so the cream is attracted and sucked by the magnet Neodymium. They want you electrified, with negative electrical charges in the body, with electrons to connect you to the smart grid, to the intelligent electricity grid fed with the 5G satellite wireless techcnology with which they want to imprison all humanity and all life on earth!

That is why Vodafone recently launched a mega campaign to promote this technology, precisely after the fires in Portugal, Europe and USA devastated a great part of nature! They want you chrome, all the same to each other, automatons! That is why the use Chrome, to synthesize you and to connect you all to the smart electric grid, like chromos of each other moved and fed by electrons all connected to tele-communications and slaves of technology! It is not by chance that in the promotional video of these MDNA Skin products, the woman who is receiving the treatment has a robotic voice! They are psychologically and mentally conditioning you to accept the robotic transhumanist agenda, the genetic manipulation!

The WiFi 5G and the artificial intelligence do not work with Nature, especially because of the trees! They need to destroy nature and replace it with intelligent cities with another genetically engineered artificial nature, Futuragene and ArborGen, adapted to the smart grid, because this technology is incompatible with the genetic properties of nature that interferes with the radiation emitted by 5g. That is why they are burning and destroying everything with geoengineering and HAARP all over the world mainly in Europe and United States! On this subject of electricity and what they want to do with it, with electrons, you can read this important comment!

The toxicity of Neodymium has not yet been investigated! In addition, Neodymium powder and salts are very irritating to eyes and mucous membranes and irritate the skin! The mucous membranes are the most important because it is what protects the internal organs! And I think that’s what they want to attack so they can easily reach the blood and contaminate the bloodstream and thereby manipulate DNA! I have already revealed to you here that the mucous membranes are one of the prime targets of these demons because the mucous membranes are one of the first lines of defense of the immune system!

And so that there is no doubt about the real and bad intentions in the sale of this type of products with the curious name MDNA that makes us think of the DNA and more precisely MDNA (Mitochondrial DNA), the target to attack by these demons, realize well that the Neodymium magnets were tested for medical uses, such as magnetic appliances and bone repair, but biocompatibility problems prevented their widespread application! If they sell this product widely when there are problems of biocompatibility that prevents their widespread application and moreover for medical uses, it is because they do not care about safety! This only demonstrates that MDNA Skin products are not safe because safety tests with this type of magnet were ignored!

The ingredient they say has negative electrical charge and stays on the skin after removing the mask, is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, is a type of Vitamin C that is used in cosmetics, what they do not tell you is why they use Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, and what are the remaining negatively charged ingredients that remain on the skin after removal of the mask! They want to reach the bloodstream and inoculate chromium (III) and chromium (VI) genotoxic particles in the blood and cells, and other nanoparticles that are driven and fed with negative electric charges (electrons). They use Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate because this phosphate has the particularity of reducing chromium (VI) in chromium (III) and inoculating it into human cells as we will analyze next!

That is, if the soils and the waters contain high concentrations of chromium and if this fact is not necessarily indicative of industrial pollution, where do you think that chromium comes from? It comes from the chemtrails that airplanes are spraying in the atmosphere and comes from the own medical-pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry! They are manipulating the genetics of the earth and all living beings through the use of heavy metals and nanoparticles so that life on earth adapts and responds only to genetically modified organisms. They are synthesizing and manipulating the genetics of the entire biosphere and controlling their own climate with the manipulation of the atmosphere (geoengineering), to alter the very genetics of the earth that is naturally programmed through its own electromagnetic field that is aligned with the solar system and with the galaxy!

They are doing this so that nature stops responding to its own frequencies and magnetic ressonances, and only responds and works with artificially produced magnetic resonance frequencies through such devices as HAARP, smart grid, 5g, telecommunications, mobile phones, network of satellites around the planet with which they want to imprison and destroy the genetics of humanity and all life on Earth!

