The Feud that Dictated the Destiny of the World


Beatniks and Baby Boomers: First Generations To Break
Away From Parental Control and Cultural Traditions

The Feud that dictated the destiny of the world … because of the much needed succession of righteous power that never took place.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

The 20th century saw its own version of the “Clash of the Titans”, and neither World War I or II comes close to the generational feud which has literally dictated the destiny of the world. Something extremely significant did not occur during the last century (as well as this 21st century) which has had the most profound and far-reaching repercussions throughout our planetary civilization.

Two back-to-back generations took their places in the world at the most critical juncture between the ages. Each of them occupied a pivotal position during the turning of the ages, as both were preordained to fulfill the greatest of destinies. However, their inability to communicate with each other and understand what each had to offer the world have produced consequences so ubiquitous and detrimental that the very existence of the civilization is now at risk.

Throughout history the ritual succession of power and leadership always took place in order to ensure a future free of conflict, chaos and confusion. Just because we no longer exist under monarchic rule does not obviate the necessity of such orderly transitions of power. In the modern age, these transitions have simply taken on a different form and are much less visible. The very nature of secular society demands a far less ostentatious transfer of leadership, as less attention is usually preferable to more for reasons that are self-evident, especially given the current power structure rooted in utter secrecy.

The orderly transfer of power from one generation to the next was denied to those “who would be king”* (and queen) because of the deep distrust and disdain held by “The Greatest Generation” for their younger Beatnik peers and their Baby Boomer children. To those of us who were on the children side of this relationship, we all remember the proverbial Generation Gap which existed between us and our parents. The truth be told, it could be more accurately described as a generation canyon in many cases, a generation chasm in others, and even a generation abyss or void in more extreme instances.

*The relationship between the 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth and the 63-year-old Prince Charles is a perfect example of this generational conflict phenomenon.

It’s pretty clear who rules the roost judging from this picture.

Regardless of how each Baby Boomer experienced this most tumultuous of relationships, it quite unavoidably augured a future of mutual suspicion and contempt which profoundly affected the workings of the entire world. Because of this highly unfortunate and ongoing state of affairs, virtually all of the most pressing challenges facing humankind, as well as the most consequential matters concerning Planet Earth, have gone unaddressed. Consequently, the fate of the planet now lies in the balance, as does the continued viability of the current race.  

The Essential Elements of this Epochal Human Family Feud

Truly, this is a story about father and son, mother and daughter. It contains all the elements of a Shakespearean tragedy, except that the ramifications are not just for a single kingdom; rather, the entire planet has been deeply affected by the denial of power and leadership which this narrative will reveal. Because of the critical point in human history at which this epic conflict took place, as well as the extraordinary number of souls involved, the immense repercussions are as inestimable as they are ineffable. Truly, the world will continue to suffer greatly because power was not properly transferred from one generation to the next.

It really is that important to fully understand the critical elements of this intergenerational conflict, if the world is to break free of it. So profound and fundamental is the reconciliation of these two groups toward the healing of the planet, that if we continue to ignore this “Feud That Dictated The Destiny Of The World”, we do so at our peril. Toward that end – RECONCILIATION – it is necessary to point out the following historical facts and observations:

I. The Baby Boomers represent the largest demographic bulge to ever populate the planet. Is it any wonder that such a life-affirming, baby-making phenomenon occurred in the wake of what was the most earth-shattering war in world history? So, the Boomers came to be a universal symbol for the love of life, and the resiliency of the human race.

II. The Beatniks represented the greatest single threat to the status quo, especially to the planned Consumer Society which was so essential to the establishment of the New World Order (NWO). They held the true power; therefore, relatively few were required to help trigger the Meditation Revolution that they galvanized around the globe.

III. The Greatest Generation (TGG) represents the same soul energies who birthed the Iron Age (also known as the Kali Yuga) well over 5000 years ago. Like their forefathers, they were born to rule with an iron fist and would not be easily deterred from their carrying out their planetary mission of establishing the Consumer Society NWO.

