Global Climate Change: How Geoengineering Is Causing A Worldwide Weather Apocalypse

Who is promoting the Global Cooling disinfo?
Could it be the geo-engineers and their paymasters? 

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Global Climate Change does not accurately describe the planetary predicament; an ongoing worldwide atmospheric apocalypse does. This global phenomenon is manifesting as localized weather cataclysms, which are directly caused by a radical trending toward global warming, NOT global cooling.

While the manufactured debate rages between those who subscribe to Global Warming and the more recent adherents to Global Cooling, no one can question that Global Climate Change (GCC) has been upon us for many years.  The irrefutable evidence points directly to GCC showing up on every continent on the planet, and in some places with a ferocity and relentlessness never seen before.

In fact, there is so much evidence that categorically demonstrates a radical shift in many of the traditional weather patterns around the world that both extremes are touted as proof for both global warming and cooling.  An objective, twenty-year meteorological retrospective reflects a violence and volatility never experienced in recorded weather history.

The massive body of scientific evidence, which proves Global Warming, grows daily! 

That Global Climate Change is an undeniable reality has become self evident. So is the primary cause of Global Climate Change, which has been proven to be Global Warming. Why then has a bogus argument been made for Global Cooling? How can such a claim be made in the face of an overwhelming amount of scientific research, which confirms the warming trend. Before that question is answered, let’s look at just a fraction of some of the most indisputable proof of Global Warming.

How we know the Earth is warming

Here’s a statement from the American Meteorological Society:

“Climate is changing in many ways. Global mean temperatures have been rising steadily over the last 40 years, with the six warmest years since 1860 occurring in the last decade. Regionally, the warming trend is greatest in northern latitudes, over land, and at night. Decreases in Arctic sea ice have been observed. Most studies indicate that ice loss has recently accelerated at the margins of Greenland and the West Antarctic ice sheet, whereas the East Antarctic ice sheet and the Greenland interior appear to be gaining mass. In the U.S. most of the observed warming has occurred in the West and in Alaska. However, there are regional variations in the signature of climate change, with warming in the western U.S. but little or no annual temperature change in the southeast U.S. in recent decades. Temperature rises have significant hydrologic effects. Freezing levels are rising in elevation, rain occurs instead of snow at mid­elevations, spring maximum snowpack is decreasing, snowmelt occurs earlier, and the spring runoff that supplies over two­thirds of the western U.S. streamflow is reduced.
Evidence for warming is also observed in seasonal changes with earlier springs, longer frost­free periods and longer growing seasons, and shifts in natural habitats and in migratory patterns of birds.”[1]
American Meteorological Society

Perhaps the following graph, showing the correlation between carbon dioxide emission and temperature rise over the past 130 plus years, provides an accurate portrayal.

What follows is another statement made by the Union of Concerned Scientists:

The Globe is Warming:
Burning coal, oil and gas and destroying forests overloads the atmosphere with excess carbon dioxide, adding to heat-trapping gases that already are present in the atmosphere. Combined, these gases act like a blanket covering the earth. The human contribution to this effect is unmistakable. The part of the atmosphere where excess carbon dioxide accumulates has expanded and warmed dramatically in recent years precisely during the period when emissions from human activity have increased.
Scientists from NASA and other research institutions routinely collect temperature data from around the world and have records of the Earth’s average temperature going back to the 1880s, when temperatures were first recorded. The data shows that, globally, the last decade has been the warmest ever recorded.
Over the last century, global average temperature has increased by more than 1°F (0.6°C). While the record shows significant regional differences in warming, the long-term global upward trend is unambiguous.[2]
Union of Concerned Scientists

The following headlines and linked articles portray just a tip of the iceberg which humankind now faces as it enters a period of sustained and significantly warmer temperatures around the globe.

Global Warming Is Real IPCC Repeats

With Warming, Wildfires Growing More Difficult to Predict

Experts Agree Global Warming Is Melting the World Rapidly

New Study: Climate Scientists Overwhelmingly Agree Global Warming Is Real

Global Warming Science: The science is clear. Global warming is happening.

Climate panel: Global warming ‘extremely likely’ man-made

Who can refute that global warming, which is driving the global climate change, is due to some extent by human activity?

