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“A Message from Jesus”

Excerpt about the Book of Revelation from CHAPTER 10 in Annie Kirkwood’s book entitled:


“To all who read this message, I come in love and in peace. This is Jesus, who lived on Earth at the time of Pontius Pilate. I was born in Bethlehem of Mary and Joseph. I preach around the countryside and asked that each person look within to find his way to Father God. I spoke in parables and in stories to tell the world of God’s Love.

These days have been foreseen for some time. I revealed these coming events to John and he wrote the book of Revelation. In the book of Revelation the story is told in allegory and riddle. John did not have the words to describe the future. He did not have a word for the destruction which the atomic bomb would cause. He did not know how to describe the dumping of chemical waste. No one had heard of chemicals. No one knew about these kinds of waste. So John told as best he could those events as they were shown to him.

The coming Earth-changing events are real and will happen as foretold. The importance of your seeking to unite with God the Father is all the more crucial. It is all the more important that you seek to find Him within you. This is how to connect to the kingdom of heaven.

The message given in this writings is real and is the truth. Mother Mary comes out of love and concern for the people of the Earth. She comes to give hope and to give you time to connect to God, Creator of the Universe. I come to clear up some misconceptions about my words.

When I was on Earth and giving Truth to the masses, I said over and over that the kingdom of heaven is within you. Many times I told my disciples, and the masses which congregated, to go within to seek the Truth. Enter the closet of your mind, the inner recesses of your heart: this is where to contact God. In this inner closet you will tell God the Father what you will, and openly in public view He will answer.

I said, “When you fast, do not put on a sack cloth and put ashes on your face.” To truly fast, do it in private. Do not let anyone know that you are living in state of prayer and fasting. The prayers and the fasting are between you and God, not for the public to see and comment upon. If you are doing the prayers and fasting to be seen and to be heard by men, then this recognition will be your reward. But to truly pray and fast is to go within your mind and heart. In the quietness of your inner-self bring your concerns, cares, fears, angers, unforgiveness to God. He will reward you by changing these situations into good. You will find your answer in courage, love, forgiveness, and joy.

Many times while I was on Earth, I was asked, “How can we believe this is true?”

I replied, “If you believe me, then you will believe my word.”

If for no other reason than I was known to them, they could see, hear, and touch me, and this would be reason enough to believe my word.

But I blessed you of this generation who would believe even if you could not see me. I knew if it was difficult for those who knew me to believe, it would be doubly so for this generation.

How will you believe? By seeing that these events will happen as told by Mother Mary. By sensing the truth which is in these words.
The Gift of Eternal Life

My message to the world was of eternal life, but I see that many churches have placed barriers and requirements on eternal life.

Eternal life is a gift of the Father. It is through His Love that you have eternal life, not because you believe in me or profess to my testimony, but simply because of the Great Love God has for His creation. There is nothing you must do to have eternal life. There are no requirements to precede eternal life; there is not one thing which will buy you eternal life. It is yours and it has always been so. From the beginning of time, you have had eternal life. Each of you has lived before. There have been lifetimes of work and service given to God. There have been many wasted lifetimes given to your own pleasures also.

In. all things God the Father, in His Great Love, has given each person freedom of choice. It is completely up to you to seek God, or to reject Him. It is up to you how you live this and every life.

God is very, very patient. His Love for mankind is so wonderful and so completely unconditional, you cannot begin to hold the concept in your mind.

When I said I came to give life, I did not mean that you did not have life, but that you were not appreciating life. Life is a gift to be appreciated and loved. Today I see among the young and the elderly, hopelessness and despair. It is sad to see how wretched some people are in their minds and hearts. How despondent life has become to many.

The masses continue to look to the outer for satisfaction, to the outer life to fulfill their needs. Now, I see many turning to drugs, alcohol, and sensuality to give them satisfaction. Money is not the answer. Life is the answer, an appreciation of life, and of yourself.

The concentration on cars, prestige, money, power, houses, and clothes is but a passing fancy. These are things which deteriorate and rot away. But those things of your inner-life – thoughts, loves, forgiveness, and feelings – these are the lasting things. This is where your pleasure lies. When you can appreciate the gift of eternal life, you will see Truth. You do not have to become impatient to have it; it is already yours.

