HERCOLUBUS: What effects will the comet-planet have on Earth?

Hercólubus Planet: Is the Earth in Danger?

Jaime Ramoni

During the earthquake of December 26, the earth underwent a rapid movement of large amounts of mass (rock and water) and when the distribution in the earth changed suddenly there were small alterations in the speed of the rotation movement on its axis (1 ) and on the inclination of the axis itself in about 5 to 6 centimeters (0.0000006 degrees), which is a fairly small number.

Due to the slight flattening of the poles caused by the Asian tsunami, Earth now rotates a little faster than it did before and the length of the day decreased 2.68 microseconds (3 millionths of a second). To put it in perspective, imagine that you are skating and starting to spin; As you move your arms closer to your body, it rotates faster and when you move them away it rotates slower, just what would happen if the earth becomes more spherical or flatter.

On the other hand, British scientists revealed on Wednesday 9 February 2005 the first images of the underwater site of the great earthquake that caused the Asian tsunami, as part of the efforts to determine exactly what happened.

The Crack reached the center of the Earth’s igneous magma and severely damaged the Belt of Fire plate that continues to destabilize the interoceanic plate system.

The three-dimensional computer graphic shows a scene of devastation near the Indonesian island of Sumatra, with landslides up to 100 meters high and 200 meters long and new cracks, hundreds of meters long, on the seabed. Cracks formed as a result of the approach of the Hercólubus Planet, due to its cosmic force.

What is true and how much myth in this prediction?

The information on the Hercolubus is scanty and scattered, even contradictory, and as many issues of this nature has been distorted ad nauseam with false forecasts. But although no one has the absolute truth, even the most “scientific” and “serious” research points to the fact that it really exists. It would be the same planet that, according to the astronomer Joseph Lando, caused the tragic end of Atlantis by completing its previous orbit 13,000 years ago, when it last penetrated our Solar System and diverted the Earth’s axis. Belonging to the Orion constellation, Hercolubus would be several times larger than Jupiter – the largest celestial body in our solar system – and would have comet orbit and tail, and planet mass. It is said to be part of the two-star solar system, one bright and one dark, traveling in an extremely elliptical orbit perpendicular to the Earth around our Sun and another dead or black sun. Dark and cold, it would still be in a primitive state of evolution

The maximum distance from Hercolubus to the Sun is 400 or 500 astronomical units (1 u.a. = distance from Earth to the Sun), and its minimum distance is about 4 or 5 u.a. (between the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter). It takes 6,600 Earth years to travel an elliptical orbit around our Sun making a loop on the outer planets, and because it is too far away from the Sun, it is difficult to detect it. To this is added that the planet is apparently composed of a material that absorbs light and endowed with a kind of artificial infrared layer that helps preserve the heat and keeps it out of the visible spectrum. Unlike a black hole, Hercolubus does not suck the light, but barely reflects it, but due to its enormous size and its progressive approach to the Earth it will soon be visible to the naked eye, and the effect that would be expected would be as catastrophic as the who experienced Atlantis millennia ago.

What do we know about the Red Planet?

The history of the Hercolubus goes back to much before the Mayans. In the legacy of the most ancient and diverse traditions and cultures is mentioned constantly a star that would visit the Earth periodically, every certain number of millennia, and that has been baptized as Planet X, Wormwood, Marduk according to the Babylonians and Nibiru according to the Sumerians, They spoke of a planet whose orbit extended to other solar systems and which would pass every 6,666 years on Earth, and which was inhabited by the civilization of the Anunnaki or Nephilin, who used the planet’s unique orbit as an observatory in motion.

More recently it has been called Hercolubus or Hercobulus. But what does exist in consensus is that the appearance of this body coincides millenarianly as the end of civilizations. It would become a kind of filter or catalyst that every time purifies and cleans the Earth of the impurities with which human beings contaminate it, giving way to new ages. Each pass of the Hercolubus would be a new Apocalypse for the Earth. But for each civilization it would be the only one.

