CAESARION-JESUS: A Scholar Maps Out The True Historical Narrative

The Royal Egyptian and Heir to the
Roman Empire Jesus the Christ:
How Cleopatra’s Children Became
Jesus, Thomas, Mary and James

by Doug Brown, PhD

Doug Brown PhD (physics) has researched historical and literary sources in an attempt to identify the historical Jesus.

The Caesarion-Jesus identification is pursued by invoking the Clemency policy of Octavian for survival of Cleopatra’s family.

A Hegelian Dialectic of Christology provides a dating procedure for separating the earliest of the Nag Hammadi tractates as an original Jesus family corpus of writings. This identifies the synoptic gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke) as misappropriating an originally Roman-Greek and royal Egyptian (Gentile) Jesus as instead not only Jewish, but also as the Jewish Christ, contrary to how he was known by his own family.

Jesus was instead originally introduced to the world via the strictly first century Gospel of Thomas written by Alexander Helios Antonius, the younger brother of Caesarion.

The identification of Paul of Tarsus as a fictional character based on the Autobiography of Josephus is set within the Christology Dialectic dating the Pauline corpus as a post Markan antithesis after 100 CE, a later period than conventionally understood.

The resulting identification of a Gentile Jesus Corpus of writings left behind by the family of Jesus then suggests a possible alternative understanding of the Marcion corpus different from conventionally understood; finally, a post-170 CE Era of Christian Fiction introduces an Apostolic Corpus including the Gospel of John inventing new ecclesiastical authorities intended to replace the Jesus family in a new unrelated proto-orthodox church.

Lastly, DNA testing in conjunction with remains of Arsinoe, the half-sister of Cleopatra, is suggested as a means of attempting to verify the Gentile Jesus family model in the event of discovery of human remains.

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