John F. Kennedy: Scarlet Pimpernel of the 20th Century

Scarlet Pimpernel Defined:
“Sir Percy Blakeney, baronet and knight, is the main character of Baroness Orczy’s famous novel, The Scarlet Pimpernel. Normally, he is considered to be the most foppish man in London, but also the wealthiest. Best friend to the Prince of Wales, Percy is often the talk of London society for his comical bantering and amazing clothes. However, unknown to nearly everyone, Percy is also the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel, a hero who rescues French Aristocrats from death in Revolutionary France. With a band of 19 young men to aid him, he uses his histrionic skill to trick the agents of the French Republic time and time again!”


The Great White Brotherhood is alive and well … … …
and doing their part every day, of every year, for all of eternity!

Throughout every age there exist black secret societies, which often practice the occult arts and sciences, for strictly service-to-self reasons.  Likewise, there are secret white brotherhoods, that are much more more hidden and under the radar, which operate only on a strictly service-to-other basis.

It’s very important to understand that the Great White Brotherhood is FAR more concealed than the secret societies of the shadow side.  They are much smarter, not blinded by ego or arrogance, and exceedingly skillful in the arts of war and espionage.  They are always present in the most dangerous and consequential hot spots throughout the world.  Their powers of conviction are unparalleled, because they stand firmly in the truth … all the time.

The 20th century, because of its two world wars, is replete with conflicts between these two polar opposite groupings.  Virtually all of these most serious battles of the last century occurred under the radar and have never been reported in any media, or written about in any book.

What you are about to read is an exposé which has never been revealed until now.  Difficult though it may be to apprehend or believe, it is nevertheless the real story behind the MSM-dictated narrative that humanity has been fed for fifty straight years regarding John F. Kennedy (JFK).  It concerns just one facet of the true history underpinning the life and continuing saga of JFK.

The focus of this exposition is placed on the annual placement of articles and videos in the mainstream media, which are purposefully designed to undermine the legacy of JFK.
However, there are two completely different intentions and expected outcomes from this yearly ritual.  As a nation, the citizenry has been led to believe a certain narrative about JFK for very specific reasons.  Nevertheless, “God often writes straight with crooked lines.”  See how the crooked lines allowed the cabal to get tricked, as is so often the case but never revealed for obvious reasons … … … until now!  

In American society it is quite well known that the most effective way to bring down a politician, a corporate tycoon, an athletic or movie star, etc. is to smear them with alleged sex crimes or lurid sexual accusations or both.  John F. Kennedy has been such a victim for over 50 years, although he knew — exactly — why this must be the case.  It was, in fact, the only way that he could could carry out his most important work.


*The following excerpt has been been approved for re-posting in its original form.
It has undergone various revisions; however, the one that follows is the most
accurate concerning all of the most critical revelations.
Permission was granted to post without authorship, as attribution would put into jeopardy those who have revealed it.


Special Note:
Then there is the little matter as to why JFK has been subjected to 50 years of constant character assassination by way of alleged sexual indiscretions and assorted affairs. Clearly, the many women with whom he liaised had much more in their portfolios than physical beauty and designer clothes. Upon closer examination of their backgrounds, including Marilyn Monroe’s*, one will find all kinds of interesting skill sets, knowledge bases, professional experiences, secret affiliations, etc. These affairs were, in reality, affairs of state, and especially concerned the very survival of the USA as a constitutional republic.

*Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with both JFK and RFK were the subject of much rumor and speculation.  The true nature of this relationship, especially her interaction as “Masha” with the KGB, proved to be of great help to the Kennedy’s, particularly in opening up critical channels of information with the Soviet Union prior to the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

JFK knew that he was the most closely monitored president in US history. He was not unaware of the massive and sophisticated spying capabilities of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DIA (which was inaugurated during his presidency).
Clueless about the national security apparatus, JFK was not!
His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, served as the US ambassador to Great Britain and was very schooled in the ways of Anglo-American espionage, state of the art surveillance and the use of “honey pots”.
Therefore, JFK thoroughly understood that his EVERY move was being watched — 24/7.
Being the most watched person in America, does anyone really think he would even attempt to “stray from the reservation” for the purpose of having whimsical sexual liaisons?  

What is being revealed here is that all of the woman with whom JFK actually met with presented his only opportunity to break out of the cage that the Washington controllers had put him in. With these ‘liaisons’ he was able to receive and give vital or top secret information which could not be disseminated in any other way. In this way, TPTB knew that JFK could not be controlled and, therefore, he had to go.

But why is the smearing of Kennedy’s reputation still so relentless?  Most of us know that the victors have the privilege of always writing, or rather re-writing, history in order to promote and further their agenda.  In this regard there is no better way for JFK’s enemies to undermine his true legacy. Since he is no longer here to defend himself, really anything goes as we all see the fabricated stories getting wilder and more farfetched with each passing year.

As a modern day Scarlet Pimpernel[1], JFK clearly knew that he had to sacrifice his personal reputation, family name, political ambition, financial goals, public legacy — and very life — in order to take back the country from those who continue to rape, pillage and plunder it.

[1] John F. Kennedy, like Percy Blakeney who was the richest and most fashionable man in England in the novel THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, knew he had his work cut out for him.  How else could JFK subvert the presidential control matrix which he was subjected to in the White House, except to feign liaisons with the very women who would serve as his messengers.
These very messengers were instrumental for ensuring that JFK’s agenda was executed in some of the most serious matters of state.
The Cuban Missile Crisis and Bay of Pigs were only two of the various crises which occurred on his watch which were extremely demanding.  Were it not for incessant backchannel negotiations directly with Nikita Khrushchev himself through Kennedy surrogates, the Cuban Missile Crisis may very well have escalated much further as the TPTB originally intended.
Those who were loyal to the White House cabal, in fact, attempted to thwart JFK at every turn.  Thus, another reason why the deft resolution of this crisis was truly a miracle.

Extricating the USA from the ravages of the Viet Nam War also weighed heavily on JFK, having been first duped by the warmongers to expand it.  He felt tremendously betrayed by his generals, national security advisors, and especially the CIA.
JFK was willing to assume any role (read Scarlet Pimpernel) in order to leave a legacy of peace and reconciliation. It mattered not how his reputation would suffer, as it has for the past half century under the cloud of lewd MSM innuendo.


Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: November 21, 2013

Editor’s Note:

The author of this exposé had the great good fortune of shaking the hand
of John F. Kennedy during a campaign stop in upstate New York in 1960.
As a young lad, he also had the unique opportunity to watch Lee Harvey
Oswald (LHO) give a live interview just before he was shot by Jack Ruby.
While trying to console his grief-stricken mother in the wake of JFK’s
assassination, he repeatedly told her that LHO had absolutely nothing to
do with the murder. He simply listened to the innocence in the voice of
LHO as he categorically denied any involvement whatsoever in the
Thus began his pursuit of the truth about the most solemn moment in
the US political history.

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