Despite the falsity of many reports and the blanket of silence and censorship that is officially being deployed around the issue to avoid panic, it is claimed that astronomers detected the planet more than 20 years ago, and that concern in the media US intelligences is enormous, since Hercolubus would be arriving on Pluto. The main basis on which hypotheses are affirmed to believe that there is a strange “something” going around is the curvature of light around the planetary mass, due to the great gravitational power that it has. In 1980, the newspaper O Globo of Brazil reported that the Pioneer 10 and 15 probes were searching for a supposed planet X that, with its gravitational force, altered the orbits of Neptune and Uranus.

According to the astronomer Joseph Lando, common comets such as the Hale-Bopp reach their maximum speed around the Sun (about 30km / sec) and their minimum speed at the furthest point of the sun (about 2km / SEC) to about 36,000,000,000 Km. Away. The Hercólubs, on the other hand, does not behave in this way because it is orbiting two stars, and its maximum speed reaches it just in the middle of both.

Another astronomer, Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, has contributed more data about the Red Planet in television programs and various media:

  • 92 km / sec = Speed of Hercolubus when rotating around the black sun.
  • 76 km / sec = Speed of Hercolubus when it turns the sun of the solar system.
  • 300 km / sec = Speed of Hercolubus halfway between the two suns.
  • 14000000 km = Point closest to Earth in the path of Hercolubus (14 million km).
  • 32000000000 kilometers = distance from the black sun from Earth (32 billion kilometers)
  • 0.003382378 AL = distance in light years from Earth to the black sun.
  • 385000 km = distance from the Moon to Earth.
  • 300000 km / sec = speed of light.
  • 9460800000000 kilometers = distance that light travels in a year.

If the comet-planet passes 14 million kilometers then this equates to 36.36 the distance from the Moon to Earth. Apparently, insufficient to avoid the cataclysm.

The effects are already tangible

One of the first and most obvious effects of Hercolubus on the planet will be on the earth’s crust. It is known that there is already a cracking of the same, which extends over the entire surface of the Earth although it is more intense in the Pacific Ocean, (read at the beginning of the tsunami in Asia) caused by various natural causes, with a length of about 90,000 Km., An average width of 40 km and an average depth of 2.5 km. In some places the breakage of the crust has already reached the point of bringing the igneous magma of the interior of the Earth into direct contact with the water from sea. The huge amounts of water vapor produced would be pressurizing the surface geological layers, causing their progressive destabilization and an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Many argue that the wave of earthquakes in 1999 was a sign of this. And without a doubt, the Asian tsunami was the consequence of the same phenomenon.

It is thought that Hercolubus will also alter the Earth’s climate, favoring for example the appearance of the phenomenon of “El Niño” in the Pacific Ocean, characterized by a periodic warming of the waters that affects the climate of the planet, producing drought and floods, hunger and pests , fires, epidemics and hurricanes worldwide. The true cause of the warming of the waters would be the contact of the molten rocks of the interior of the Earth with the ocean through the terrestrial cracking. The progressive approach of this gigantic planet will increase this contact between fire and water and, consequently, the thermal imbalance of the global climate.

Since 1980 there have been four of the strongest and most destructive “El Niño” appearances. Between 1982 and 1983 it caused the death of about 2,000

for natural disasters and material damages of 13,000 million dollars. In 1997 it caused the death of 2,100 people and damages of some 33,000 million dollars, and in the coastal desert of Sechura, in Peru, the rains created the second largest lake in the country with 150 km long, 30 km wide and 3 meters deep. In South America the coastal waters of some areas reached almost 30 ºC, while in Australia they reached 31 ºC and tuna were caught in the Gulf of Alaska. The same year, Hurricane Linda with winds of 300 km / h was one of the largest recorded in the eastern Pacific.

And what is coming would be worse, because as the planet approaches the Earth, its gigantic force of gravitational attraction will attract the molten magma to the Earth’s surface increasing the number and intensity of earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions, which will reach magnitudes never before seen . When the closest approach to Earth occurs, the final cataclysm would occur, with the overturning of the Earth’s rotation axes.

The Apocalyptic Book

V.M. Rabolú, author of the book Hercobulus or El Planeta Rojo, is possibly who has gathered more details on the subject. In his world famous book, considered the bible of the subject for many, the catastrophic events that will happen to us are described, and he assures that many of them are already making themselves felt. He also states that the planet does not wander around the cosmos, but revolves around the gravitational center of the linden solar system, composed of the star Tylar, around which also rotate the planets Phema, Epsilon, Hegama, Tylon and Lylio.

