Time waits for no one and as much as we may wish to fight against a New World Order, some version of it will surely emerge and it will definitely involve the Internet of Things, digital governance, the existence of your digital facsimile online and the ability to “turn off your chip”, cut off your financial supply and freedom of movement at a digital, global level, if you are non-compliant or otherwise deemed persona non grata by some authority.

This is what the Bilderbergers are banking on and this is what Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (aka MBS) is actively building with the Neom project, as TruthStreamMedia gives us a peek at, here. Why has MBS given Saudi women the right to drive? Because, soon nobody will be driving; it will all be self-driving e-Hangs and drone cars. Everybody will only be enabled to go where their e-ID allows.

We may have already heard of a futuristic, renewable energy city called Neom being planned in Saudi Arabiabut few may have understood that it’s expected to be both physically and legally more like a borderless free-trade city-state that spans 10,000 square miles (25,900 square kilometers) along the barren coast of the Red Sea bordering Jordan and Egypt. What the SmartCity lacks in natural resources will be made up with in high speed wireless 5G connectivity to a Big Data platform with Artificial Intelligence that enables autonomous drones, self-driving shuttles, always-on IoT sensors, biometric identification, predictive surveillance, cameras reporting suspicious activity before crimes occur, with every tidbit of data to be collected, analyzed and repurposed for the betterment of all.

In this version of the future, national borders are no longer necessary because a digital facsimile of everybody and everything – down to the garbage that you fail to recycle will exist on the Internet of Things, all the better to police and analyze your every bowel movement. Seriously.

The Neom project is viewed as a new economic-development engine that will fuel innovation in bio-tech, manufacturing, and media. We learn here that Israel is a big partner with Saudi Arabia in Neom, even though the two countries are publicly not friendly. This is where we begin to understand the theatrics of all these wars, how they’re largely a means of controlling the populace through chaos and of profiteering off the armaments, mercenaries and contractors who rebuild the infrastructural devastation wrought. This is part of what Bilderbergers mean when they talk about “The Future of Work.”

Forging the path of global e-governance is the cyberstate of Estonia (“e-Estonia”), where it only takes 3 minutes to calculate and pay your taxes, because all of the data is already linked and fully automated! Estonia is about to become the first country to completely integrate the IoT with real life, using a national ID card, known as the “e-ID”, that will connect with ALL of your data: personal, national, banking, medical, pharmaceutical, voting records, government transactions and legal activities. It will authenticate your online comments and enable your financial and legal transactions, including the signing of contracts, etc. – plus store all of your encryption keys online. All of your data will become a part of governmental statistical studies, as if your were a prisoner. Even crazier (and as with US convicts), they are gathering samples of all of their citizens’ DNA – and demanding that Estonians cede the rights to their own genomes! There will literally be an online data version, avatar or “sim” of all Estonians, including of their genetic makeup.

Similar e-ID programs have already been rolled out in all of the Scandinavian states and France wants to be on par with Estonia by 2022. In China, where similar programs exist, people are given social scores and are not allowed to travel or put their children in private school if they express or tweet unaccepted political opinions.

The rest of the world is not too far behind because this all-encompassing system of identification and taxation has been the wet dream of the Bilderbergers since the end of World War Two. I see RFID chips in my two passports. If any US readers have gotten a new driver license or state ID card recently, you’ve probably noticed that the DHS’ REAL ID Act of 2005 has altered the way the state issues your card and that the card, itself has new features. So far, 30 o the US’ 50 states are compliant, 20 states and 4 territories are on an “extension”, with only one territory, American Samoa being “non-compliant”. Apparently, the REAL ID database links to a global database.

Melissa and Aaron Dykes do a great job of explaining these plus even more head-spinning, mind-bending details and their implications here, such as the e-Residency program being offered by Estonia…this is a must-see report.


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