2016 and Beyond: Perfect Storm or PLUPERFECT SUPERSTORM?!

  2016 is the Year
When the Super Shemitah
Intersects the Year of the Fire Monkey,
While Pluto Cruises Through Capricorn
During the Catholic ‘Jubilee Year of Mercy’,
And the Global Economic and Financial System Will
Undergo a Foreordained and Epochal Transformation

Will the October Surprise of 2016 Come Early?

indicate a coming Market Crash to end all Crashes

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

There comes a time when the can can no longer be kicked down the road. There is no more stretch of road … and only a cliff in front of the can.


Those who operate at the very peak of the Global Economic and Financial System (GE&FS) are fully aware that each day brings the world one step closer to an unparalleled “financial Apocalypse and economic Armageddon”[1]  Because of the certain inevitability, the same folks know that they must preclude such a disorderly default on the global debt burden, otherwise the ensuing monetary meltdown and fiscal chaos will cause [EXTREMELY] serious breakdown throughout the entire community of nations.

Given the current trajectories that have been tracking in every major market — equities and bonds, commodities and currencies, derivatives and carbon, real estate and insurance — the controllers are now compelled to engineer a controlled demolition, just as they did during September and October of 2008.  However, such a fastidiously executed collapse will surely set the world up for an unprecedented crisis of epic proportions.  Economist Ravi Batra has called it “The Crash of the Millennium”.



What is different about the 2016/2017 time frame is that there is a mathematical certainty to it all.  In other words the gold price manipulators can only artificially suppress the price of gold for so long before gold backwardation causes the market pricing to lose all credibility and fall apart. Ditto that for silver and some other precious metals.  Likewise, those who forever jerk up the stock market via one Sucker’s Rally after another can only get away with this massive fraud for so long.  The entire investment banking industry is now hip to the daily rigging of the markets that has gone on for as long as there have been markets.

The FIX is in for the Biggest Sucker’s Rally of all Time

2nd Great Depression = Ongoing 2008 Recession

The marketplace has been witnessing daily a deepening recession that no one except the fringe folks will label a worsening depression.  Not only has there been very little year over year real growth taking place across all industries, corporate stock buybacks have become the new normal as a means of keeping stock prices elevated in a distorted manner.  The price earnings ratio (P/E) is now as meaningless as the return on investment (ROI).

We actually live in a time when the more bad news that is reported on the economic front and financial sphere, the higher the stock market goes.  Likewise, the more political instability and social unrest, the more the government intervenes with their plunge protection team sending the various markets higher and higher.  All the economic indicators and financial markers are moving in a downward direction yet, counterintuitively, the bulls continue to trample the bears on Wall Street.  For instance today the DJIA sits at 18,552.  That’s only 47 points lower than the all-time high of 18,595 set on July 20,2016.  And it sits there for no good reason, except that it was fabricated by those who rule the realm.

The truth be told all the most significant technicals and accurate economic data reveal a global economy on serious life support.  Those banks that are too big to fail cannot fail because of the domino effect that would be triggered worldwide.  Hence, the “Masters of the Financial Universe” (MOTFU) are now in a real pickle.  Actually, they are in extremely dangerous territory without a clue as to how to fix it all because it is truly unfixable.  Yet they have refused to let it self destruct … and for very good reason—life on planet Earth would become intolerably more difficult than it already is.

The banking industry and investment brokers know that even a controlled demolition carries great risks at this point.  Because of how long they kept the whole God-forsaken system going with smoke and mirrors, the MOTFU know that they sit right between a rock and a hard place with very little wiggle room that is also disappearing by the day.

As for the macrocosmic predicament both economic and financial, here’s how one essay put it right after the ’08 crash.  Given that 8 more years have since gone by, it ought to be clear that the planetary civilization is now just a few moments from midnight.

The global money matrix, worldwide financial architecture and planetary economic landscape most closely resemble the proverbial House of Cards in the form of a Pyramid-Ponzi scheme superstructure built on quicksand.
(Source: Economic Armageddon and Financial Apocalypse Are Upon Us)

What’s really going on here?