All anyone has to do is look around and simply count the number of human beings who currently reside on Planet Earth.  There are well over 7 billion of us and each person uses energy — lots of energy on a daily basis.  Both the generation and utilization of that energy is heat-producing.  The number of vectors of dissemination of that energy and associated heat is as staggering as it is impossible to accurately model.

Then, they can count the number of automobiles and pickup trucks, 18 wheelers and motorcycles, lawnmowers and weed-wackers, powerboats and oceanliners, cruise ships and luxury yachts, oil tankers and river barges, jet airliners and turboprops.

Next, they can count the number of power plants and HVAC systems, microwave towers and cell phone towers, TV and radio antennae, hot water heaters and satellite dishes, laptops and desktops, smartphones and tablets.

After that they can count the number of skyscrapers and high-rises, shopping malls and parking lots, office buildings and strip malls, highways and byways, back roads and interstates, subdivisions and apartment complexes, condominiums and townhouses, parking garages and athletic stadiums.*

*Wherever you have development, there used to be a field or forest, meadow or hill, lake or pond, river or stream, that was green and cool.  Not hot, outgassing asphalt or reflective windows or gleaming steel and concrete structures absorbing and trapping the heat of the sun and surrounding atmosphere.

 They can also add up the number of acres of farmland which support the raising of animals for meat consumption.

Calculating the number of square miles of naturally occurring rainforest, old growth forest, plantation forests, grasslands which have been cleared over the past 120 years to accommodate human development is another significant statistic. The emergence of the megalopolis, found mostly along the coastlines of the world, has contributed mightily to the heat now found on the land masses which simply didn’t exist before. So has the exponential increases in cityscapes dotting every continent.

What’s the point of this exercise?
To simply delineate the obvious.  There are a vast number and amount of energy releases which take place each and every moment across the planet.  Some of them, in the aggregate, greatly contribute to the the total volume of greenhouse gas emissions.
Therefore the total expenditure of energy generated from running a highly technological society will necessarily contribute a substantial input to the Greenhouse Effect, thus warming of the planet.

If you don’t believe this, go take a walk in the middle of New York City on a hot summer day. Then go take a walk in the Catskill Mountains on the following day. You tell us which is cooler, the walk through the forest or the laborious stroll down 42nd Street?

Simplistic though this may sound, this exercise doesn’t even account for all the myriad changes to the atmosphere which are triggered by so much industrial pollution, methane gas releases caused by industry and burning of dirty fuels for electricity and heat. All of these factors are on an upswing trajectory which can only mean that manmade contributions to GCC will be felt for the foreseeable future as they intensify.

“Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun and warm the planet’s surface. Of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the majority are related to energy consumption, and most of those are carbon dioxide. From 1990 to 2011, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States increased by about 0.4% per year. The United States produced about 18% of the world’s total energy-related carbon dioxide in 2010 — the last year for which comparable data are available.”

It’s the atmospheric changes and geoengineering assaults which really matter

Once upon a time everyone talked about the Ozone Layer; now you rarely hear about it. That doesn’t mean it’s status does not weigh heavily on global warming. Quite the opposite, its continued destruction by geo-engineering has only accelerated the depletion of this vital buffer against damaging radiation from the sun. You can imagine how much cooler the high concentrations of O3 keeps the surface of the planet by absorbing so much ultraviolet radiation.

Geoengineering is Destroying the Ozone Layer

There are also black budgeted, DARPA-driven projects such as HAARP which are known to pump billions of watts of energy into the ionosphere. Much of this advanced scientific and military testing is completely outside of the realm of oversight and therefore monitoring its effects on global climate change are impossible. Nevertheless, common sense would tell us that many of those intrusive and unnatural infusions of energy into the various layers of Earth’s atmosphere will only imbalance the whole system. Isn’t this exactly what we have seen with both geo-engineering, especially chemtrails?

Without any doubt, the entire planetary civilization is living on very Thin Ice. Here is a recent discussion which speaks directly to the confluence of circumstances which are creating a conducive environment for a planetary breakdown due to global warming.

Chemtrails: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

From all the data and information amassed thus far concerning the chemtrail component of geo-engineering, it can be said that its inevitable effect will be to greatly exacerbate global climate change. The deliberate manipulation of weather patterns to hide the obvious effects and multiple manifestations of global warming may prove to be the stick that breaks the camel’s back. The biosphere is the camels’s back.

