Here’s the NWO Scheme to Enforce Mandatory Vaccinations

NWO Globalists Put the Staged Panic on
Super-Steroids with Latest False Scare

“This is a RED ALERT of the very highest order.
Big Pharma and WHO Scientists have conspired
to declare that no natural immunity is occurring
from COVID-19 infections. They are deceitfully
pointing to multiple re-infections to prove their
case. What they willfully neglect to state is the
extent to which 5G (and 4G), annual flu vaccines
and chemtrails are being used to trigger corona-
virus re-infections. This is all about promoting
vaccine-induced immunity as the ONLY way to
halt the pandemic. The future vaccine, which
will be toxic and ineffective, is being presented
as the only path to terminating the lockdowns.
Which means they already have a fake vaccine
ready to roll-out…soon to become compulsory!
That means a mandatory “immunity certificate”
will function as a global citizen ID card. And,
that perpetual medical martial law will become
the new normal.”

— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

State of the Nation

The latest deceit to be perpetrated during THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC is as alarming as it gets. Not only does it reveal how malevolent these career globalist criminals really are, their nefarious New World Order agenda is becoming more transparent by the week.

Quite ironically, their ever-changing pandemic narrative is quickly exposing one of the primary goals of the NWO globalist cabal—mandatory COVID-19 vaccines.

Surely, there’s no better way to stage a panic around a manufactured pandemic than to con the public into believing there is no immunity conferred upon those patients who have recovered from COVID-19.

The reason why they are able to get away with this deception is because the perpetrators are careful to keep hidden the other 3 of the 4 major components of this quaternary weapon system.

Before Each Coronavirus Cluster Explosion

Quaternary Weapon System

Until folks understand that there are at least four components of the COVID-19 bioweapon system, they will be easily misled by the entirely staged panic. The unaware will also be ever more vulnerable to both an initial coronavirus infection as well as multiple re-infections.

In addition to the COVID-19 bioweapon itself, there are 3 other components that are creating a highly conducive environment for this pandemic to NEVER END. What follows is a list of the 4 major stealth weapons which are covertly deployed by this AI-coordinated quaternary weapon system.

(1) COVID-19 Bioweapon

(2) 5G Roll-outs & Existing 4G

(3) Annual Flu Vaccines

(4) Chemtrail Aerosols

The reason why so many COVID-19 patients are experiencing multiple re-infections is because of their exposure to any or all four of these coronavirus triggers. The military deployment of 5G worldwide, however, is the primary trigger of the biggest urban explosions of coronavirus clusters. The extraordinarily intensive 5G roll-outs in Wuhan, Milan, New York City and the Seattle area, where the first major coronavirus outbreaks occurred, prove this direct connection between 5G and COVID-19.

CONFIRMED! Coronavirus Clusters Correlating Directly with 5G Networks

However, there is also a fifth element of this ongoing wave of bioterrorism being furtively conducted around the globe. That concerns the relaunching of the COVID-19 bioweapon in the same nations, cities or regions where coronavirus clusters have already exploded. Sometimes, these relaunches disseminate different strains of COVID-19 which serve to significantly complicate both diagnosis and treatment even more.

Hence, there are actually five operations associated with this quaternary weapon system that are being used to extend the pandemic indefinitely. Successive biological attacks with the COVID-19 bioweapon in previously attacked areas is clearly the most powerful method of re-infection of all. Therefore, the “COVID-19 relaunch” is added to the previous list as follows.

(5) COVID-19 Relaunches

It should be noted that each of the four main bioweapons contains the potential to not only trigger coronavirus outbreaks when employed individually, when they are utilized in a concerted manner they will retrigger coronavirus explosions with purposeful dramatic effect in those targeted cities. In this way, the perpetrators will sustain the bioengineered coronavirus pandemic into perpetuity.


There is a growing body of evidence which supports the reality that COVID-19 dissemination is taking place via chemtrail aerosols. These chemical engineering operations have been ongoing for decades and provide the perfect cover and vehicle for coronavirus re-infections.

KEY POINT: Chemtrails have long been suspected of delivering various pathogenic micro-organisms into the troposphere. Many people have complained of Chemtrail flu and Chemtrail syndrome in areas that are heavily sprayed with chemtrail aerosols.[1] Now we see that there is PROOF That COVID-19 Is Being Sprayed in the Chemtrails.

It should be noted that “By far, the most efficient and effective mode for applying biological weapons is creation of an aerosol cloud.” Not only that, but with each passing year of chemtrailed skies around the planet, the respiratory systems of every human being are being profoundly compromised with all sorts of toxic chemical contaminants and biological agents.

