Spiritual Insights & Predictions for April 2020

April Spiritual Insights

by Joni Patry

Okay, so we were able to predict a crisis coming, but now the big question is when will it all be over?

Through working together and doing the necessary actions to prevent the spread of the virus, we will conquer it. It is time to stay home, and look at this as an opportunity for self-renewal. Taking quiet time to look within will jumpstart your life in a brand new direction.

When will this crisis be over? Astrologically, I believe the bottom will be March 31st as this is the day Mars and Saturn will be in conjunction. This indicates setbacks and delays. Following this, there will be a rebuilding trend, and by the time Rahu leaves the nakshatra Ardra on April 22nd, we will begin to see the light at the end of this tunnel. There are still major trends to overcome with the financial world. From May 11-14, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will turn retrograde indicating back-pedaling from the enormous hit the economy has taken as a result of this crisis. Many businesses, jobs and the stock market are in retribution.

The virus will not be completely gone till Rahu and Ketu transit into Taurus and Scorpio in September. Then there will be a massive undertaking to rebuild in the aftermath of destruction worldwide. I predict a positive economic comeback by the end of February (2021), when Rahu will be in the trine aspect to Jupiter.

All of this is nature’s way of balancing all the conditions that have gotten out of control in the world. It is not time to cast blame outside of ourselves, because it doesn’t matter where this event originated. What matters is what you do with these circumstances within your own individual lives. Transformational changes offer the greatest opportunities for change. It’s time to take advantage of this profound opportunity.

The purpose of this pandemic crisis is to heal and bring people together. Those that are in survival mode will end up destroying themselves because of fear. Fear, and all the negative emotions associated with fear, are the culprit to blame for this ugly disease rampant on planet Earth now.

Those that are hoarding will never have enough, because their mentality is based on lack and fear. They will always be poor and poverty-conscious. They try to blame anything outside themselves for the situations affecting their lives. They are victims in the sense that victims always blame their losses and shortcomings on others or outside circumstances. They blame governments, countries, leaders, family members, spouses, etc., but never take personal responsibility in terms of how to rectify and change the crisis. If you are being affected (and we all are), now is the time to do a little introspective inventory. Let me help you go through this process.

Access within, then ask yourself, “How do I feel about this world crisis?” What feelings come up? Fear? Anger? Sadness? Depression? Realize that all these emotions surfacing now are for a better understanding of where these feelings originated. As you understand where they come from, you will be able to clear them. All these emotions are a part of the reason you block what you want in your life, and your happiness.

I always think back to the time when my close friend Lynn passed to the other side and gave me an account of what it was like there. She told me it was so natural to feel connected to everyone and everything, and that there was no separation as we have with the physical body. But she said while we are in our individual physical body, we feel separate and this promotes fear from isolation. I realize that now that we are being forced to isolate ourselves more, we may feel more fear as we are more alone. Now is the time to really realize we are never alone. We all have the ability to connect to everyone and everything through the unconditional love that dwells within. When we connect to this inner place, we will feel an unprecedented sense of peace.

Take a minimum of five minutes, the more the better, and still your mind. Focus on your heart. Breathe in deeply through the heart and, as you do this, imagine the things and people you love and are grateful for. These are the feelings we must feel and cultivate within our hearts. When you exhale, send this powerful emotion of love and appreciation out into the world. After breathing in gratitude and exhaling love and appreciation, just sit and receive the emotion that is returned to you and you will feel an intense, indescribable sense of peace and love envelop your entire being. If we all practice this meditation daily, eventually we may come to a time that we stay in this mode of being and our lives will profoundly change. We will appreciate everything. Most importantly, we will come to realize everything is in Divine Order and everything happens for a good reason.

This is the year that Jupiter and Ketu conjoined in Sagittarius indicating a year of spiritual transformation. We will soon discover the ultimate realization of what this transformation is all about.