There is a critical astrological basis underlying this thesis. It revolves around the placement of the Planet Pluto in the various constellations. There are two very significant placements which occurred during the last century which this essay is concerned with. Pluto was situated in Cancer from 1914 until 1939. Pluto then advanced into Leo from 1939 thru 1957. According to these dates, it can be said that The Greatest Generation was born when Pluto was in Cancer. Some from the Beat Generation were born during the last phase of the same placement, but the great majority of Beatniks took birth from 1937 through 1945.

The first half of the Baby Boomer generation was born when Pluto was in Leo from 1946 thru 1957. Since the Baby Boomers are generally understood to have been born from 1946 through 1964, it is quite significant that the Beatniks, particularly those who were born from 1939 to 1946, had a very significant role to play in the story we are about to tell. For the resulting inter-generational feuds and friendships between and among the Beatniks, the Boomers and their Greatest Generation parents reflect the most consequential astrological dynamic of the past two hundred and fifty years.

For those who were born after the Baby Boomer generation (after 1964), the revelations which you are about to read will give you a context and understanding and perspective that will most assuredly convey a new truth. This truth is one that has been obfuscated with purpose and stealth over the past several decades. There is a very significant reason why this was so: Because the Beatniks and Baby Boomers were in fact born to be the greatest generation of the modern era. For theirs was a journey that brought them face to face with their Higher Selves, as well as with the Divine Incarnate*.
*To be addressed in a future essay in this series

However, it must be stated that the Beatniks and Boomers could only take their rightful place in society after their parents properly bequeathed their long-held power. Having been brought into the world and raised by their parents with great material abundance, they quickly came to appreciate the mindless and often futile pursuit of wealth. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to understand that such unprecedented wealth permitted an unparalleled freedom of movement and exploration and introspection theretofore unknown to any single demographic group, especially one so large, in history. Particularly in view of how much time and energy went into creating such a “nurturing nest” is TGG rightfully known as the greatest of generations. When telescoping back in time over the last century to view their countless and extraordinary mundane achievements, it is quite clear that they simply have no peer.

Now we see that it was through the prodigious efforts and remarkable sacrifice of their parents that the Beatniks and Baby Boomers were able to leave the reservation, as no other generation was ever able to do en masse. This allowed both groups to take time off from programmed life to get to know themselves on the deepest level of existence. Really get to know their Higher Self which only a true spiritual path would allow them to do. Herein lies the mystery and mayhem which defines the relationship between The Greatest Generation and their Beatnik peers and Baby Boomer children. This is a relationship fraught with tension and turmoil, resistance and resolve … on the part of both generations. It is a conflict which is still festering, as it often breaks out into the open to this very day influencing so much of what appears to be crazy and chaotic 2012.

“The Greatest Generation”

In his book, THE GREATEST GENERATION, Tom Brokaw labelled those great men and women, who lived through the Great Depression and who fought World War II, as The Greatest Generation. May we say that this generation was in fact a great and extraordinary group of souls. They met the tremendous challenges of the Great Depression and overcame them. They fought in the most violent and destructive world war in history and came back home to rehabilitate themselves, raise large families, grow communities and re-order societies. They then set about the process of rebuilding the world … according to their vision.

One thing must be said about this very determined and resolute group of individuals, most of whom were born when Pluto was in Cancer. They were very much oriented around exerting control — all the time, throughout the course of their entire lives. They exercised an inordinate amount of control over their own parents, partly because of where they fit on the timeline of US citizenship. Often, their parents were the first or second generation to have lived on American soil, and therefore they were relied upon to quickly master American culture and get things done in the emerging modern society.

