The Three Days of Darkness



This gifted message has been circulated among various groups and individuals and purports to be directly from The Christ. It was received by a messenger. We fully realize it is of a controversial nature and present it because so many have expressed interest in material regarding “THE END TIMES”, specifically “THE DAYS OF DARKNESS” so many have predicted and which is discussed in the Bible.

This is thy Lord, Jesus Christ. I have spoken of three phases of cleansing. The first is the three days of darkness; the second is the Seven Year Famine; and the third is the Battle of Armageddon, at which time the Children of God will not be on the earth, but will have been evacuated.

There have been cleansings in which there were three days of darkness in the time of Noah; and in the time of the flight of the Children of Israel out of Egypt; and in the time of Enoch; and in the time of Abraham. When Abraham was, the earth had existed twenty-six hundred years, but there was no written history. The history of earth is written in God’s Book of Life, where those who can go to the Akashic Records can read it. Atlantis was at the time of Enoch. Lemuria was at the time of the flight of the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

When ye see this writing, the time will be short before the beginning of the first cleansing. When the three days of darkness begin, it is well to think only thoughts of love and kindness to all that cross your mind. This will alleviate the pressure of unforgiven feelings. THOSE WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO COPE WITH THE HEARING OF THESE EVENTS ARE NOT YET RIGHT IN THEIR LOVE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. When a person knows God is in charge of all things at all times, they can cope with anything God plans for them or the earth. They may be somewhat frightened, but will receive comfort and guidance by looking to God.


When the first cleansing begins, it will be on a clear day, in the middle of the day. The sun will fade away and the darkness will begin to come over the land. There will be several hours before total darkness will be on all sides. This will be time for all enlightened to bring home their family, put water and food out for their animals and birds and obtain supplies of food which does not need to be prepared and clean drinking water where it can be reached in the dark. Have warm clothing and bedding to remain wrapped in for the duration of the darkness, which will last some three days. By the third night stars will again be seen in the heavens. The fourth day the sun will shine again. During these three days of utter darkness, it is necessary that those in the houses do not look outside. It is necessary that they cover their windows with heavy covers which keep out the cold and keep the warmth inside.

The light that can be used for a short period of time has to be a battery operated light. No fires or open flame light is to be used in the first three days. This will use up oxygen which is already low in the atmosphere of the earth. Those who have respiratory problems will have a difficult time surviving. It is well if the door not be opened to anyone or for any reason. After the first three days, candles may still not be used for two more days; then ye can use any light or heat ye wish. Electricity may be re-established in a matter of time after the sun shines again. You can use whatever light or heat ye wish after the first three days, but are required to stay inside your homes another eleven days without opening the doors or looking out the windows. This is to know only that which is within thy house. The memory of the outside would not be easily removed.

[H: Let me comment at this point that the above cannot be the same as passage through a null-time as presented upon entering the photon band–for the assumption is that batteries would work and there must be the consideration that “something” has happened which has consumed free oxygen from the atmosphere. It further “requires” that there be damaging rays of some kind in the atmosphere from which the being needs protection by remaining inside for protection. It is not mine to comment further so let us continue in the quoting.]

The commodes should flush the entire time. The freezers will be off during the time the electricity is off. Food could be spoiled; test before eating. Not all those who are outside of God’s care will leave the body. Some will live through it through sheer perseverance on their part–the will to live. This terrible thing MUST happen because the people have hardened their hearts. At the close of each age a cleansing is necessary. We are in the transitional period between the Piscean Age and the incoming Aquarian Age (age of LIGHT).

Those who will keep their animals inside to protect them will suffer the consequence of disobedience. God is not mocked. There is reason for what He asks of the people of the earth who have gone far astray from His Laws. The animals are cared for by My Beings, who are on earth for this reason. None will die. The cleansing is not for the animals or for little children. The children who are left on earth without their parents are in God’s care. The Angels will care for and comfort the little ones. There will very quickly be found loving homes for them. The parents with little ones need not worry how they will be cared for. God’s plan is complete.

After the three days of darkness are past, stay inside for another eleven days. This is to re-establish the atmosphere on the earth and give the Space Brothers sufficient time to take the debris the destruction has caused and to remove the bodies of those who are no longer living. When the people come out of their houses on the fourteenth day, they will see no signs of the terrible things that happened. These will have been through a cleansing in their terrible experience and will now accept God into their lives.


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