That’s why in the MDNA Skin promotional vídeo, they used a robotic voice as the voice of the woman who is receiving body treatment with Chrome Clay Mask. They show us everything in front of us so that no one can see what they want to do or so that nobody distrusts their intentions through the use of comedy, so everyone thinks it’s a joke and more easily accept them following the agendas! They hide what they are doing by showing it in front of us! The best way to hide something is to show it in front of everyone else in another way. So no one suspects that behind this form, behind this mask, something else is hidden, the real intentions! This can be seen and heard in parte 1 of the MDNA Skin promotional video:

Let the Ritual Begin!! They are telling us clearly what they are really doing with this type of products, it is a ritual! Look at the text font they used (Frankenstein) and the name they gave the “scientist” that appears in the video to make the product presentation (Dr. Frank). The voice of the woman receiving the treatment is robotic. They are conditioning the minds of humans to accept the robotic transhumanist agenda. People watching and hearing this kind of advertisement, your subconscious will associate MDNA Skin with beauty, and beauty with robotic voice. That’s what they want! In this way, the human mind becomes so conditioned and programmed that people more readily accept the cybernetic and transhumanist agenda!

The robotic and transhumanist agenda that in Portugal is being promoted and implemented by the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, the Zionist mobster of Pingo Doce who fled to Switzerland (one of the main centers of Zionism), remember Lucerne? The place where innocent Women were burned at the stake in the time of the inquisition, the albigensian crusade, the crusade of Rome against the Cathars! Today, these same minions and executioners are there in the “benches”, the guards of the Vatican, laughing and watching the nature of Portugal and the entire world being burned, people being killed and burned alive, and the small and national producers being destroyed while their demonic empires are increasing following the robotic and transhumanist agenda, the brave new world that his foundation so well promotes! Brave for those beasts who want us all slaves of the machines, and hell for us all!

This is one of the leading mobsters and members of the Patriarchate who are destroying small business owners in Portugal with constant unfair competition and dumping practices disguised as discounts every day, to control the entire food distribution to keep people stuck with their shit products full of genotoxic ingredients that contribute greatly to the cancer diseases that have arisen more and more everyday, since any cancerous disease begins with a genetic mutation (genotoxicity)!

People are mutating because of what they eat! But as one popular Portuguese proverb says: Whoever laughs last is the one who laughs Best! For if it be so, let those demons convert and do good, or if they continue in evil, let the demonic empires of all those megalomaniac entrepreneurs and corporations be quickly destroyed and cleansed from the face of the earth and from all existential dimensions!

“Let me Soothe You with DEEP DERMAL INDUCTION……..” What they are doing is literally stuck a chemtrails mask on your face and your body! And they still make lots of money from it because the product is sold!

In addition, chemtrails are being increasingly exposed all over the world, and governments, the media themselves and the authorities are being pressured to cover and investigate geoengineering and what the planes are actually spraying in the sky! They had to come up with a new strategy to continue to spread the carcinogenic, neurotoxic and genotoxic substances all over the earth and on top of populations! And nothing better than getting people to do it under the guise of a beauty product with Madonna promoting it, to put on the body and absorbed through the skin through DEEP DERMAL INDUCTION, which contaminates the blood and cells and exits through the body through the urine and feces that end up contaminating public waters!

And if the public waters become contaminated, all the people, animals and the land that use this water become contaminated! Perfect scheme! They want to destroy the natural hydrological cycle of water to create a new artificial hydrological water cicle with the use of heavy metals, nanoparticles, genetic manipulation and geoengineering! They are literally manipulating all of Nature on Earth! They are transforming the Earth into a genetically modified organism so that Nature is dependent and hostage to science and technology and to no longer respond to the laws of nature itself!

In this promotion video of one of the Madonna products, you can see Madonna and a guy called Fat Jew, or Fat Jewish, with a bottle in hand that has a label that says: White Girl Rosé, White Girl Rosé . None of this is by chance and they play with the things they do in the occult without you noticing what it is! Rosé symbolizes the blood and the white girl is literally the white girl, that is, the blood for the white girl or the blood of the white girl! They use blood in rituals and drink blood, especially rhesus negative blood or rhesus null, to keep themselves always healthy and full of vitality! And now they want blood transfusions from healthy children to effect cellular rejuvenation of elites and to be considered normal and accepted worldwide!