Since many of them were born when Pluto was in Cancer, their innate tendency was to clutch onto and control everything in sight to protect hearth and home. Their first impulse was to create and control their environment in which to raise a family that would not be threatened by another great depression or world war. The Cancerian urge to mother and nurture and protect gave way to a domineering, overbearing and controlling instinct which came to define their way of relating to the world-at-large, and especially to their own children. These traits were surely magnified in light of the recently experienced horrors of WWII and deprivations of the Great Depression, and must be viewed through the lens of that experience. This is, after all, a psycho-historical perspective of what really happened last century, and how we all have been deeply impacted up to this very day. Particularly because of the highly consequential choices made by The Greatest Generation, and how pervasive and influential they proved to be, is the world in the place that it finds itself today.

The Beatniks really knew what time it was. Which is why they wanted off the reservation.

The Beatniks arrive in the nick of time.

Just what happened back in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s that guaranteed such an antagonistic and tortured relationship between The Greatest Generation and both Beatniks and Boomers? A lot happened! Much more than we could ever attempt to elaborate in this essay. However, suffice to say, there was an unprecedented confluence of circumstances which set this drama up in such a way that pit principle squarely against principle, ideal versus ideal, and value against value. And, especially, belief system in stark opposition to belief system.

Most of the drama sprang from a fundamental tension between that which The Greatest Generation held dear and that which the Beatniks and Boomers came to Planet Earth to pursue. In the latter case, it was the pursuit of true spirituality which impelled forward Beatniks and Baby Boomers alike. As for The Greatest Generation, it was the building of a safe and secure society that ardently promoted prosperity for those who were willing to work hard. Seen from the perspective of their children, an intolerable degree of compromise was necessary for the sake of attaining a level of material fulfillment never experienced before by so many at one time in recorded history.

The whole tension in this monumental drama really did start with the Beatniks. Perhaps the most spiritually aware, truly conscious and courageous group of people of the modern era, they simply didn’t care about how society perceived them. The Beatniks saw and understood the insanity of the post WWII world, and especially the futility of the emerging Consumer Society and wanted no part of it. Their goals – spoken, written and performed – throughout the 1950s and 60s were to find meaning in what really mattered in life. Theirs was an extremely intense inward spiritual journey which precipitated from the questions posed by a world war which had just destroyed the then known world.

The following excerpt from the Introduction entitled “When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear” pretty much sums up the Beatnik raison d’être.

Photo of a Beatle Beatnik rousing his Baby Boomer following with great effect on world consciousness

Then the Baby Boomers arrive on the scene … again, just in the nick of time.

As referred to in the excerpt above, the Beatniks were intensely introspective, profoundly aware of themselves and their place in the world, as well as natural teachers and mentors. When the Baby Boomers hit the scene, there could be no better relationship than the one forged by the philosopher Beatniks and their wonderfully willing Baby Boomer protégé students. The greatest example of the fruit of this “marriage made in heaven” was the speed and ferocity by which both demographics working in concert to shut down the Vietnam War. Never in history was a popular movement directly responsible for slamming the brakes on a war … any war, EVER! Such was the power of their synergy and cooperation around slogans like “Make Love, Not War”, “Flower Power” and “WAR IS OVER, If You Want It!”

What is critical to understand is that both Beatniks and the first half of the Boomers were born under the same sky when Pluto was in Leo. In the aggregate these births occurred from 1937 through 1957 and clearly show the fortuitous overlap between the Beatniks born from 1937 through 1945, and the Baby Boomers who were born from 1946 through 1957. Talk about GREAT good fortune. The first Westerners, who were craving true spirituality, to travel to the East came from the ranks of the Beatniks. When they came back to the West or sent their mail from their ashrams, monasteries and maths, their younger Baby Boomer brothers and sisters couldn’t resist following the same path eastward. And so they departed from all over the White, Anglo-American acculturated, Judeo-Christian world to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Actually, the greatest journey of every lifetime, which is exactly why their ‘Greatest Generation’ parents had such a problem.

Herein lies the crux of the Generation Gap. The parents simply didn’t get it; didn’t want to get it; wouldn’t get it. In so reacting to their children’s primordial urge to know themselves within, instead of just knowing the world without, they (TGG) chose to feel taken for granted, and not appreciated, and deeply betrayed. The depth of this perceived betrayal would serve as the fulcrum around which power would never be vested in them (the Baby Boomers) to take over the reins of running the world. Because of the great numbers in which the Boomers were born, as well as the stranglehold their parents had on world governance and global leadership, no single dysfunctional intergenerational dynamic has ever come close to the consequences of this one.