The lungs can take only so much abuse and will eventually become susceptible to the highly opportunistic and pernicious COVID-19. The older the individual, the more industrial pollution, as well as tainted ambient air in both the home and workplace, he or she is exposed to.

The resulting degradation of lung health, especially diminished immunity and capacity, has created a fertile environment for this particularly infectious variant of coronavirus — COVID-19 — to bring about full-blown Coronavirus syndrome. See: CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME: The Ultimate Genocidal Bioweapon System

This is why the elderly are routinely put on ventilators; their lungs have been weakened considerably after decades of various environmental exposures such as passive smoke, dietary assaults from mucus-producing foods and damaging pharmaceutical drugs. Older folks who have underlying conditions that have lung involvement are especially susceptible to the most debilitating COVID-19 symptom sets. Nevertheless, it’s of paramount importance to understand that coronavirus treatments that prescribe the use ventilators have caused deadly serious problems as this NYC-area ICU physician pointed out.

Are the medical authorities deliberately moving elderly COVID-19 patients into hospitals to kill them with ventilators and/or other dangerous protocols?!

Immunity Psyop

The preceding screenshot taken from the BBC’s front page of their Internet edition says it all. However, the accompanying BBC video says much more about this rapidly evolving psyop and can be viewed here: British Media Pushing ‘no immunity from virus recovery’ Narrative to Sell Fake Vaccine as Only Solution! (Video).

As expected, the World Health Organization is also selling the same duplicitous storyline as implied in this MSM news report: WHO Fails to Inform About 5G-COVID19 Connection, Asserts ‘No Immunity’ Even After Recovery When It’s Actually 5G Retriggering the Coronavirus.

The bottom line here is that the perps running THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC are setting up the global population to receiving a mandatory coronavirus vaccine. This treacherous and extremely harmful scheme also includes an immunity certificate that permits each recipient to “buy or sell” much like the prophesied mark of the beast.

Brought to you by everyone’s Big Brother

Because of how unpredictable and scary COVID-19 has been made out to be, it will be very easy to stampede people everywhere into the NWO pen of vaccine compliance.

There are now so many press accounts of multiple re-infections appearing across the planet, and many of them are quite likely accurate, that those who have been infected will do virtually anything to avoid a re-infection.

This is the primary strategy by which Big Pharma, World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will corral upwards of 7.8 billion people into the cattle cars destined for COVID-19 vaccination camps.

There has never been a more deceptive and pervasive psychological operation designed to impose a specific vaccine on all of humanity. Truly, this global psyop has been pre-planned with the utmost precision to enact a worldwide mandatory vaccine regime enforced with immunity certificates.

What we are all witnessing is the latest and most aggressive phase of the cabal’s Super-Vaccination Agenda. Microchipping every human being in this manner is surely a pivotal piece of the New World Order agenda which must be carried out if the globalists are to successfully foist Medical Martial Law on the entire planetary civilization.

Once Medical Martial Law has been established, the remaining stages of the NWO implementation plan will be fairly easy to execute. Which is why citizenries everywhere must do everything in their power to resist the current guidelines of social distancing and sheltering in place when the time arrives to terminate them.


While THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC is a classic Hollywood production, but with some brutal reality blended with a LOT of hoax and MSM crisis actors, it’s of paramount importance for the victimized masses on planet Earth to draw the line. For the NWO perpetrators of this epic crime wave against humanity have already been given enough rope to hang themselves many times over. If they are given much more rope, they will tie up the economy to the point of strangling it to death.

Some SCAMDEMIC commentators have even said the window of opportunity to build the gallows and grab the hanging rope is closing fast. And, that the globalists need to be rounded up and removed from the street much sooner than later for the sake of preventing an irreversible global collapse of everything. Therefore, each and every globalist associated with this crime spree against humanity must be arrested post-haste and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

As for one of the authoritative witnesses who will appear at their televised trials, what follows is compelling testimony from a courageous hospital worker who essentially overwhelms the official narrative with raw truth. See: Respiratory Therapist Exposes False COVID-19 Death Stats, Fake Bodies, Faulty Ventilator Protocols & Lack of Real Virus Testing (Video)

In point of fact, the profusion of similar testimony and hard evidence being presented throughout the world community of nation is why everyone is calling this 2020 scam of the millennium THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.


State of the Nation
April 25, 2020


[1] CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions


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