And at the end of this video when that Jewish pig (The Fat Jewish) starts spraying the supposedly pink spray onto the air, Madonna asks him why he is doing it and he responds, “Because I want it to fall on top of me”. And Madonna says to him, “You were also in this rain forest?”, And both respond: “Yes bitch” This is a code name they use, “Rain Forest”. I do not know what it means but it is related to the Rain Man that the Illuminati use to identify a demonic spirit that offers wealth, fame and power in exchange for sacrifices, blood! This cosmetic Rose Forest that Madonna sells is a desecration of the religious symbol Madonna of the Rose Garden. The word is from the Italian “ma donna“, which means “my lady”, and is a representation of Mary and her son, Jesus. The Madonna and Child is very present in Christian iconography, divided into many traditional subtypes, especially in Eastern Orthodox iconography.

Michelino da Besozzo (doc. 1388-1450), attr.: Madonna del roseto (Madonna of the Rose Garden). Verona, Museo di Castelvecchio
Tradução: “Puta Por favor……… SOU Madonna!”

In this picture published in the instagram, Madonna denominates as Bitch the Patroness of Portugal and says that she is the Madonna and not Santa Maria!

In this video above, the Jewish pig (The Fat Jewish) tells Madonna that people are always asking her how Madonna always looks as bright as if she were always pregnant. And he responds that it is because of Rosé that he is always wearing the White Girl Rosé all day long! Rosé is the blood! They use blood, drink blood, especially from children, from the umbilical cord (ler este artigo completo) that hospitals criminally cut off from pregnant women and newborns, and steal, store and smuggle that blood clandestinely! This blood contains extremely strong stem cells and immune properties that elites, rich and millionaires, whatever the country, are willing to pay the money it takes to rejuvenate and stay healthy! This is a network that involves all the elites of all countries in the world and in my opinion they are all together, they are playing the controlled opposition game, to divide and conquer the world populations, whatever the country!

Why do you think influential personalities like Madonna are so involved in donation campaigns and hospital funding in Africa, especially in African areas with certain blood types, especially the Duffy negative blood of African children with the Fy phenotype (a-b- ). This blood type is the result of a natural African selection and it is very resistant to various types of diseases like malaria and cancer diseases! It is a blood with very strong immunological properties, and that is why it is of special interest to the medical-pharmaceutical industry!

Hospitals in countries like Africa are literally military bases of colonization!

The question is, how can the medical-pharmaceutical industry get its hands on this type of blood? How to capture it and traffic it? The answer is simple: Philanthropy and Hospitals! With Hospitals, NGOs and famous personalities like Madonna to promote campaigns of false charity with collection of donations and construction of hospitals so that people do not realize the real intentions of these hospitals: organ and blood trafficking! Look carefully, they do not use the money so that those populations have basic means of survival such as food, clean water, sanitation, a home, family, farmland, and hygiene! None of this! Instead, they build hospitals and kidnap children under the subtle name of health care and adoption!

“2 magicians”, “2 mágicos”

They are all very philanthropists, give concerts in favor of poor people in Africa, inaugurate and finance hospitals in Africa but what they really want to do is something else! They use philanthropy, the misfortune of others in underdeveloped countries such as Africa as their primary weapon to gain fame, world recognition, kidnap children, and be seen as good! That way they can have the green light to do what they want, they travel everywhere and they do what they want without distrust of the public! They use hospitals as facades! They make you think that they care about Africans but what they really want is something else! It’s the blood, the organs and the children! Why the blood and the children of Malawi? Because of this:

The medical-pharmaceutical industry wants to manufacture vaccines and drugs with this type of blood and Fy (a-b-) phenotypes for the treatment of cancer diseases and many other diseases! They are such African friends that they can even adopt them! False and hypocrites! Instead of providing these children with the necessary conditions to live in their own country, in their own region and with their own family where they were born, no, none of these, in the head of these psychopaths these children must be abducted from their families to be used as a marketing weapon like Madonna is using these kids to promote mdna skin products and to serve the elites as slaves under the subtle name of adoption! Do you know what orphan means? Slave, Robot!

And as you can see in the following image, click on the link to read the full article, Malawi’s blood is sold and it’s precious! And notice how the elites joke with the Africans (they consider Africans to be stupid, monkeys), they pay tens of euros to Africans for their blood, but they sell it to pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, and blood trafficking networks for thousands or even millions of dollars/euros if the blood is Rhesus Null or any other rare blood type!