How so?

Because the Beatniks & Baby Boomers truly represent The Greatest Generation. Great from the standpoint of advancing the world into a whole new consciousness and way of being. Where their parents quite industriously and self sacrificially built a world that allowed their children to embark on pilgrimages around the world, as well as spiritual journeys in their own back yard (and were always allowed to come back to a home of abundance and comfort while they looked for a new job), the Baby Boomers took complete advantage of the arrangement often to the chagrin of their parents. The resulting tension, and deep difference of opinion about how to live one’s life, would give tremendous energy to this real Clash of the Titans and “The Feud That Dictated The Destiny Of The World”.

One might characterize this battlefield as one that pitted truth-seeker against world-builder. Peacemaker versus warmonger. God against mammon. Vulnerability versus security. And, especially, Love versus fear. The self-protective fear of the Cancerian influence versus the Leonine quality of universal love and magnanimity.

What does the current battlefield look like?

Quite unfortunately, for all residents of Planet Earth, The Greatest Generation is still firmly entrenched within the power structures of the world. In spite of their advanced age, they have stubbornly clung to power and sabotaged every effort made by their children to take their rightful seats of leadership. George W. Bush (born July 6, 1946) is a perfect example of how a completely unrepresentative Baby Boomer was chosen by his TGG father to wreck the world instead of help the world. Likewise, the dyed-in-the-wool corporatists, Bill (born August 19, 1946) and Hillary Clinton (born October 26, 1947), serve as perfect examples of how ‘the best and brightest’ of the Baby Boomer generation were hijacked and used to further TGG misguided agenda. Just as ex-Prime Minister and warmonger Tony Blair illustrates the same political control dynamic “on the other side of the pond”.

Now we see a Barack Obama* in the White House who was born when Pluto was in Virgo. This is yet another example – and an extremely serious one at that – of The Greatest Generation sabotaging an urgently needed transfer of power to righteous leadership. Instead of selecting an older and enlightened Baby Boomer “ex-Hippie type” personality, whose values and ideals are real and not all talk, we ended up with a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has continued the wars by use of drones (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia) and other surreptitious, CIA-sponsored black ops (social network-driven Arab Spring ‘revolutions’ in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria).

*Wealthy social engineers like George Soros (Pluto in Cancer) and other heavily vested interests (from The Greatest Generation) across a vast political and corporate spectrum financially backed Barack Obama’s presidential bid. Why did so many kingmakers, powerbrokers, and financiers from The Greatest Generation throw their political support behind this obscure and relatively unknown political commodity who didn’t even possess a legitimate birth certificate?
Because of what was at stake in 2008! In the wake of an unprecedented real estate collapse and inevitable stock market crash that rivaled ’29, it was imperative that the selected president be perfectly amenable to maintaining the status quo … at all costs … while appearing not to do so. A change agent whose “Hope and Change” met the goals and expectations of the extremely change-resistant “Pluto in Cancer” generation.
The Greatest Generation folks are truly known for their love of security, stability and familiar order. Especially as they age, the need to control their environment has increased because of the perceived threats to their welfare, safety and way of life. Hence, we see more of the same every where we look, throughout every sphere of life, in spite of such a pervasive and deep yearning for genuine change both nationally and globally.

In Barack Obama, do we see more than any other figure in modern American history, that The Greatest Generation succeeded in making sure that the high ideals, lofty principles and spiritual values of the Beat Generation never made it into the institutions of Western Society. Whereas his personally held noble agenda may have been sincere, Obama appears to have been chosen by his handlers to lead the nation down the same path of more war, class conflict, corporate-controlled politics, and bankrupt government policy … with a toothy smile and disarming rhetoric rarely, if ever, seen on the political stage. This could only have been accomplished with the full backing of those who control the media and all other major organs of government, economic and social policy.