You still do not understand that you have life eternally. You still have the concept that this is your only life. You limit the Father. You limit His Love and His care for you. Understand that this life on Earth is but a reflection of your true life, which is lived in spirit.

I said, “For all who seek, will find the answer, all who ask, it will be given, and to all who knock the door will be opened.”

You have asked, you have sought, and you have knocked. Since you have asked you are being answered. The answer is coming to all who have been seeking. To those who have questioned, this is your answer.

These are the last days of which I spoke. This is the “end time” to which I referred. Know that the answer to your survival is in your mind and heart. It is through the kingdom of God that you will receive your answers. See, when faced with the possibilities of these disasters, where are your money, clothes, cars, houses, and job? Where is all you have placed value in? How will your money or your profession help you? How will having the right clothes and the best house be of benefit to you? Where will your job get you? How will your education help?

These are things of this world. They are of this world and for this world. In the long run they will not help you with your true life.

Do not look to any other person for your connection to God. This is only available to you through your mind and heart. You must be able to hear and feel God. It will be in your mind that the voice of God will guide you. It will be with your heart that you will feel His Great Love.

Since no one can be your connection to God, neither can you be the connection for a loved one. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek his own connection to God. There is not one to a family. It is one per individual.

Others can show you their way to connect. They can teach you their prayers, but in the end each will be on his own. This is why I said, “When people call out here, here is the way to God.”

You will know in your heart, because in your heart and through your mind is the only connection made by you to God.

This is not a new way of communicating with me; it has a new name-“automatic writing.” This is the method I used to help the disciples write the story of my life. To each I was able to give assistance through this method.

When Paul wrote to the different churches, I was with him. When Timothy answered, I was with him. Nothing is new on Earth. What has been, will be again. What was, is and will be.

What today is called “channeling” is not a new way of communicating with God. He has through the ages given His warning of future disasters. He spoke through Ezekiel, Isaiah, and the other prophets. He did it then and He can do it now. God is alive, God is well, and God is still creating.


I would like for you to read the last book of the Bible-Revelation, the one in which John foresaw the coming changes. He describes these in very flowery and dramatic language. When he uses the terms which describe monsters, it will seem like this is happening. It will seem that you are being overtaken by these things. He is using analogies to describe conditions. This tells you what will happen. Remember that this describes, and is not the absolute.

It is understandable that you do not comprehend this book. It is written in allegory and in riddle.

The seven churches are representative of the major religions. The seven angels of these churches represent the membership of these different religions.

This is a call to religions to remember that it is not with good works, or with poverty or with anything on the outside which will get you into a good connection with God the Father. Many religions preach good works; they are very interested in helping the less fortunate. This is good, but this alone will not satisfy the spiritual need.

There are those religions which ask for donations and seek to have much gold and money in their vaults. These worldly goods will not be of value to your spiritual life.

Now, this is how to understand the messages to the seven churches, or to the seven angels, who are representative of the membership of these particular religions.

In the beginning, you see that it is stated, “Your sins are freed by his blood.”

This is a way of saying that I came to give you truth, to free all people from misconceptions which inhibit. Sin is simply another way of saying a “spiritual mistake.” The biggest spiritual mistake is to hold on to the misconceptions which limit you spiritually, not to question or seek the answers from God.

Revelation 1:7 reads, “Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him.”

Your connection to God is coming with the clouds. “Clouds” denote the thoughts of man. “Every eye” is speaking of the inner eye, the eye which allows you to see in truth.

(Revelation 4)

The seven spirits of God are Divine Love, Divine Light (which includes illumination, ideas, all types of light), Divine Power, Divine Wisdom, Divine Will, Divine Life, and Divine Order. Through these seven spirits, God is able to keep the Universe in a state of creative being.

The four creatures represent the people from the four corners of the world: east, west, north, and south. All the eyes represent the inner eye of the people. The reason the creatures are praising God night and day is that someone is always praising God somewhere on Earth. The twenty-four thrones surrounding the Throne represent the different dimensions, levels, and planes. The elders are the inhabitants of these dimensions, levels, and planes.

(Revelation 5-6)

The scroll represents the history of man. There is writing on both sides of the scroll because you are at the end of an era. The scroll is used up. The first seal represents the time of the crusades, when men went out to conquer the Holy Land. His intentions were good, so it is represented by the white horse, but intentions are not everything.