Notice her eyes and the star she wears on the necklace, the 8-pointed star, Lucifer’s star, the same star the bishops and Patriarchate wear! How does the highest symbol of Feminism in the world, Madonna, walk with the Patriarchate Lucifer star around her neck? Madonna does not defend Woman at all because the real Madonna no longer even inhabits that body and it is the Patriarchy that is controlling her! All the crap in the world is related to the Patriarchy because it says the saying, all roads are going to Rome, and it was the Patriarchy that created feminism as a weapon of destruction of women and to control them to prevent women of restoring the Matriarchal societies throughout the world, realigning themselves with the Laws of Nature, the only Law that exists, which is Matriarchal!

Patriarca de Lisboa – Estrela de 8 pontas – Estrela de Lucifer
Estrela de 8 pontas – Patriarca de Lisboa – Estrela de Lucifer

The body and mind of Madonna is being instrumentalized by the Illuminati (Patriarchate, Freemasonry and Vatican!) to promote the LGBT agenda, adoption, transhumanism and genetic manipulation! The devil’s greatest trick, the Patriarchate, is to disguise himself as a woman and to manipulate and persuade all other women to destroy themselves without realizing it! The Patriarchate controls both sides, morality and immorality, and its goal has always been the same, to destroy Women and Matriarchal societies! That is why the Patriarchate created the feminist movement for women to acquire masculine behaviors and men’s feminine behaviors, to confuse everything, to subvert everything, and thus prevent the union between masculine and feminine, the sacred union!

Madonna sold her soul and was possessed long ago, and what we see today is just her body being remotely controlled by demonic entities! And if you still doubt it, look closely into her eyes, do you think that look is the same true look of Madonna in her early years when her Soul was still intact?

Esta é a Madonna:

Esta não é a Madonna:

madonna: “E acabou mais um… não, não estou bêbada, eu vivo a vida de uma freira aqui”

Notice the title of the photo, “And End Up Another ……….”, what another? Ritual? Do you live the life of a nun? To serve whom, his Magician and Master?

madonna: “Cut me down the middle” = “Corta-me ao meio”

This photo she published leaves no doubts, reptilian possession! The Madonna body and mind is being used as a vehicle by the reptilians, the archons, patri + archon, the father of the archons, the father of the demons, the Patriarchate!

madonna: “isto fez-me rir”
madonna: “eu gosto desta também…”
madonna: “Armani conquistou-me. A minha bela capa ficou muito apertada mas nada me pode parar”

Maybe that’s why they had a hard time identifying Madonna in Lisbon and did not give her the package she was waiting for! And by the way, what box was that? Food Baby called Pizza?

If you search the internet for “madonna muscles” or “madonna veins”, you will find forums, websites and blogs discussing the fact that madonna has a male body with protruding veins! There is even this video in which its author shows us that Madonna is a man! This happens because those who consume blood eventually acquire the properties of the bodies from which the blood was extracted! And mainly because the blood ingested from children has high levels of testosterone that masculinize the body!

The testosterone masculinizes the brain! Transgender Agenda! They want to create transgenders in society to reverse the polarities between male and female, undefined sexes!

título: “alguém anda a usar a minha máscara MDNA Chrome Clay Mask”

Madonna has links with the criminals Bill & Melinda Gates that are in Africa to sterilize and sick the Africans with vaccines and drugs to do what they themselves have already admitted in a conference they are doing: reducing the world’s population! The reduction of the world’s population goes through mass sterilization campaigns disguised as vaccines!

And finally, the cover of Michael Jackon’s Dangerous album, in which he tried to warn us of all this that I revealed to you in this investigation! Michael Jackon was inside these Satanic groups and knew everything. He tried to show us in most of his musical works what the elites are doing! The cover of the Dangerous album tells us everything! You can see it here:

Concluding, Happy All Saints’ Day!

We are all Saints! Never forget that! That is why the elites want to destroy us all because they do not want us to live in the state of holiness because if we all live in that way they lose power over our Spirit and Soul! This is the war we all fight at the moment, whether we want it or not!

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