Clearly, Barack Hussein Obama was carefully sculpted from early childhood to act as a Pied Piper leading so many hopeful and high-minded Beatniks and Baby Boomers over the cliff. In 2012 we have read, as we expect to read throughout 2013, much about the fiscal cliff. There are many other cliffs that are also presenting themselves as truly historic societal breakpoints. Each of these imminent cliffs will continue to deeply divide the nation, as well as profoundly fracture American society.

Here are some of the more divisive and explosive issues which the USA citizenry is currently facing: (i) looming gun control in spite of the 2nd Amendment (ii) runaway illegal immigration (iii) LGBT agenda foisted on the body politic such as gay marriage (iv) rampant government-paid abortion (v) $16.5 trillion and counting national debt (vi) poverty level and food stamp usage at all-time highs; unemployment soaring (vii) Obamacare rejected by 25 states; ‘Affordable’ Care Act unconstitutionally mandated (viii) ever-increasing taxes, federal spending and deficits (ix) participation in undeclared, immoral and illegal wars which kill our youth and waste billions of dollars (x) presidential use of drones to assassinate any person labeled an enemy combatant

Now we know that this is national destiny, and some very serious outworking of personal karma as well

Even today as we head into the final months of 2012, we see this dynamic ceaselessly at work throughout the global landscape. So much war, yet so much yearning for peace. Had the children of the Beatniks and Boomers not been so mind controlled throughout the course of their lifetimes, maybe they could have prevented the grotesque and criminal Iraq War. Instead, the task of protest was left to Cindy Sheehan (Baby Boomer born in ’57) and Code Pink (Mostly Baby Boomers born in early to mid 1950’s) in the USA, so self-absorbed are many within Generation X, Y and Z. A great majority of these teenagers and young adults simply lack the capacity to perceive the truths standing right in front of them, so illusory and deluding has existence become on the planet. This predicament is clearly the byproduct of the society they inherited from us (especially the TGG), as well as the astrological blueprint that was hardwired at their birth.

Nevertheless, we are all forced to confront what Cindy Sheehan so poignantly pointed out in her recurring pieces throughout the 2003 Irag War, and especially after the election of Obama. In her article “Where have all the Peaceniks gone?” Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox incisively asks this question after Obama was elected. Where were the college protests? Where were the demands, by those who are young and idealistic and morally outraged, made upon the young Nobel Peace Prize-winning President to bring an immediate end to all wars? The Beatniks and Boomers rose to the occasion during Vietnam. Yes, but they are born under a Pluto cruising through Leo – the compassionate and magnanimous heart. They were a generation who simply would not tolerate the excessive and obsessive control exerted by The Greatest Generation. They sought to master the spiritual realms with the same degree of success that their parents wanted to master the mundane matters of life.

There is no blame here, just a clinical look at how we got to where we are today … with the hope that, when all concerned shine the Light of Awareness on this intractable, psycho-social and inter-generational challenge, an urgently needed breakthrough will occur in the firmament of planetary consciousness. While it is long past the time that The Greatest Generation ought to have let go, it is never too late to re-engineer their plans for succession, just as they routinely rewrite their wills (They have used that carrot and stick approach with their children for decades).

What is particularly interesting to note is that the Baby Boomer generation may be the very first in which we see parent outliving child. Even after rebuilding the world many within The Greatest Generation are still living strong and well into their 80s and 90s. Their fierce determination to see the world continue according to their vision is now legendary. Their children care not for what the world values and are therefore quite happy to leave it, even if it means dying during middle age. Many are so hopelessly discouraged with the direction society has taken that they are full of apathy and with little hope for the future. Likewise, the degradation of the planetary living environment, debasement of the social order, degeneracy of the political realm, and collapse of the global economy give them very little reason to persevere. However, this story is far from over as the final chapter is being written at this very moment.