Everything that has been unfolding in 2016 is doing so according to a cosmic plan the details of which are written in the stars.  The rather long sub-title of this article plainly spells out the various yearlong events of great import that have converged almost perfectly in 2016.  Obviously this is not happening by mere coincidence.  It is occurring by divine decree.  Therefore, those who think they run the GE&FS are mere agents of the Highest Power the very same way that a CIA agent really does the bidding of a hidden authority far above his pay grade.

Of course, the $64,000 question is: “Can this end well?”  In view of the multi-decade crime spree that has been systematically perpetrated against people everywhere, when the true story breaks out into the mainstream, there will be a great leveling of sorts.  Such a leveling, if allowed to take its natural course, will create the circumstances for a whole new way of doing business.  The international system of currencies will be one of the very first to see a major overhaul.  Some say that this has already occurred under the radar in the USA.

New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply

It’s true that when the Almighty Dollar based on the petrodollar has been properly abandoned by the world community of nations, the very end is in sight.  And so it is in 2016 since the energies, both celestial and mundane, are now conspiring by the day to re-establish the United States as a constitutional republic shorn of all self-serving political dynasties, treasonous legislatures and other traitors in high places.


This is what happens during the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, just as it did when Lord Hanuman burned down the palace of the demonic King Ravana in ancient times.  Because 2016 is also the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee, this year is particularly powerful in terms of overturning the present order.  After all, the GE&FS undergirds the entire planetary civilization.  When this Matrix crashes and burns, human societies everywhere will have an incomparable opportunity to build a new future from the ashes, free from so much debt and paralyzing oppression.

The Earth-Shaking Year of the Red Fire Monkey Begins On February 8, 2016

Because Pluto is still crashing through Capricorn for the next 8 years, the governments of the world will continue to experience heavy-duty citizen-quakes.  The degree of dissent and disquiet occurring in nations around the globe has reached unprecedented levels.  The discord between governments and the governed has never been so pervasive and intense. And it continues to grow by the month.   Why is this pattern ever-intensifying, and where will it end?

Debt, more debt and still even more debt.

Debt creation has been the primary means of creating a global society of indentured servants.  Indebtedness across all socioeconomic classes has reached a point of unsustainability   Not only have the many forms of debt stagnated general economies of countries across the planet, corporations and small businesses, families and individuals all labor under the weight of ever-crushing debt.

The critical point here is that the debt levels have prevented a recovery from taking place, especially throughout the Western powers whose economies drive the global engine. When this is not happening over many years, the developing countries are hurting even more. Such a state of underemployment and joblessness has created an underclass of welfare recipients who have no incentive to leave the welfare rolls.   The more who rely on government assistance, the fewer consumers there are to grow the economy both local and global.

There are many forms of debt to include sovereign, corporate, credit card, investment, student loan, small business, auto and home improvement.  Each of these has served to contribute a major piece to the overall debt problem in America and beyond.  The vast majority of the trades made on the various exchanges are also leveraged to the hilt.  Were the market to experience a precipitous downturn, the amount of uncollectible investment and brokerage debt would skyrocket in a day and a night.

This is where the Shemitah phenomenon came in very handy in the ancient Hebrew communities.  The 7-year cycle of debt forgiveness became institutionalized within Jewish communities around the world.  In so doing communities could start fresh every seven years, and especially after 49 years with the celebration of the Jubilee.  That’s where the global village is right now. 2016 is the 70th and/or 120th Jubilee within the Judaic tradition and, therefore, quite historic.  This year represents a defining moment of sorts where it concerns world-wide debt forgiveness.

Within the Roman Catholic tradition, Pope Francis has also declared 2016 the “Jubilee Year of Mercy”.  This papal bull indiction is quite significant in that it perfectly aligns with the Shemitah Jubilee.  Francis has issued this decree with the intention that mercy and compassion will be a central practice for all Christians and believers of every faith tradition.  There is no better way to demonstrate mercy toward another than to forgive their debts.