The second seal represents the time of the Inquisition and the witch hunts, when people were put to death for their beliefs.

The third seal represents the sending forth priests to bring gold and pagan tribes of people to the church, as when man discovered the new world.

The fourth seal represents the dark ages and time of the great plagues, when death was all about the lands.

The fifth seal represents the murder of Jews, during your world war, and all people in these 2000 years who have lost their lives because of their beliefs.

The sixth seal represents the atomic bomb, the killing of millions of innocent people, many who had no control over the injustices of their nation. It is also representative of these “end times” when storms will begin to lash the world, when earthquakes will be in every part of the world.

The seventh seal has not yet been shown completely.

(Revelation 7:1-8)

The 144,000 people who have the seal on them and the four angels on the four corners of the world are the people who are prepared to face these last days on Earth, the ones with the Seal of God on them. They will not be harmed. There are multitudes who will grow spiritually because of the tribulation and disasters which they will survive. Now I speak of survival not as physical, but more of spiritual survival. These are the people who are seeking God with earnestness and sincerity of heart.

The 144,000 are representative of the people who belong to the major religions, who through their religions have found a close union with God. They have gone to the heart of the matter and found their connection to God. The seventh seal is opening now. It is the “end time,” the time when all storms are let loose. Earthquakes and volcanoes will be active all around the world. See how Revelation is a story about the end times? See how these many creatures, numbers, and allegories represent something?

(Revelation 7:9-17)

Now as you read, there is a multitude in white robes. These are the people who have found their God connection all alone. They have been able to see past the religiousness, rituals, and creeds of the different religions to God. They are the ones who found their God connection in their heart and mind as it should be. They have not faltered but have persevered in searching out the truth. These are the great multitudes who have put aside their differences and seen the creation of God.

Understand that the seventh seal is not yet completed. It is your near future. The words in this allegory sound very frightening because there will be much fear in those who are on Earth. The earthmind consciousness has already been steeped inmuch fear. It is this fear which will paralyze the populations of the world.

Seven is the number in which God created the world and all on it in the allegory of creation. It is the number in which God works. So seven angels and seven trumpets are simply indicating a completion. The completion of this era, this civilization and these times as they are now known.

(Revelation 8:1-7)

The angel offering prayers is happening now. The Saints, and all the people in other planes and on other planets, are now offering prayers for you on Earth. The amount of prayers sound like thunder, lightning, and earthquakes.

The first angel brought hail and fire, and a third of the world was burned, a third of the trees, and a third of the green grass. Do you not understand that you have already depleted a third of the Earth with chemicals? Through the abuse of chemicals you have destroyed a third of the Earth, trees, and grass, and now because of the multiplying population, entire forests are being burned, not just in one part of the world but all over the globe.

(Revelation 8:8-12)

The second angel had “something like a huge mountain, all ablaze,” thrown into the sea. This symbol represents the huge mountain of trash, chemicals, and nuclear waste which is now being dumped into the seas. It has destroyed a third of the sea and the sea creatures are dying. The ships represent the commerce of seafood and that is being destroyed.

With the third angel, a great star, blazing like a torch, falls from the sky and a third of the rivers and springs of water are destroyed and turned bitter. Many people die from the waters. Can you not see that you have polluted your drinking water with chemicals and nuclear waste? This is a worldwide problem. It is one which affects all waters of the world. These chemicals are being produced in other nations which are considered backward and ignorant. You in this country are the foolish ones, because as you destroy other nations, you are also destroying your environment, your planet.

The fourth angel is about to sound its trumpet. This will be asteroids which will bombard the solar system. Your nation and others will try to deflect the incoming asteroids with nuclear bombs. This act will simply serve to affect one third of the sky, the stars. planets, and the sun. This will happen soon. The asteroid belt is already in turmoil. There have been several asteroids which have entered your solar system. These are all sizes, large and small.

(Revelation 8:13)

The eagle flying in midair calling out “Woe! Woe! Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth,” is representative of people like Ruth Montgomery, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, this writer, and others who have been prophesying these coming events. These days will be a frightening, terrifying time on Earth only if you are lost and feel disconnected from God.

