Was this Obama’s coming-out party dressed up as SATAN? (Video)

Barack Obama’s satanic image goes viral: Are Illuminati and Antichrist real?

Conspiracy theorists have now started claiming that Barack Obama is a part of Illuminati and he used to take part in satanic rituals.

By : Nirmal Narayanan
International Business Times

An eerie image of former American president Barack Obama dressed up in the attire of Satan has now gone viral on the internet. The image was originally uploaded on Instagram by Annemarie Hope, an artist known for illustrating Satanic churches in her profile.

The photo appeared with the caption, ‘Class and Grace, You are my favorite’, and it soon went viral on the online space. However, Hope soon deleted the photo for unknown reasons.

As Hope deleted the image, many of her followers asked why she had deleted the creepy photo, and she replied, “too much hate and not enough support”.

After the image went viral, skeptics apparently used various techniques to understand whether the image was edited by any means. However, even after applying various filters to the image to check its authenticity, these skeptics failed to find anomalies.

A video about Barack Obama’s mysterious attire was later shared to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel ‘UFOmania’. The video which was uploaded to YouTube yesterday has already racked up more than 5,400 views.

Conspiracy theorists have now started claiming that the world is secretly controlled by Illuminati, and people including Barack Obama are members of it. According to these theorists, members of Illuminati used to worship Satan and Antichrist, and take part in satanic rituals secretly.

“He fooled everybody! especially the black race. He did nothing for them and made his wife serve garbage to the school children. He is the one Jesus spoke of 2000 yrs ago, when he sits in that third temple you will know for sure,” commented Mikesline, a YouTube user.

Conspiracy theorists argue that Obama will not dress up like this for a fancy dress competition on Halloween. They also allege that the person standing next to Obama is Arthur Davis, an attorney and politician who served as a Democratic member of United States House of Representatives for Alabama’s 7th congressional district from 2003 to 2011.


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