Market Crashes Often Happen in September and/or October

From now until the U.S. presidential election, in particular, there will be much potential for extraordinary events to occur that will be paradigm-shattering.  The current election season has already seen many dramatic episodes which point to the monumental change that is surely on the horizon.  Now it’s time for banking corporations, financing companies and other creditors to re-evaluate whether they want to be a part of the problem (debt-ridden status quo) or a part of the solution (release of indebtedness).

Whole nations and individual citizens alike are encouraged to look very closely at this weighty matter like never before.  The time has never been so ripe to address the collective debts of the planet in a fashion that relieves the debtors en masse.  Such a gesture alone would serve to bring an end to the Second Great Depression that has plagued the planet.

When enough people come together in the spirit of universal debt forgiveness, it can happen in a moment’s time.  There is now every good reason to make it happen, and no reason not to.  Especially in light of the many revelations concerning the Federal Reserve System, it is now generally understood that American citizens have no responsibility for the federal debt, the illicit US Corporation, Inc. does.  Certainly it’s high time for the Federal Reserve Bank to go bankrupt.  Then the U.S. Treasury can set about the process of legally and constitutionally issuing money backed by gold.

Such a desperately needed move would be a great start toward establishing a legitimate American currency to replace the fiat petrodollar.  Global debt forgiveness could then follow with regard to all dollar-denominated debt, which would then encourage other nations to follow suit.  This single endeavor would initiate a global financial catharsis the likes of which the world has never known is the present epoch.  It would catalyze many similar debt-releasing initiatives within the corporate arena, both for-profit and nonprofit, that would free the people from the largest debt burden the world has ever known.


Conclusion — 2016 and Beyond: Perfect Storm or PLUPERFECT SUPERSTORM?!

The real root problem here is very much a two-way street.  The market manipulators only know how to manipulate ALL the markets to their perennial advantage.  The market players have become addicted to the roller coaster dynamic that is the very essence of the constant manipulation.  Every stock broker will tell you that it never makes any difference to them whether the market is going up or down, as long as it changes.  For it is the change of direction which precipitates the impulse to buy or sell … … … which is where all the investment brokerage houses make their massive profits.  It is sometimes called churning of accounts for financial gain (aka stock broker unconscionable enrichment).

ICE & CME: The Exchange Casinos That Control Practically Everything

Given this reality, there must be a collective will that sufficiently concretizes around the urgent need to shut down the global gambling casino.  Gambling is a well-known addiction and it has been made socially acceptable in the form of the stock, bond, commodity, currency, derivative and carbon trading.  In the aggregate, these exchanges constitute the largest gambling operation in history.  Hence, there are now countless investors who are stone-cold addicts, just as there are myriad market-makers who are addicted to treating their customers like a yo-yo.

However, the game has now reached a point where the house is broke.  A vast majority of the small investors are broke, busted and disgusted.  Everyone who has a digital connection to cyberspace knows that the markets have always been rigged.  Now that that genie is out of the bottle, there’s no putting it back in.  Therefore, the only way out is a very ORDERLY collapse—of everything.  The stock scam and bond sham can no longer go on when everyone, and even their mother, knows about them.

Not only that, but the political domain of the USA has degenerated to the point where is has become wholly unacceptable to the body politic.  Because the political and financial are always inextricably intertwined, both must undergo a radical transformation.  The 2016 presidential campaign season has brought these issues into stark relief for all to see and hear, yes?!

The USA Is Heading Toward A Total Train Wreck

Perhaps this is the true purpose, and outcome, of the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated Super Shemitah: to provide a divinely preordained opportunity to start over.[2]  The convergence of so many extraordinary happenings will undoubtedly create the conducive circumstances to begin anew.  Now that the stars are perfectly aligned, will the people of planet Earth cooperate to seize the day and get the job done?

Happy Birthday to Usain Bolt! (August 21)  May his awesome Olympic performances give all of US the inspiration to successfully run this race against time.  Talk about a man who runs like there’s no tomorrow!  After all, it’s now just moments to midnight for the entire planetary civilization.  Not only does the fate of humankind hang in the balance as never before, so does the very future of planet Earth.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
August 21, 2016

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[1] The ‘FOUR HORSEMEN’ Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism



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