The remainder of the book of Revelation explains the coming events, but you have a better guide in Mother Mary because she has given you her predictions and the times in which these events will occur.

Also understand that by living through these events you will progress in spirit one hundred times one thousand. It is by eliminating your fear and depending on God, me, or the help of the Brotherhood of God that you will find solace, peace, and help. Now is the time for you to connect to God. Now is the time to put aside all doubts and believe me.

(Revelation 9-22)

The fifth angel will sound his horn and “the star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.” An abyss is very deep pit, much as the ones in the bottom of the oceans, but this simply describes the events that Mother Mary has given you which will happen in the next five years. This time period will see storms, earthquakes, and climatic changes. These words simply describe what it will seem like.

The locusts are the storms. The stingers on their tails are the turmoil which people will feel. With each storm which increases in size, there will be much fear added to the earth-mind consciousness. With each earthquake and the appearance of new volcanoes, the sky will seem dark. People will be tortured with fear, but not many will lose their lives.

The sixth angel sounds his horn. The great earthquakes will begin and the spewing of sulfur through the increased volcanic activity. This will be the time Mother Mary has given you which is 1995 and thereabout.

Now, when John took the little scroll and ate it, the taste was like honey in the mouth, but in the stomach it was bitter. This means that when you know of the end times and are prophesying to others, as Mother Mary is, the news will be sweet in their mouth.

At first, many will say, “You are lucky to be psychic,” or they will admire your abilities. But when they think on the message and hear the message, they will turn against you. The role you are playing will be a bittersweet one. It will bring fame and infamy.

The seventh angel represents the time of the actual turning of the planet. The twenty-four elders are representative of the beings from otherworlds who will come to lift many of you off the planet. The symbol is the temple of heaven which opened to reveal the ark of the covenant. It is God’s way of saying many will survive on Earth, but I will assure you that many survive because I will allow the beings to gather people and take them away from the last turmoil. Many will be saved, not because of money, power, or any other worldly matter, but because of the sincerity and the earnestness with which they are seeking God.

It will not be apparent that these people are seekers. Many will seem uneducated, poor, and dirty. But know that those with the Seal of God will be lifted.

Some of the ones left on Earth with the seal will survive. But others with the seal will go on to spirit.

Now when you read the story of the pregnant woman and the dragon, realize that the woman is Mother Earth. It could be said Mother Earth is pregnant with the child of a new era. The dragon represents the old fears, hates, hostilities, and greed of the race consciousness, or the earth-mind consciousness. This earth-mind consciousness wants to survive, to enter the new era with all its fears, hates, wars, hostilities, and greed. God will not permit it. God will not permit these strong, negative emotions to continue to wage havoc on Earth in the new era.

The beast of the Earth had power to cause fire to come down from heaven. Through signs and powers this beast gained much. Of those who had the mark of the beast, 666 were allowed to sell and trade. Many people today think this is the mark of the devil. To such an extent is this belief that many on Earth today in all parts of the world are worshipping the devil. They say, “He has power to give riches and to protect us.”

The devil is the race consciousness of greed, power, and wealth from ill-gotten gains. It is drugs and addictions of all kinds. It is abuse of children, women, and men. This race consciousness says it is all right to kill and slay in sacrifice. It is the belief in the occult, and by this I mean in the hidden, those who believe that in the hidden realms are greater powers than God. This is the war which the so-called religions are waging now against the devil. The war of who is right, which church is the way.

Remember I said while on Earth, “In the last days many would come saying here, here this is the way, this is the truth.”

But I told you, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

It is through the use of the words “I am” that you will find your connection within to God. In your mind and heart you are shown truth and life. Only through your God-Mind connection will you be guided. In this way, through each individual, the truth, the way, and the life will be given.

These preachers who are shouting from their pulpits about the war with the devil are simply playing into the belief of evilness. They are aiding the race consciousness which wishes to survive. These preachers bring fear, hostility and these kinds of emotion to the people. They preach fear instead of love. They preach that the devil has much power, but this only gives this concept more power.