“A cubic meter of seawater can store 4000 times more thermal energy than the same volume of air. No matter how much the geoengineers try to block the sun with toxic reflective metals, no matter how much toxic ice nucleating chemicals they use to cool clouds and create artificially nucleated snow storms, the heat build up in the seas will trump all.”[3]

Chemtrails being sprayed above the cloud cover

By systematically aerosolizing the Earth’s atmosphere with the cocktail of toxic chemicals that are found in chemtrails, the weather patterns are being altered in ways which will produce a blowback effect. By treating the symptoms of global warming in such a superficial and cavalier manner, this “pharmaceutical approach” is having highly destructive consequences. Collateral damage is showing up everywhere, only never acknowledged because the scientists are ‘not available” (or funded) to document the direct correlation. Because all of the weather patterns of the world are inextricably connected, ultimately they will all be thrown into disarray, just as we are experiencing.

“Those that have jumped on the “cooling” bandwagon do not seem to take into account the fact that “global dimming” caused largely by the aerosol spraying from geoengineering is blocking some 20% of the sun or more, not to mention jet stream manipulation with HAARP and the artificially/chemically nucleated snow storms covered later.”[3]

The following headline and story illustrate just how far geo-engineering will utilize ice-nucleation for weather modification. Together with HAARP-produced frequencies, these advanced applied technologies are being used to replenish ice in the Arctic in an effort to hide the disintegration of the polar ice cap. Now that’s a feat that requires much more than smoke and mirrors to produce.  However, this cosmetic approach to regenerating the  ice can only be temporarily successful at best; the thin layer of sludgy ice will disappear as quickly as it was created.

Engineered Snow Storms Begin Again

This particular ice nucleation program comes at the expense of the normal weather patterns of the USA; that is, if there is such thing as normal anymore.  The Southeast has just experienced two unprecedented monsoon seasons in 2012 and 2013.  A new weather pattern has developed whereby massive amounts of moisture are being sent north from the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) via artificially created low pressure systems.  The most recent Tropical Storm Karen is a perfect example of where a GOM weather event wass literally hijacked and the moisture was conveyed northward to form ice in the Arctic regions.

Tropical Storm Karen fizzles, but less than predictably

The Arctic has had seasonal melts at an unprecedented rate as evidenced by newly formed lakes.

Colorado Flooding Illustrates The Perils Associated With Geo-engineering

The recent, back-to-back Colorado wildfire and rain disasters, which traumatized the main population centers of that state, ought to serve as further testimony to this dangerous misapplication of science. While the outbreak of wildfires were labelled the worst in state history, the flooding has been dubbed a 1000 year event. Colorado, being at the geographical nexus of much of the extremely risky testing that is conducted in this regard, has received the brunt of the boomerang effect.

The Colorado disasters are particularly instructive about how excessive weather modification can create seemingly contradictory scenarios.  When drought (and wildfires) alternate with deluges (and floods), it means that the weather patterns have been profoundly disrupted.  Those living in Boulder, Aurora and Longmont will testify that no such rain events have ever been seen, as will those residing in the Colorado Springs area speak to the rash of wildfires never witnessed before.

The 1,000 Year Storm: Colorado’s Flood Is One For The History Books

Just because Al Gore said it, doesn’t mean that we throw the baby out with the bath water

Al Gore is a politician, not a scientist. However, The Inconvenient Truth did raise many critical issues which our society continues to ignore at its peril. Whether you agree with his politics or not, or agree with his science or not, his central message has a basis in fact. As stated in this essay, global warming is a fact of life. It is not going away.

However, what Al Gore did not address is his documentary are the much greater contributing factors over which we humans have less control. Perhaps that is why he spun it the way that he did. So that the human race would be encouraged to take responsibility wherever it could have an impact. Instead, the whole situation has been hopelessly politicized, especially by those who have a vested interest in the Global Cooling hoax.

