THE PHOENIX MOMENT: An Inescapable Global Event Is Close At Hand

If you thought 2019 was a wild ride,
wait until 2020 gets going!

A Phoenix Moment can transpire at any time

*** The Esoteric Meaning of the PHOENIX ***

“Also known as the legendary Firebird, the PHOENIX is a mythological and metaphorical harbinger foretold by many of the ancient civilizations. From time immemorial, this winged messenger has represented what all the cultures of antiquity knew about the cyclical ending of the ages. Especially at the end of the present Kali Yuga, because of the turbulent, tumultuous and tempestuous transition to the Golden Age, is this apocalyptic allegory more relevant than ever.  For a Golden Age can only emerge from the ashes of the present era — the Iron Age (a.k.a. the Kali Yuga) — just as the Phoenix is reborn from its own funeral pyre after self-immolating at the end of its life cycle.”

(Source: The FINAL SHIFT Fast Approaches)

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Who in the world of men would not agree that things are now completely out of control [seemingly] on planet Earth?

It’s as though this 3D space-time continuum has gone on the fritz because its own “morphogenetic field” has been scrambled.

One of the key advisors to the Cosmic Convergence Research Group ardently claims that we as a planetary civilization really are in total chaos, not the usual manufactured chaos of “Ordo ab chao” by the Illuminati.

If that is so, what does it mean for humankind?

The Phoenix Moment

What it really means is that the current tract of humanity is racing headlong toward the long prophesied Phoenix Moment.  That defining moment has been predicted for millennia for very good reason.

It’s been foretold that humanity would enter an extremely tumultuous period that would look like the mass of humanity is in a race to the bottom.  This is occurring because a critical mass of young unevolved souls who are easily manipulated by the Global Control Matrix.

The Baby Boomers are the last generation to possess the required common sense and ability to reason to avoid what is now an inevitable Phoenix Moment.  The Boomers also have a good enough appreciation of history so as not to repeat it.

There are actually two halves to the Baby Boom demographic.  The first half was born between 1946 and 1955.  The second half was born from 1956 to 1965.  Those who were born in the 1955-56 period share a lot of both halves.  These extraordinary souls are the societal transformers and cultural catalysts, modern-day prophets and national lightning rods.

KEY POINT: Generation X, Y and Z along with all the millennials were raised in an Internet-driven society.  These folks are so immersed in a highly manipulated virtual cyber-environment, which has so rigidified their consciousness, that they are now incapable of doing what’s right for the spiritual evolution of humankind.  Simply put, the millennials lack the right stuff; hence, it falls to the aging Baby Boomers who were gifted by their parents to complete the American Experiment.

Those born during the earlier decade constituted the hippie generation and were the flower children who experienced the worst generation gap that ever was.  Collaborating very closely with their older Beatnik brothers and sisters, these Boomers were directly responsible for shutting down the Vietnam War.  This had never happened before.

“…the Beatniks were intensely introspective, profoundly aware of themselves and their place in the world, as well as natural teachers and mentors. When the Baby Boomers hit the scene, there could be no better relationship than the one forged by the philosopher Beatniks and their wonderfully willing Baby Boomer protégé students. The greatest example of the fruit of this “marriage made in heaven” was the speed and ferocity by which both demographics working in concert to shut down the Vietnam War. Never in history was a popular movement directly responsible for slamming the brakes on a war … any war, EVER!”
(Source: The Feud that Dictated the Destiny of the World)

What’s the point?

Whereas the first segment of the Baby Boom comprised the first popular peace movement to ever terminate a war, especially a corporate war, the second segment is now called upon to shut down all war, particularly the global perpetual war economy.

The accelerating downward spiral being experienced by the entire planetary civilization is specifically due to this ever-present reality—the perpetual war economy.  Consequently, it has given rise to the current highly precarious state of affairs worldwide.  For it is the perpetual war economy that is the true cause of so much that ails humanity.