Although it contradicts the Mayan Prophecies, which predict the effect and great change of the Earth and humanity for the year 2012, the author argues that: “In the year 1999, Hercolubus will be visible to all human beings as a great star At dawn, in the year 2045 every eye will see it, at midday, like another sun. ”

Far from taking them as an oracle, we reproduce some passages of the book because it is the most documented text that exists on the subject: “I want to refer to Hercólubus, the gigantic monster that has to swallow up our planet earth …. This message I dedicate it to humanity, as a last resort, because there is nothing else to do … What I affirm in this book is a very short-term prophecy, because I know the end of the Planet, I know it. Preventing, because I have anguish for this poor humanity, since the facts do not wait and there is no time to lose in illusory things … There are great cracks along the sea, very deep, that are already making contact with the fire of the Earth … and there are the cyclones making themselves seen, that the gringo lords call “El Niño phenomenon”, it is not “El Niño”, it is the contact of the Earth’s fire with the water, which is spreading through the According to the cracking Tsunamis, earthquakes, frightening things with water and on the earth will arise and there will be no coastal city without being destroyed … The liquid fire from the interior of the earth will originate new volcanoes, and in general, the igneous element will cause everything to burn what it is and everything it has been. That is why Peter said: “the elements, burning, will be waste, and the earth and all the works that are in them will be burned.”

The Russians Know It

The existence and threat of the Hercolubus is more officially recognized in the governments and ruling elites of many countries than one might think, although obviously it is an “ultra secret” information on which the strongest of censorship hangs. Even so, in the Volume 10, Number 4 (June-July 2003) of the Australian magazine Nexus


the text of a television interview made to Valery Uvarov was published, head of the UFO Research, Science and Technology Department of the Russian National Security Academy, by Graham W. Birdsall, Editor of UFO Magazine of the United Kingdom during the 12th International UFO Congress, held from February 2 to 8, 2003 in Laughlin, state of Nevada, in the United States.

On the occasion, Valery Uvarov explained, among other matters, that the existence of the so-called Planet X (Hercolubus) is intimately related to a material installation erected long ago in Siberia, several hundred kilometers north of Tunguska, where the famous Tunguska explosion in 1908, caused by a meteor that was destroyed by a missile generated in said facility. According to the expert, the texts of Echutin Apposs Alanhor, 4,000 years old, already described the Installation and what there operates as a system of power. The Russians located this source of energy during the conflict in Yugoslavia, when there was an increase in the emission of the same, so it seems clear that the Facility reacts to social unrest and conflicts. She herself would be keeping Hercolubus in a stable orbit, and astronomers maintain that there is nothing to fear.

Valery Uvarov said: “At the Academy we are sure that this planet is inhabited, and that the Facility is designed to protect them and us, nothing dangerous will happen, everything is under control, and our research has shown that the Earth has a pulse, a finely tuned frequency that affects every living creature Some 12,500 years ago, this pulse corresponded to 360 days of the year according to the old Egyptian calendar, but then an asteroid impacted the Earth and its orbit was altered artificially to compensate for this, what the planet moved away from the sun, at a pulse-frequency of 365. This has led us to believe that we have friends who take care of us silently.They did not allow at that time, and will not now allow, any planet, kite or asteroid, impact and destroy the Earth, this is absolutely clear. ”

Radiation levels have been constantly monitored for the last six years, and it is noteworthy that in recent times the animals have left the forests of the region, since two months before the Tungunska explosion happened the same. “It was as if the Facility was getting stronger to deal with the asteroid, and radiation levels increased, and the same is happening now,” Valery Uvarov said.

To conclude, NASA and the US government have tried to undermine this event at all costs and for that we quote the following: On Wednesday, September 3, the NEO program of JPL-NASA announced that the possibility of crash of the 2003 asteroid QQ47 was ruled out. Earth on March 20, 2014.

For more information you can visit the NEO website, which is NASA’s Near-Earth Object program at: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov

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