When you find that you are truly connected to God from within, then you will eliminate fear, hostility, and such. Not by power or might, but by the Word of God, by taking into your life the Love of God and the Word of God. By accepting the Goodness of God, you have your salvation. You do not have salvation as the Christian religions denote this word, but salvation which comes from knowing the truth, the relief which is felt by connecting to God in your heart and mind. There is no big devil, except in your thoughts. There is no great war occurring in heaven, except in the minds of men.

The 144,000 who were found blameless are those who have found their connection to God. They are the ones who have brought their whole selves to God through their hearts and mind. They have given themselves totally to God. They have brought their fears, angers, hostilities, greed, and all manner of thoughts to the altar. God has changed these depleting emotions into love, forgiveness, charity, hope, and courage. They have the Seal of God on them. They are sincere in seeking to find God. Now, there are three angels who fly in midair. One has the eternal gospel, the other proclaims the fallen beast, and the third calls to those with the mark of the beast. These are the times in which you are living. You have with you the gospel, the method of communicating with God. Today there are many preachers giving the gospel as they see it, but be aware the eternal gospel can only come to you through your mind and heart. You need no longer be afraid of the beast, because you recognize that he is an illusion. He is nothing unless you make him something. So you can tell others that there is no devil; it is a fallacy. It is not real. This belief in a devil will deter you from your spiritual goals. You will lose your spiritual growth if you continue to believe in the devil.

The harvest of the Earth is the time when people will still be able to find their connection to God. In the future time when there are earthquakes and destruction, many will begin to seek God with sincerity of heart and mind. This is the harvest.

The symbol of seven angels with the seven plagues and the seven bowls of God’s wrath represents the last turning of the Earth. For as you read these passages you will see the event in allegory. It even states that this will be like no earthquake ever felt by man before.

The fall of Babylon is the fall of the trade empire upon which nations have built their worth. It is world trade in paper stocks, paper money, and in goods of all kinds. As there will be pockets of technology left, many will weep and cry for the days in which the world was connected by satellite, computers, and commerce.

The great multitude and the twenty-four elders represent the beings on other planets, in other dimensions, levels, and planes. Those represent all who are concerned for people of Earth, and all who are praying for you on Earth.

In the new era you will have 1000 years of peace because the devil consciousness has been eliminated. There will be no fear, anger, or hostility.

The first resurrection is the resurrection of your spiritual growth. It will be for the people who reincarnate in the new era to live peacefully, to fulfill their spiritual goals with alacrity.

The judging of the dead is the calling up of those who are in suspended animation. They will be given the chance to rectify their mistakes. They will be judged as to the sincerity of their hearts and minds at that time. If they are lacking, they will return to this turned-off state for 1000 years, because one who is not progressing spiritually will not be allowed to remain conscious.

The New Jerusalem is the new era. It is the time of peace on Earth. It will be a new and mighty time on Earth. This will be the time of completions. It will be the time of great progress on Earth and in the spiritual realm. That is the reason it is a time of celebration.

Each soul will be measured and all who are worthy by the sincerity of their seeking of God will live in peace and progress spiritually. The book of Revelation says, “Jesus is coming.”

Yes, I, Jesus will walk and live among you on Earth, in full, open view. There will be communication with the spirit world, and those who are deemed worthy will progress in all levels. You will not have the same needs as you do now. You will be a new man and a new woman. New times and new thoughts will prevail. I will give personal guidance to all.

My aim is that you see the hope and the love in which this prophecy was given. Take hope into full account in your life, your inner-life, now. It gives you the impetus to seek God with all your heart, all your mind, and with all your might. In so doing, by prayer and meditation, you will be prepared to survive unto the end, to survive and to endure these last times with courage, hope, and love. This is my prayer and this is my hope: that all progress in spirit, that no one be turned off for the next 1000 years because it will be a glorious time. These will be wonderful, peaceful lives you will lead on Earth.

I came to give you the hope of eternal life, the understanding that you do not have to do anything to obtain eternal life. You already have it so you can put away fear, anger, hate, and greed, these emotions which deplete your creative energies.

I came to tell you the Truth: all you have to do is seek God the Father with a sincere heart and earnest mind; that the only way to find God is through your thoughts and with your feelings. You can have peace; you can have love now. You do not have to wait until the aftertime. All is available to you now, today.”

(Reference: Chapter 10 “Mary’s Message to the World” by Annie Kirkwood, published by G.P. Putnam’s, 1991.)


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