2013: The Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake

Revelations about the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix

The truth be told, the destiny of every civilization is written quite clearly in the stars, just as major mundane events and unexpected celestial happenings are always directed by the luminaries (sun, moon and planets) which hover above. The present long term transits of the outer planets particularly reflect just how ‘interesting’ the times will become over the next ten to twelve years of undeniable Cosmic Convergence.

In addition to Pluto literally crashing through Capricorn until 2024, we are watching Uranus rock and roll in Aries until 2018, as well as Neptune storm through Pisces from 2012 to 2026.

As if these highly influential transits were not awesome enough in their contribution to this rapidly unfolding cosmic drama, we are right now witnessing just some of the effects of Saturn thrashing throughout Scorpio where it will continue to ‘thresh’ until September of 2015.

However, it may very well be the upcoming transit of Jupiter rumbling through Gemini which triggers the main event that every resident of the Planet Earth has been either eagerly awaiting or anxiously anticipating.

Of particular significance is that there occurred a series of three eclipses – two lunar and one solar – from April 25 through May 25 of 2013 just prior to Jupiter entering Gemini on May 30th after a particularly powerful full moon on May 24th.

How do you say MAY DAY!MAY DAY!!MAY DAY!!!

Why else might this particular astrological transition portend so much within the greater context of so many other epoch-ending alignments, transits, placements and progressions?

2013: The Chinese Year of the Snake

Because of its inevitable and dramatic effects on the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix (GE&FCM), that’s why! After all, the world does run on currency(ies); therefore, when this sphere of life undergoes an “in your face” collapse (read irremediable structural breakdown) — as we are all currently experiencing — ALL HEAVEN BREAKS LOOSE!
Not to mention that we are already in the year of surprises known as the Chinese Year of the Water Snake.*

*The Chinese lunar sign of the Snake has a Western solar sign counterpart well known as Taurus, both of which find their home in the month of May. Therefore, such a correlation may very likely imprint the month of May in 2013 with particularly strong Snake energy, especially it’s tendency to surreptitiously slither up to its prey before striking with complete surprise. The Year of the Snake officially began on 10 February 2013 and will end on 30 January 2014.

UPDATE: The month of May, 2013 did prove to be disastrous for the Obama Administration as one scandal after another emerged seemingly out of nowhere. There may be no precedent in US history where so many scandals surfaced within such a short window of time during this month of the Snake.

President Obama drowning in corruption scandals

Some dramatic examples of Snake energy manifesting in 2013 are as follows:
• A pope has already resigned blindsiding the entire Catholic Church, and a Jesuit from South America elected — both unprecedented
• The FLOTUS (flanked by service members) presents the Best Picture Oscar to the most blatant war-mongering propaganda film in modern history
• North Korea is threatening the world with nuclear warheads as though they are sticks and stones
• Gay marriage is before the SCOTUS
• Gun control–serious gun control–is literally being legislated in C O L O R A D O, until now a gun owner’s paradise; sheriff’s filing lawsuit
• Asteroid, meteor, and meteorite events — mostly unforeseen — have seen an uptick throughout 2013
• Billion of Euros in Cyprus savings accounts have been stolen in broad daylight
• Bitcoin blowout saw its value plummet by well over 50% … in just one day
• Gold has gone into a free-fall for all the reasons that it should be skyrocketing
• Two explosions terrorize runners and spectators near the finish line at the Boston Marathon
• Bangladesh Factory Collapse; Over 1125 dead and 2500 injured
• 2899 Record cold temps vs 667 record warm temps in U.S.from July 24 to August 19
• US NSA Prism Program revealed by Edward Snowden
• Egypt Army Ousts President Morsi in a coup d’etat
• Detroit MI files for bankruptcy
• Spain train crash captured on video
• Syria Chemical Attack stuns the Mideast
• Tokyo Japan wins to host 2020 Olympics with ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in its backyard
• Washington, DC Navy Yard Shooting
• Kenya Mall Attack
• US Government Shutdown for 16 days
OBAMACARE crashes and burns … again … and again … and again!

It is important to mention that past “Years of the Snake” years include 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the ’29 Crash and the 1917 Russian Revolution? Each and every event a totally unexpected surprise! They took place in September, December, October and November, respectively. So we’re not out of the woods, just yet!

The Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix Becomes Exposed

As far as 2013 goes, we haven’t seen anything just yet primarily because of the devolving worldwide state of affairs, particularly within the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix (GE&FCM)

There is no better pictorial representation regarding what is about to occur within the GE&FCM than the snake eating itself. The snake, of course, represents the current and predominant form of predatory capitalism pervasive throughout most of the world today. Known as Anglo-American capitalism in certain circles, this form of political economy always ends in the same self-destructive way by literally consuming itself. The ongoing plight of the European Union and Eurozone is a quite graphic illustration of the snake of predatory capitalism eating itself to death.

“Virtually every manufactured mainstream media event today is a manifestation of major problems within the Global Economic & Financial Control Matrix”.

Japan’s multi-decade economic/financial malaise, China’s failure to become the global economic engine it was predicted to be, and India’s seemingly endless difficulties adapting to the 21st century all demonstrate the formidable obstacles facing the GE&FCM.

Russia’s continual flexing of its energy resource (read oil and gas) muscles, Venezuela’s (the USA’s #1 oil supplier) outright hostility toward Yankee imperialism, and the demise of the petrodollar as the preferred exchange currency for global oil purchases also pose enormous challenges for the GE&FCM.

So are the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Iran (war of words that the warmongers are relentlessly trying to turn into an outright military attack), as are those numerous armed conflicts over natural resources raging throughout continental Africa. Likewise, the entire Arab Spring phenomenon in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan is symptomatic of corrupt, corporate, crony capitalism devouring itself on the fringes of its empire.

Global Financial Architecture and Economic Systems on Verge of Collapse

Perhaps the most blatant sign that something is about to happen to the Money Matrix is the incessant suppression of gold and silver prices. Artificially manipulating the price of gold downward has never been so obvious, especially in light of the fact that there have been instances of gold-plated tungsten bars floating throughout the gold bullion market. The consequent repatriation of gold by Germany, Venezuela, Romania and Texas are also quite telling of some imminent changes in the future of precious metal commodity trading as well as all fiat currencies.

However, it is the covert and overt abandonment of the U$ Dollar as the world’s reserve currency which truly forebodes the upcoming dissolution of the Money Matrix. With the formation of the BRICS quasi economic and financial union, the re-emergence of ASEAN as a force to be dealt with, as well as the ascendancy of China’s renminbi as a serious reserve currency player, many deliberate moves are afoot to challenge the once Almighty Dollar.

Undoubtedly, the intensifying and increasing number of currency wars among nations, and especially between the financial superpowers, foreshadow the last gasp of Anglo-American capitalism. For anyone who ever wondered what a dog-eat-dog world really looks like, just sit back and watch the show. We’re talking about the Clash of the Titans here, where the biggest dog in the fight always wins the day.

The global economic depression is so severe and persistent that it

Bear in mind that the planetary landscape is already littered with carcasses and corpses that go by the names of Lehman Brothers and AIG, Iceland and Ireland, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Greece and Cyprus, GM and Chrysler, Spain and Portugal, Bank of America and Citibank, Detroit, MI and Stockton, CA, Countrywide and Washington Mutual, and very soon Italy and, quite possibly, France.

Furthermore, the slow motion disappearance of the USA middle class (China’s major export market) and the simultaneous disintegration of the American Dream are additional symptoms of Crony-Cowboy capitalism at war with itself.

As the stakes get higher and the global economic depression ‘doggedly’ persists, the redistribution of wealth from the little guy (and gal) to the rich and powerful continues unabated. With each passing day and month and year, the stock market is artificially bid up by those who can and will manipulate it, engineering one sucker’s rally after another. As it approaches the magical 16,000 DJIA mark, it becomes apparent that it will soon reach a level where it can go no where but down.

And so it will …
Never to rebound again …
Thus marking the final end of an era, the closing of the Iron Age and terminus of Kali Yuga.
Indeed, “Cosmic Convergence is about to greatly accelerate epochal planetary transformation!”

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Updated: November 7, 2013

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The CCRG does not make predictions about specific events yet to occur; therefore, the caveats contained in 2013: The Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake should not be construed as such. Any actions (e.g. precautionary measures) taken in response to the urgency of the content are the sole responsibility of the reader.
May of 2013 was not necessarily presented as the month of the BIG EVENT or series of inevitable big events. Rather, this particular month of Taurus/Snake does represent a singularly pivotal astrological window replete with powerful energetic triggers which will be pulled over the course of the year and beyond. When exactly these unleashed energies manifest throughout the earth plane will be determined by the ever-changing, yet ever-concretizing, preponderant impressions of the collective consciousness of humanity.
Since whatever awaits us will most likely “come like a thief in the night”, perhaps it’s a good idea to secure and safeguard all that holds value … on both the mundane and spiritual levels.

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