Just who are those vested interests? Well, for starters, we can name the three primary energy paradigms which power the entire planet. Certainly the Hydrocarbon Fuel, Fossil Fuel, and Nuclear Power Paradigms each make HUGE contributions to the “global heat quotient”.   Therefore, it goes without saying that each of them — the Oil & Gas Industry, Coal Mining Industry and Nuclear Power Industry have great incentives to maintain the status quo. They have proven, time and again, that they will do so at all costs, even to the detriment of the worldwide environment.

Only these three industries possess the aggregate influence and financial wherewithal to sufficiently fund the ridiculous Global Cooling narrative that has been foisted into the public discourse. If the inhabitants of this planet knew the extent to which these three industries are responsible for the current predicament, they would be shut down post haste. Perhaps the BP Gulf oil spill and Fukushima nuclear disaster really were messages from on high. That our planetary civilization lives in jeopardy if it continues with these inherently destructive and fatally flawed energy paradigms.

Especially when attempting to support 7 billion plus people, do these three paradigms require serious re-evaluation. Simply put, the toxic side effects to all life, collateral damage throughout the global environment, and highly deleterious unintended consequences are too great to ignore given the state of the planet. Not only is sustainability a major issue, inhabitability is now the most pressing matter facing humankind.


There is perhaps no greater threat to the sustainability of the biosphere than the methane predicament which lurks in the depths of the seven seas.  Methane hydrates (also known as methane clathrates) are frozen in massive quantities under very high pressure throughout the oceans of the world.

These methane hydrates exist both on the surface of the seafloor, as well as in vast sub-seafloor repositories.  When temperatures increase for a variety of reasons, these trapped methane deposits are vaporized and released into the water column.  Ultimately, the methane gas that is not dissolved ends up rising above the surface of the water body and contributes significantly to the total volume of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

“The “Last Hours

describes a science-based climate scenario where a tipping point to runaway climate change is triggered by massive releases of frozen methane. Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, has already started to percolate into the open seas and atmosphere from methane hydrate deposits beneath melting arctic ice, from the warming northern-hemisphere tundra, and from worldwide continental-shelf undersea methane clathrate pools.”
(Per YouTube “Last Hours” video description)

There are four distinct phases/components to this geo-atmospheric dynamic which has been intensifying over several decades. The diagram below illustrates their interaction with each other. The ice-albedo feedback* is particularly significant because of how it is manifesting across the Arctic nations, especially Greenland. The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in both snowmelt and icemelt throughout this region due to global warming.

*”Ice-albedo feedback (or snow-albedo feedback) is a positive feedback climate process where a change in the area of snow-covered land, ice caps, glaciers or sea ice alters the albedo. This change in albedo acts to reinforce the initial alteration in ice area. Cooling tends to increase ice cover and hence the albedo, reducing the amount of solar energy absorbed and leading to more cooling. Conversely, warming tends to decrease ice cover and hence the albedo, increasing the amount of solar energy absorbed, leading to more warming.”

“The diagram below shows global warming evolving into accelerated warming in the Arctic. Feedbacks such as albedo changes and methane release speed up this process, triggering abrupt climate change and finally extinction.”

This diagram clearly illustrates the self-perpetuating feedback loops that will exacerbate global warming more than any other major contributing factor. Truly, we are talking about the elephant in the room when we speak to the “dire realities of the methane predicament“! An elephant so humongous and potentially unruly that the fate of the planet lies in the balance. When the aggregate planetwide methane releases start to exceed a critical threshold of atmospheric saturation, global warming will then be experienced as the “frog sitting in the boiling water” … toward the end of his ‘bath’.

TPTW know there are influences way outside of their ability to control

The entire matter of Global Warming is truly of great concern to those who rule the planet, as it is to those who run the world.  They do own every observatory and therefore  understand what is really going beyond the earth realm.

For instance, they know the Sun exerts the greatest influence on the prevailing  temperatures around the globe.  They also know that the Sun has been behaving out of the ordinary for the past few decades.  And they don’t know exactly what to make of it.

How is the SUN triggering many earth changes?

TPTW also know that the rest of the solar system has registered unprecedented and profound changes.  Each of our sister planets has undergone transformation so dramatic that these controllers are probably beside themselves with trepidation about their future(s).   Two common denominators are observed by those who have access to the large telescopes and the data.