The rampant societal madness being observed in nations large and small is a function of the global perpetual war economy being put on steroids by the international banking cartel.  People simply can’t take the constant warmongering and all the devastation that occurs in its wake.

As long as the banksters exert this degree of influence on the community of nations, there can never be peace in the world.  In fact, history has shown us that only death and destruction await every corner of the globe when banking crime syndicates determine the destiny of nations.

Therefore, unless a critical mass of enlightened souls reverses the momentum, the world is guaranteed a Phoenix Moment … … … of truly epic proportions.

What does a Phoenix Moment look like?

Phoenix Moment can take many different forms and come from any direction and happen at any time.

The defining characteristic is that it will trigger an apocalyptic “crash and burn” to such a degree that a new civilization will be born from the ashes.

This is the true meaning behind the “Phoenix story” of old.  The ancients in every culture and civilization have retold the story because it has relevance to each and every one from time immemorial.

Whenever a particular society out lives its usefulness it experiences a slow-motion  downfall followed by a spontaneous collapse.  Especially when the children are not given the opportunity to grow and prosper in a righteous manner is the end not very far.

Welcome to 2019 and beyond

This is exactly where the present tract of humanity finds itself.  The children are being scandalized to an extent never seen before.  They really don’t have a chance in this world and things are only getting worse by the day.

With this crucial understanding it’s easy to see how a Phoenix Moment will serve as a necessary transformative event on a global scale.

The whole planet is hardwired with the Internet and is in desperate need of a reboot, so to speak.

The current downward trajectories — across all spheres of life — are such that they are going to hit rock bottom in the not-too-distant-future.

Clearly, societies everywhere are about to hit the proverbial wall—HARD!   And the writing has been on the wall for a long time with very few ever paying attention.

As for what form such a “crash and burn” will take, it’s impossible to say.  However, there’s now no doubt that we are quickly approaching the moment of truth, which will dictate the final end of the international order.

Here’s how the obvious set-up for the upcoming Phoenix Moment was contexualized in a previous essay.

HUGE Changes Coming To Planet Earth

As for the actual event or series of events that will define the upcoming Phoenix Moment, there are many and diverse possibilities.  There are also various combinations of different possibilities that can take place over a short or long stretch of time.

Not only are there various cosmic happenings that can take place at any time, there are HUGE earth movements which can occur without a moment’s notice. (See the previous link)

The most obvious of these is a “solar flash”.  A massive coronal mass ejection, when aimed directly at Earth, can produce effects that range from very severe to exceedingly catastrophic.  The actual outcomes would be a function of several key metrics concerning such a coronal mass ejection and how much of a direct hit it was.

For example, a powerful solar flash can wreak havoc with the myriad satellites now in space, as well as with so many forms of vital communication systems on Earth.  It has happened before and it will happen again; it’s just a matter of time.  There is perhaps no quicker way to throw a wrench into the works than this type of Sun-burst.  The whole technosphere could be knocked down in a blink of an eye.

How is the SUN triggering many earth changes, especially global climate change?

Just like Atlantis, an asteroid could strike a land mass or an ocean causing enormous tidal waves worldwide.  Such an apocalyptic event would put the biosphere in great jeopardy.  The number and assortment of devastating aftereffects are as numerous as they are profoundly metamorphic to the entire planet.

As for Earth movements, many have predicted everything from unparalleled earthquake swarms to volcano swarms to the the serial eruption of super-volcanoes.  The location of such a calamity would obviously determine the impacts on each continent.  A chain reaction of methane gas explosions, both land-based and sub-seafloor, could also ripple across the planet triggered by a number of occurrences including a massive meteor strike in a vulnerable spot or asteroid hit in Siberia.  In any case, these types of terrestrial convulsions cannot be underestimated as the archaeological record has shown they have occurred before.