Those who were born when Leo was in Pluto often alternate between a life that is strangely cursed and one that is extremely blessed. Their open heart energy made them ready to embark on the greatest journey any human being can ever take — back to the Godhead. Their extraordinary resolution and rejection of popular culture made them perennial targets of ridicule and persecution. However, even in their dire moments of societal prosecution did they rise to the occasion and receive the awesome amount of strength which comes from facing such trials and tribulations with great courage. Not only have many of them been scorned (and sometimes disowned) by their parents for life; their Generation X, Y and Z children and grandchildren have occasionally heaped disdain upon them for being true to themselves, sometimes treating them with lifelong disrespect. All to no avail, since these spiritual warriors at heart always know that nothing tests the character of a person like unwarranted persecution.

Cool Hand Luke is the quintessential Beatnik in both form and spirit.

What else has gone on here under the radar which will inform the underlying reasons for such an epochal feud?

For starters, the concentration and accumulation of mundane power were controlled and calculated like never before during the coming of age of The Greatest Generation.
Once they acquired it, it was much easier to hold onto because of a whole new order of information gathering, processing and dissemination via so many newly invented and newfangled technologies. This single development made it almost impossible for those who had power to lose it, if they were not ready to relinquish it. Hence, not only did the TGG retain their power well beyond their capacity to properly wield it, they ensured that it would flow exactly to those parties who would continue the job that they began. Only those who shared their vision would be considered fit receptacles of worldly power.

It is because of this intergenerational dynamic that the world now seems stuck in time, unwilling to move out of what is obviously a highly self-destructive pattern of societal breakdown — in every sphere of life. Nothing short of the utter collapse of Civil Society is now at hand because of the sheer recalcitrance of those who would not give up power and transfer leadership to the rightful heirs of the civilization. This intransigence has been further compounded by those who have been favored by TGG. There are many souls within Generation X and Y who would gladly step over their Baby Boomer counterparts since their values are so different. Because of this ongoing generational manipulation by TGG, the Boomers are just as disrespected by the generations that follow them as they are by their parents.

Of course, there is much more going on here in the realm of karmic payback. Any birth chart with Pluto in Leo always brings a leveling of karma whereby those who have abused their position of power in past lives and served in the role of oppressor will find themselves in the very same position of being oppressed. Witness all the Boomers who were forced to work for the Corporatocracy they ardently opposed during the 1960s and 70s. The vice-grip on power, which their parents promised (to themselves) never to give up, ensured a life of subservience to the system the Baby Boomer hippies swore they would never join. The real irony is that this apparently hapless predicament has proven to be the stimulus for an extraordinary degree of spiritual growth and transformation.

Utter Chaos: When Power Is Not Properly Transferred Between Generations

What has occurred, because an orderly transfer of power was avoided and neglected, is that the very best of what the most spiritually inclined generation of the past 250 years had to offer was ignored and diminished. Consequently, all of the societal systems and cultural institutions, which would have benefited greatly from the collective spiritual wisdom and lofty individual knowledge accumulated by so many advanced souls, were fated to a future of slow motion decay and deterioration. Hence, we see the product of such willful ignorance dotting the landscape throughout the entire civilization. This global predicament will continue to fester and “cry out” wherever there is a power struggle in the world today. And, especially, wherever the sublime spiritual wisdom acquired in the crucible of the 50s, 60s and 70s is subordinated to the profane scientific paradigm of the 80s, 90s and up to the present day.

Where will this all lead to? What will be required to pass through the eye of the needle of 2012 and beyond? We’ll explore these and many other important questions, but first we will take a closer look at the ultimate plan of attack on the Beatnik and Baby Boomer consciousness known as: “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

In Closing:
The legacy of the Baby Boomers and Beatniks is surely the greatest of the age … and we’re talking about the entire 5000 plus year Iron Age, also known as the Kali Yuga. Quite incredibly, their real accomplishment has yet to be revealed. Because of how determined The Greatest Generation has been to keep their true legacy a secret, very little of what these courageous souls achieved has come to light.

