The Paradigm Shift has Arrived

by Renee Parsons

Even  as millions of Americans have been paying close attention to the coronavirus crisis, there are still questions as to WTF is going on.  It is still mind-boggling that a planet of seven billion people has been taken hostage by, maybe a weaponized virus or maybe a demonic entity from another realm.

It is, however, no surprise that after cruising the cosmic fringes for the last couple of years, the much-awaited Paradigm Shift (PS) has arrived in full force.  Known as a Dawning of the Light, the PS was always going to threaten form, structure and institutions that no longer serve humanity.

Just as it was expected that the Shift would initially create a massive upheaval of deeply embedded obsolete ideas and deeply entrenched corrupt institutions that would fight like hell in an intense struggle for survival and dominance, it was also expected to bring a dramatic shift in the prevailing nature of reality that would be accompanied by an equally profound Shift in personal awareness.  To date, it would seem that the Shift has so far exceeded expectations.   

There can be no doubt that the American Empire was in desperate need of a major tsunami-like event to cleanse it of its crimes and inhumanity to (wo)man. There have been a series of forewarnings over the years for those observant enough to see the depth of the decay in political and cultural life – a decay that became more obvious with each revelation, with every increased level  of corruption.

The ultimate Shift goal has always been an awakened consciousness for all of humanity leading to One People – One Universe which should never be confused with the New World Order.  There is nothing New Age or airy-fairy about the Shift but rather an introduction into living in a Quantum World where everything is energy and reality is shaped by the quality of our consciousness.   

As the crisis evolved, it seemed clear from the get-go that there was a larger CV agenda being forced on the world’s population other than stamping out a nasty bio critter.  That struggle was never going to be a cake-walk. It is now being played out as  the Globalist forces use fake Medicine to dictate their totalitarian agenda to millions of unsuspecting Americans.

From its earliest days in February when Americans first began to focus on the coronavirus (COVID-19), there was something ‘off’ about the entire narrative that did not fit; and as the CV morphed into social distancing (aka lockdown), that narrative became more ominous. It seemed clear from the get-go that there was a larger agenda being forced on the American people other than stamping out a nasty bio critter.  However, millions of Americans dutifully followed instructions and sought shelter, stocked up on the ‘essentials’ and donned their masks and gloves if they dared to venture out – and small businesses suffered.

As an unprecedented multi dimensional global event, the necessity of a Medical Martial Law  (MML) declaration was always problematic unless its main purpose was to accustom the public to accept future enforced detentions.  It was disappointing at how quickly Americans succumbed to the chaos.  Events took a turn for the worse when Bill “let’s depopulate the planet” Gates, assumed the authority to announce that the lockdown would be extended and only lifted when every citizen was vaccinated and received an Immunity Certificate.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH Director and Chief Flunky for Big Pharma followed his lead and publicly challenged the United States President.  Without a vaccination, those citizens would be deprived the full rights granted to every citizen.

By then, there was also a dawning realization that the CV crisis was possibly used to cover a totalitarian takeover of government and ultimately lead to one world government akin to the Rockefeller/Rothschild strategy of more war, poverty and repression.

One characteristic of the Shift is that it has the pesky habit of revealing that which has been nefarious and dishonorable and long hidden from public awareness, where evil secrets prosper in the dark. It is, therefore, essential to understand its role of potentially causing chaos as the Old is swept away in order to provide an opening for the New to emerge.

Two specifics in desperate need of attention come to mind.  The first is that elements of the medical community who have been acting to line their own pockets and those of their corporate masters while promulgating medical dogma not in the best health interests of their patients.  That appraisal would apply to every AMA-doctor who hustles Big Pharma’s toxic chemicals and drugs as healing agents.

Thanks to CV, the second revelation, yet to be acknowledged by Big Media, is the role of Ft. Detrick, the Crown Jewel of US bio warfare BSL-4 research labs.   Since the 1950’s  Detrick has been a CIA base with a staff of diabolical scientists developing the most lethal biological pathogens in the world, who sold their souls for job security.  Today Ft. Detrick is central to George Webb’s investigation regarding the origin of the coronovirus (COVID-19) which surfaced in Wuhan, China during the 2019 World’s Military Olympic Games. There is little reason to believe that the CV event was the result of an accidental leak but rather that there was deliberate intent although there will be more finger pointing before a determination can be made.

Even if the lockdown ends on April 3oth, food shortages should still be expected as part of the Bill Gates agenda to control the world’s food supply; specifically to include GMO’s where ever possible especially in ‘fake meat’ as burgers.  The non-labeling of GMO’s was another failure of the Obama Administration.    

In contemplating the future, the unknowns and the potentials, as the Shift continues its cleansing and transforming of Earth into the paradise it was always meant to be, each global citizen will need to step up and take more responsibility and become fully engaged in creating the future for our children that we all want.   

Those Merchants of Death at the CIA, Mossad, the US Congress, Ft. Detrick or wherever they may dwell should be brought to justice for their Crimes against Humanity.  Their institutions need to be totally dismantled, brick by brick, and destroyed forever and then the Shift will be manifest as a Quantum World.  

Renee Parsons  has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.   She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  Renee is also a student of the Quantum Field.

If you are willing and able to support Renee in her efforts to provide a different perspective on current events, you may do so through  

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