Judaism vs. Christianity: Some revised history

Response to “Pat Buchanan Crushes Kissinger’s ‘New World Order’ Plea

Comment submitted by gaytroll

Ziofascism has controlled western civilization since the invention of Christianity.

Most skeptics would say “Jesus may have been a real person, but the spiritual stuff is untrue”.

This is backwards however: the spirit of Christ is real, but the biography of Jesus is propaganda.

The Bible does not bring us Christ; there is no need, because Christ is within. Instead the Bible has entrapped Christ in the crown of thorns, the crucified flesh, the lie of evangelism.

Rome caged Christ in a prison of Jewish lore and used it to rule not just the Jews, but the diverse leagues of Pagans as well. The New Testament is a guide book for imperial subjects: tolerate diversity and sin, do not resist violence, pay taxes to Caesar and worship His image.

After AD 70 both the Romans and Jews laid claim to the holy land, and they have been fighting each other for it ever since. Ultimately it is not the land itself, but the mantle of “God’s chosen” that both groups desire. Neither can legitimize their claim, both are based on the fiction of the Torah.


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