Then there is the prospect of a final collapse of the Global Economic and Financial System.  This particular cataclysm would have the effect of paralyzing the entire world in a day and a night.  All the key indicators point to the distinct probability a total breakdown of a system that’s already completely broken but artificially propped up by strategically placed AI brains.  This ruinous scenario would quickly deflate the Almighty Dollar as well as those nations that rely on it.  Ultimately, the whole place would metaphorically “grind to a halt” as far as trade and commerce are concerned.  When commerce stops globally, business will slow locally as will everything else.

Lastly, there is always the specter of World War looming in the future.  Governments around the world have been held hostage by war parties.  The most warmongering nations are being led by criminally insane psychopaths who will never relinquish their perpetual war economies.  The real problem, however, is the increasing likelihood of a nuclear conflict.  The Western powers have become increasingly offensive and reckless with their war rhetoric.  NATO, specifically, has been flexing its muscles against Russia in ways that are quite provocative.  The international order has not been this combustible since World War II.  The reality is that there would be no winners after a World War III; every country would be a loser in the midst of a nuclear winter.

THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

“HUGE Changes Coming To Planet Earth

No matter what the future holds in store, one thing is certain: there are “HUGE Changes Coming To Planet Earth“.

The primary driver of this inevitable transformation is that the all-powerful and tyrannical technocracy has attained such a level of scientific knowledge and technological advancement that it now poses a grave danger to humankind, as well as to other worlds and planes of existence.

The scientific establishment and custodians of advanced technology have married up and created a corporate class of technocrats who obey no laws and follow no rules of any kind.  They scoff at universal law, natural law, divine law, scriptural law as well as vital time-honored principles and precepts. See Technological Singularity: Humanity Stands at the Edge of the AI Abyss

These unaccountable scientists and reckless innovators consider any technological innovation or experiment to be worthy of pursuing irrespective of the potential consequences to people or planet.  As a result of this ever-worsening predicament, the following can be stated with absolute confidence.

“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a
critical level of advancement, without being informed by
spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the planetary
civilization will relinquish its destiny to continue 
as it is.”

~ Cosmic Convergence Research Group

(Source: Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation)


There is perhaps no greater threat to the biosphere than the reverse terraforming techniques that are now being employed around the globe 24/7.

Sometimes referred to as geoengineering, the power elite have been pushing the edge of the envelope by methodically altering the troposphere (and surface of the Earth) in ways that are quite perilous.

The real problem with the weather modification programs is that the geoengineers don’t know what they’re doing.   They are playing with powerful forces of the universe in a way that puts the whole world at great risk.  As follows:

Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

Where this highly hazardous tinkering will lead is anyone’s guess but one thing is sure: things are going to get much worse before they get better unless We the People shut down the totalitarian technocracy, once and for all.  What that looks like is anyone’s guess, but what must happen sooner than later is that irresponsible scientific experimentation and dangerous technological innovation must be put into check.

The present condition of planet Earth stands as a testament to the awesome amount of needless death and destruction because scientists and technocrats want to play with the forces of creation in an exceedingly irresponsible and precarious manner.

The unrelenting chemical geoengineering and perilous use of Directed Energy Weapons across America are just two glaring examples of this extremely dangerous behavior.

American people now under constant attack

The United States of America has become ground zero for the forces of darkness.  Nowhere else on Earth are so many agents of anarchy and chaos working overtime to sow seeds of chaos and destruction, anarchy and discontent.  The demonic entities are so out-of control right now that nearly everyone is susceptible to their highly destructive and often deadly mischief.

No other country has been targeted with so many false flag operations as the USA.  False flag mass shootings are now a weekly event.  Gladio-style bombings are also used from time to time but are seen mostly in Europe and other unstable regions of the world.  The U.S. military, working closely with NATO (read: North Atlantic Terrorist Organization), is responsible for virtually all of these attacks on innocent civilians.  Because the citizenry is so brainwashed by the mainstream media, they fail to question the official narrative surrounding these CIA-coordinated black operations.