The last time that Jupiter conjoined Ketu in Sagittarius was 1889. At this time there was a spiritual revolution with the spiritualist movement, plus there was also a pandemic and there was the discovery of electromagnetic waves. Now all of these occurrences are taking place again. Waves and energy may be having an effect on the world such as 5G but I believe in some way we will discover cures using energy. As we discovered that radiation kills cancer, so will we discover that certain energies can be used to heal just as they can be destructive as well. Looking for one thing, we may stumble upon another accidentally or just realize another purpose.

I am very optimistic that even in the darkest times, there is a light and realization that will emerge to help heal, bring awareness, and transform our world for the better.


While Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in Capricorn, there will be massive rebuilding occurring around the world. Mars in Capricorn is exalted, giving it great power. Saturn in Capricorn gives great stability and structure. While Jupiter is debilitated (weak) in Capricorn, it is actually strengthened and not debilitated by being with two planets but dignified (Mars and Saturn).

Therefore these three planets transiting together in Capricorn in April indicates a massive rebuilding project and that something will emerge out of this crisis that causes a reset of the energies. This will change the financial world in an unexpected way we can’t imagine. The government, businesses and stock market will change dramatically. The stock market will continue to be extremely volatile. It is time to invest but you must be prepared to ride the wave.

There is a Kala Sarpa Yoga in effect on and off while all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu. Even though during this time the Moon transits for two weeks outside of the Kala Sarpa, the effects will be extreme. This indicates there will be major repercussions of a very karmic nature.

These are epic times when the course of nature takes retribution on the imbalances occurring in the world. You should realize that the nakshatras Rahu and Ketu are indicative of an extreme situation pertaining to tragedy (Ardra) and destruction (Mula), and on top of that the Kala Sarpa Yoga indicates this will occur at an epic level of extremes that change the world. Those who have this yoga in their birth chart have lives of extreme highs and lows but what always comes out of a period of intense lows is that they rebound to a much higher position. This will be evident in this period of time historically.

While Rahu is in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius, the coronavirus will still be here, but as the nodes move closer and closer to leaving these signs in September, it will begin to dwindle out. When Rahu enters Taurus and Ketu is in Scorpio there will be another host of problems but mainly a rebuilding from the damage done from this crisis.

April 03: Mars quincunx Rahu 8 degrees Capricorn/Gemini
As Mars transits in a 6/8 relationship with Rahu, be aware we are reeling from the effects of this pandemic. At this point, there will be the realization of more deaths as this relationship (quincunx) pertains to sickness (6th ) and death (8th). Rahu and its effects while still in Kala Sarpa Yoga indicates a time of extreme change. Realize that eventually something good will evolve out of something bad.

April 04: Mercury in conjunction with Neptune 25 degrees Aquarius
Mercury rules our communications and the media and while it conjoins Neptune, realize we are not being told the truth. There is a cloud of confusion as to what is really occurring in the world. Be aware the facts are not the facts when coming from the media. Miscommunication concerning this virus is on the rampage at this time. Lay low and don’t take anything for granted.

April 5: Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto 0 degrees Capricorn
This indicates a huge turning point and governments around the world will begin to work together. The economy begins to merge globally and will advance with new plans to begin a healing process in health and the economy. This represents new government and economic changes that will change the world forever in the future.

April 7: Mars square Uranus 11 degrees Capricorn/Aries Full Moon 24 degree Virgo
Shock waves around the world begin to cause more problems as there seems to be another hint of unforeseen problems emerging out of the darkness. This aspect can indicate earth changes such as earthquakes or storms that add to the impending problems with this virus. The full Moon in Virgo further accentuates the underlying problems associated with the coronavirus. Virgo rules health and this is the time that vaccines and cures will begin to emerge out of desperation.

April 17: Saturn quincunx Rahu7 degrees Capricorn/Gemini
While Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are in Capricorn, they are not in harmony with Rahu since it is in a 6/8 relationship. This indicates health issues and death. Until Rahu changes out of Gemini, there will be remnants of this virus. That will not happen until September.

April 26: Sun in conjunction with Uranus 12 degrees Aries
The Sun is in conjunction with Uranus once a year so this is not a life changing event but it does represent a change in awareness on an individual level. As this takes place in Aries, it means there will progressive action in a new direction.


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