GAMECHANGER! Michael Flynn’s Defense Attorney Exposes the Deep State Conspiracy Through Court Filings

Stunning, Potentially Game-Changing, Court Filing by Flynn Defense Lawyer Sidney Powell…

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In a lengthy court filing surrounding the issues of Brady discovery material, Mike Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, drops some serious evidentiary bombshells on the court.  Ms. Powell brings Lady Justice to the courtroom, and her revelations are stunning. [Full pdf’s below]

We’re going to go through the primary filing and four exhibits to the evidence Attorney Sidney Powell is delivering to Judge Emmet Sullivan which contain some explosive discoveries.  Toplines including:

(1) Lisa Page edited the Flynn 302’s, then forgot when questioned by DOJ officials, then re-remembered when shown her texts. (2) The 302’s themselves were written with lies that do not match notes taken during the interview. (3) The felony leaker of the Flynn-Kislyak phone call is named (James Baker). (4) New texts from Page and Strzok that highlight the entrapment plan. (5) ODNI James Clapper telling WaPo reporter Ignatius to “take the kill shot on Flynn“. (6) The purposeful use of Judge Contreras to take the December 1st 2017 plea agreement; and much, much more.

What’s the objective of this filing?

Attorney Sidney Powell outlines:

Lisa Page played a role in editing the Flynn 302:

The relationship between Judge Rudy Contreras and FBI Agent Peter Strzok was never revealed to the court, or to the Flynn defense team prior to a plea agreement that was overseen by Judge Contreras.

The FBI leaked details of their investigation to the media and then strategized over how they could weaponize the media reports to conduct investigations.   Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Counterintelligence Director Bill Priestap discussed if this approach would work.

The prosecution then intentionally withheld the text messages from Flynn and the public, in their prior releases, showing Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussing the Strzok & Priestap strategy sessions on using the leaks.   Those texts, clear Brady material, were purposefully hidden by the DOJ, until Sidney Powell went to find them on her own:

Holy cats, this next part is incredible.  The 302’s were modified to make claims that were never made in the interview.  The language was purposefully and willfully made to look like something is wasn’t; and in some cases they made it up completely counter to the actual statement given by Mike Flynn:

[Keep in mind Powell has the interview notes to back up her statement]

Joseph Mifsud phones…. James Baker leaking the Kislyak phone call to David Ignatius and James Clapper saying “take the kill shot on Flynn”.  Good grief:

None of this information was provided to the defense.  All of the Brady material was withheld by the prosecution prior to the high-pressure plea agreement:

Folks there’s so much more in this filing you really need to look at it from beginning to end.  What is screen grabbed above isn’t even half of the devastating and documented evidence Ms. Powell is bringing before the court.

Quite simply the content of this 37-page filing is incredible.

Here’s the primary filing:


Here’s the timeline provided to the court that gives context to what was happening in/around all of the events included:


Here’s the new text messages that support Ms. Powell’s primary filing. Including texts outlining how Lisa Page made edits to the FBI interview reports (302’s):


Here’s the documented edits made to the Flynn 302 as it was debated for several weeks by the FBI ‘small group’.  This includes the edits made by Lisa Page and others to give the appearance of Flynn lying to investigators when, prior to the editing process, Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka readily admit they did not see Flynn as lying (and they had the call transcripts for comparison):


Here’s the questioning of Lisa Page about her making those changes to the Flynn 302’s.  Initially Page can’t remember, then all of a sudden -when confronted with the text messates- she conveniently remembers:



Attorney Sidney Powell has really done an excellent job putting this motion together with a mountain of incontrovertible supportive material to highlight how her client, Michael Flynn, was set-up.

If you take the time to read the primary 37-page motion, and then review the material that supports every assertion within the motion, you will be hard-pressed not to come to the conclusion that Mike Flynn was a victim of seriously unethical, borderline criminal, prosecutorial conduct.

If Judge Sullivan accepts this motion and goes through all of this material I think there’s a pretty good chance he will dismiss this case.  The next round of arguments within his courtroom are going to be very, very interesting.

Phenomenal job by Ms. Sidney Powell.  Exceptional.


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