Then there are the state-sponsored acts of environmental terrorism.  These episodes of weather warfare are extraordinarily devastating and genocidal.  The most recent geoengineered superstorm — Hurricane Michael — is just one example of weaponized weather being used to wipe out a large swath of the Florida Panhandle just before the 2018 midterm elections.  Doing so by the globalists forced the 3 major elections into recounts. See: HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!

Who has not seen or heard what just took place in California during this past November?!  Again, weaponized weather has been utilized there for years to create drought conditions which then are used to trigger enormous and raging wildfires.  These terrifying conflagrations have only gotten more ferocious and fatal with each successive year; 2018 and 2017 being the worst [MANUFACTURED] wildfire seasons ever.

Many folks were literally burned to a crisp right where they sat or drove.  They did not know about the ongoing OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA.  Nor were they aware that they could be a victim of genocide at any moment. See: OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: It’s GENOCIDE!

Therefore, it’s really best to stay vigilant during these rapidly evolving and exceedingly unpredictable times.  Things are jumping off more than ever and without the slightest warning.  Hence, the CCRG advises everyone who reads this status report to be on guard like never before.  All of these attacks are designed to put the American people on edge according to a well-planned “strategy of tension” devised by Operation Gladio.

The Comet-Planet

There is also the distinct possibility of receiving a visit from a planetary interloper orbiting near our Solar System.

The archeological records are replete with instances of Earth-wide catastrophism.  Satellite views of the crust of the Earth indicate that there have been many events which have caused enormous impacts from above.

However, the real 800-pound gorilla in this neck of the woods is a periodic phenomenon known as Hercolubus or Nibiru.  This is the type of event that could actually trigger an axial pole shift, not just a magnetic pole shift.

HERCOLUBUS: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era

Not much has to be said if the Phoenix Moment takes the form of a massive comet-planet intruding upon the Solar System.  Were such a heavenly body interloper to make an unannounced visit, surely the reigning order would be abruptly shaken up and quite dramatically so.


It’s now apparent that we are on the cusp of an unparalleled planetary event of truly immense proportions.

When it will occur? Where it will take place?  How it will happen?  And exactly what will transpire in the aftermath remains to be seen.  Truly, there is something very BIG in the offing as many are beginning to suspect.

Not only will a Phoenix Moment soon unfold, it will serve as a direly needed catharsis throughout every sphere of life.  From the highest perspective, this long prophesied eventuality is really what humanity requires at this pivotal point of physical evolution and spiritual development

Such a planetary cleansing occurs periodically over the ages as a means of rejuvenating the biosphere for each successive race of humanity that takes up residence here.

The good news is that the state of the collective consciousness dictates to a great degree the outcomes that will soon manifest.

For a deeper understanding of where we really are in this rapidly unfolding divine plan, the following extended essay is presented:

Master Plan Of The Ages

The TRUMP effect

There is a wild card in this End Time scenario that goes by the name of President Donald Trump.  His actions and words have stirred the pot like no other world leader in modern history.

Just a single event known as the “Envelope Affair”, which recently occurred at the Poppy Bush funeral, has the potential to kick over the whole monopoly game board.  That’s the game board that is owned lock, stock and barrel by the banksters, of course.

Something quite HUGE is about to go down: Martial Law, Military Tribunals or Both?

The very fact that Trump shut down the U.S. government actually bodes very well for the nation as well as for the world-at-large.  This shutdown is giving the American people a perfect opportunity to see just how little the government really does.  It’s will also reveal the profound and pervasive damage inflicted by the Deep State-run U.S. Federal Government both domestically and internationally. See GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Good! Keep it shut down so that We the People … can see how worthless, wasteful and woeful it is.

The bottom line here is that only when the USA fundamentally changes it’s bellicose behavior will there be any chance of an enduring world peace.  Such an eventuality would then make a full-scale Phoenix Moment quite unnecessary.

Hopefully the American people will soon shut down their war machine for the good of their country as well as the planet.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
January 1, 2019


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