The other planets of our solar system are getting both warmer and brighter.  All the data suggests that what we are experiencing is a solar system-wide metamorphosis which, to a great degree, cannot be thwarted.  That does not mean that humanity can’t do its part in mitigating the effects of many of the major earth changes around the corner.  For example, nuclear reactors operating on coastlines vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis can be decommissioned.

As the Sun acts as the governor, it affects the Earth, especially Earth’s core.  The core has not only become warmer, it has also begun to spin faster.  As this occurs the mantle is affected, and ultimately these changes are referred to the Earth’s crust.  The appreciable uptick in both severe earthquakes and volcanic explosions is a reflection of these inner earth changes,

Heat flow from Earth’s mantle contributes to Greenland ice melting

The most obvious result of this dynamic is that the sea floors of the world are in the state of great flux.  Volcanism and earthquakes, hydrothermal vents and mud volcanoes are increasing in number and intensity.  The deep ocean currents are warming thus affecting the water column temperatures, as well as the superficial ocean currents.  These in turn warm up the land masses.

Not only have La Nina and El Nino been more dramatic, the gradual increase in global temperatures has generated record rainfalls wherever there is not drought.  The hydrological cycle has been fundamentally affected everywhere so as to produce precipitation in the form of deluges, snowstorms, hailstorms and superstorms like Sandy in the northeast USA.

Massive storm dumps nearly 2 feet of hail in New Mexico

“A massive thunderstorm turned a summer day into a winter wonderland in Santa Rosa, New Mexico on Wednesday by dropping more than a foot of hail around town.”


There can be ONLY one conclusion from this wakeup call.  Global Warming is the predominant ongoing event on Planet Earth.  Where there may be locations on the planet which have experienced record low temperatures, these isolated occurrences do not in any way provide a basis for the Global Cooling theory.  In fact, this type of extreme weather is expected in the wake of a pretracted period marked by such a precipitous rise in temperatures.

There is no greater evidence underlying the current trend of Global Warming than the anecdotal experience witnessed by billions the world over.  The awesome and unrelenting weather events and resulting earth calamities stand as testimony to the ravages of Global Warming, not Global Cooling.  Who, then, can dismiss the unimpeachable evidence offered by the marriage of scientific evidence and anecdotal record that firmly supports Global Warming.

India on red alert as ‘super cyclone’ Phailin nears east coast – The Times of India

Lastly, the reader is asked to contemplate this grave matter within the confines of his clear and unbiased mind.  Conduct your internet research, investigate the science to your complete satisfaction, and then apply your God-given faculty of human reason.  In so doing, you will arrive at the truth.  And that truth will allow you to make wise and informed decisions about your future, and the future of your family.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: October 7, 2013

[1] “Climate Change: An Information Statement of the American Meteorological Society” by American Meteorological Society –

[2] “Global Thermometer Still Climbing: Climate Science Update” by Union of Concerned Scientists –

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Climate change? Try catastrophic climate breakdown” By George Monbiot, The Guardian Saturday, September 28, 2013

North Pole Melting Leaves Small Lake At The Top Of The World” The Huffington Post By Nick Visser | Posted: 07/25/13

Wave of Jellyfish Shuts Down Swedish Nuke Reactor” By GARY PEACH Associated Press October 1, 2013

IPPC Report Overview – Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis; 27 September 2013

“Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia. The atmosphere and ocean have warmed, the amounts of snow and ice have diminished, sea level has risen, and the concentrations of greenhouse gases have increased.”

Author’s Note:
This ubiquitous, climatological state of affairs ought to give rise for great concern, except that it hasn’t quite reached the critical mass necessary to effectuate real change.  The requisite level of collective awareness and global consciousness cannot be too far off. However, we are fast approaching some key points of no return throughout the planetary environment.  Humanity has already seen various environmental breakpoints occur, as it has also witnessed many an ecosystem collapse irreversibly or devastated forever.

We are compelled to ask why this is the case. Why has the world community of nations not come together and addressed this matter in a meaningful and effective manner? Why, instead, do all conferences which take up the matter, as well as those related to it, always end with more division than unanimity? Why are these conferences always undermined by outright government resistance and aggressively sabotaged by corporate agendas?

Because TPTW know something that compels them to act irrationally and without regard for the greater good.  When common sense becomes so rare, and the voice of reason has fled humanity, it’s time to look within for the answers.

Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation

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