As already stated, we do know that the Beatniks and Boomers — marching and chanting together in unison — were directly responsible for terminating the first war in history by way of an overwhelming popular movement. Now that’s quite an accomplishment, wouldn’t you say?! Theirs was an unparalleled peace movement that shut down the Vietnam War and set the standard for all future peace movements throughout the world.

Why would their parents not be proud of such an illustrious, exemplary and unparalleled success story? Why?

“The Feud That Dictated The Destiny Of The World” will continue shortly in Part II.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: September 3, 2012

Author’s Note:
This essay provides a glimpse into our upcoming extended essay: BEATNIKS & BABY BOOMERS: When Heaven Came Down To Earth. It does seek to properly represent the countless unsung heroes of the last century who were born from 1937 through 1958. The spiritual partnership that was forged between the Beat Generation and the first half of the Baby Boomers, all of whom were conceived when Pluto was in Leo, will be forever known for inciting the largest and most genuine spiritual movement of the Iron Age.
This series of essays will elaborate on this extremely significant theme which has ‘somehow’ passed under the radar for so many years. There are several dimensions and aspects to this subject matter which, if fully grasped by the concerned generations, can change the direction of our civilization. In fact, every generation alive today is a concerned generation, as this exposition will show in great detail and with riveting revelation. For this may very well be the greatest untold story of our times.
Now that we sit on the cusp of December 21st, 2012, there is no better time for these revelations to come pouring out of the universe and into the collective consciousness. Quite urgently, the future of humankind and the fate of the planet depend on the correct understanding and subtle comprehension of exactly what happened “When Heaven Came Down To Earth” back in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

Whether you were born as a Beatnik or Boomer, Generation X or Y really makes no difference, as it is where your heart truly lies that determines your generational identification. To wit, there are those many Boomers who do not have an ounce of hippie consciousness in them, just as there are Generation Y folks who would shut down the current Middle Eastern wars in a heartbeat if they felt their protesting could do so.
It’s all about where you are on the inside; not on the outside. In fact, one of the Boomers who contributed to this piece was perfectly groomed to be a “young executive in society” and one might think that he was a perfect clone of The Greatest Generation. However, he was infected at a young and tender age with the Beatnik spirit, and followed in the footsteps of his older hippie brother and sister.
Likewise, there are some highly evolved souls within TGG who embraced many of the values and beliefs that came into vogue during the Meditation Revolution of the ’70s. Just as there are countless examples of Generation Xers who fully reflect the 60s rebelliousness of the hippies.

The Beatnik meme graphic that propelled the movement forward:
There is no doubt that the spiritual impetus behind the countercultural, anti-establishment revolution that began in the 1950s, and which profoundly transformed the world forever, burned brightly as never before within the Beat Generation. Found among them were society’s true poets, philosophers and artists who sought to reflect the Divine in their works. Because of this, the Beat Generation was truly gifted at both finding and creating symbols and slogans to advance their worthy causes.
The image that follows is perhaps the most inspired (and inspiring) of many to come from the Beatnik salons of Paris. This sculpture wonderfully portrays “a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle.”[1] This now classic symbol known as “The Thinker” is as relevant today as it was back in the 1950s. Perhaps by contemplating its archetypal energy and compelling intention, the spirit of the Beat Generation will be reawakened in all of us during this critical and defining moment in human history.

“The Thinker” (Le Penseur in French) is a bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin

[1] “The Thinker” – Wikipedia

“The Thinker” (Le Penseur in French) is a bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin, whose first cast, of 1902, is now in the Musée Rodin in Paris. It is often used to represent philosophy. Originally named “The Poet” (Le Poète in French), the piece was part of a commission by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, to create a monumental portal to act as the door of the museum. Rodin based his theme on The Divine Comedy of Dante and entitled the portal The Gates of Hell. Each of the statues in the piece represented one of the main characters in the epic poem. Some critics believe “The Thinker” was originally intended to depict Dante at the Gates of Hell, pondering his great poem.”

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