The BIGGEST Manipulation of History in History

When Churchianity Replaced
True Christianity

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

How do we begin the retelling of a story which has been told more than any other throughout Western Civilization over the past two thousand years?

In this portrayal of what is perhaps the most important piece of history for the current race of humanity, extraordinary and rarely considered evidence will be presented which cannot be ignored. First and foremost, as we reveal the most startling facets of this divine epic, we mean to offend no one.  Above all, we impart the newly emerging details of this revised religious saga with the utmost respect for all the world’s religions, their respective denominations, and especially their devoted and sincere adherents.

The story you are about to hear may appear to depart significantly from the narrative that has been passed down through the centuries; nevertheless the central message is still the same.  However, with this new telling, that sacred message is yet more sublime and inspiring than ever, as well as more easily accessible to every spiritual seeker.  We hope you agree and trust that you will patiently consider its profound meaning and awesome implications for the whole of humankind. 

Every civilization is built on a foundation of core spiritual beliefs, predominant religious traditions and accepted philosophical systems. Those individuals who take the lead in designing and constructing the various components of civil society build on this critical foundation. Therefore, it is very important that it be sound and strong since every sphere of life will be influenced in a most profound and fundamental way by these spiritual and religious influences.

Each institution and system – political, economic, financial, social, scientific, academic, etc. – that develops will inevitably possess the imprints of those prevailing schools of thought, as well as acquire the imprimatur of the highest authorities which serve as the gatekeepers for what is allowed and incorporated into the society.

It is self evident that the more these foundational paradigms depart from spiritual truth, natural law and time-honored scriptural precepts, the more imperfect will the evolving institutions become.  Systemic flaws will eventually emerge and overtake the stated purpose of each and every institutional mandate, charter, process, procedure, protocol, etc. Welcome to the 21st century!

In the most dramatic cases, peace-making is used as a cover for war-mongering, disseminating falsehoods is passed off as truth-telling, and hate masquerades as love.   Illustrating this dynamic, many political, social and/or economic institutions have morphed into the opposite of what they are tasked to accomplish. A particularly glaring and apt example for this essay is how the US Department of War morphed into the Department of Defense.  Our modern society, which emerged from Western Civilization, provides numerous illustrations of this tragic transformation across a vast spectrum of societal institutions.

What’s the point of this introduction?

Because one of the foundational religious paradigms of Western civilization was based on an historically inaccurate epic, much of what issues forth from that religious story is factually untrue.  Therefore, what has been built upon this flawed foundation is likewise vulnerable to all past criticisms, present calls to reveal the truth, as well as future attempts to correctly revise the historical record.

The Most Massive Manipulation of History in History

To fully apprehend the profundity and pervasiveness of the false narrative surrounding the life of Jesus the Christ one has to only consider the following central points of the Roman Catholic religion. Each of these articles of faith is based on patently false notions which have been repeatedly exposed over the course of 2000 years.

I. That Jesus Christ is the ONLY “Son of God”
Such a false premise performs two functions (i) it subordinates all other Gods and gods to Jesus the Christ and (ii) it allows and encourages the subjugation of all other religions to Christianity. The bi-millennial supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church over world affairs stands as testimony to the success of this global mind control program.

II. That the Pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth
That the pope is the divinely chosen and authentic representative of Christ on earth has empowered the Christian nations to reign over all others as they have for two millennia. Centuries of colonization have taken place under the religious command of the Vatican; all European imperialism has been blessed by the papcacy.

III. That eternal hell and damnation await those who have been so judged by the God
This false teaching precludes the reality of reincarnation. All who find themselves in eternal hell after death cannot be reincarnated to live a better life. Would an infinitely compassionate and merciful God ever judge anyone so harshly and punish so severely?

IV. That Jesus rose from the dead three days after being crucified on a cross
The only way to deify a prophet is to confer upon them Godly powers. Nothing does that better than rising from the dead and ascending into heaven in the flesh. Such a concocted story is the defining moment of Jesus’ life on earth, as well as one that separates him from all the other deities who never rose from the dead.

V. That Jesus redeemed all believers by dying for their sins
This ruse removes all responsibility from those who have created bad karma for themselves. Now all they have to do is say they believe in Jesus and they are magically freed from all of the fruit of their sinful behavior. This religio-psycho dynamic places the highest value on loyalty to churchianity – the intercessor between Jesus and man. When such personal accountability is superseded by paying lip service to being saved by Jesus, the world was easier to take over by Christian zealots and Jesus fanatics.

VI. That Jesus was born of a Virgin and whose conception occurred without the involvement of a man
That the Blessed Virgin Mary was a virgin is quite likely the case and very easy to believe; that she bore a child in the absence of the human mating ritual, however was another way to deify both Holy Mother and Child. Such a narrative was also borrowed from other religious mythology which pre-dated Christianity and drawn from different regions of the Roman Empire.

VII. That Jesus’ teaching to “Turn the other cheek” is appropriate for all people, in all places, at all times
This teaching was distorted with the specific intention of convincing the oppressed that is was okay to be oppressed. That the only righteous way to respond to those who wish to subjugate you is to go with the flow and not fight back either non-violently or with fierce self defense. And so the world’s poor and downtrodden currently sit in plantations the size of countries.

VIII. That only those who accept Jesus Christ as their “Lord and Savior” will be saved from the fires of hell
This is where the mind control program went into overdrive for the past hundred years with the support of the philosophical foundation of the Spanish Inquisition. Can there be a greater threat issued to the billions of ‘non-believers’ and ‘pagans’, ‘heathen’ and ‘heretics’ of the world than this not-so-veiled threat of eternal damnation?!

This completes the short list of the most powerful and purposeful mind control programming associated with the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the vast majority of Protestant sects and denominations. Because of its effectiveness in moving the masses in a particular direction over centuries, it has become necessary to expose it for what it truly is — a series of deliberate deceptions perpetrated upon the unsuspecting to pit religion against religion in the name of God.

The key formulas and basic equations in this scheme to exert control over world governance begin with the heart and minds, bodies and souls of the believers. Once a soul is sufficiently captured by the false Christian paradigm (as opposed to the true Christian paradigm), the individual can be moved in virtually any direction that those who wish to control want to move them. That direction is typically toward the enlistment of bodies and minds to take up arms for the sake of of economic robbery, financial theft or natural resource plunder/pillage. (Please refer to the Middle Eastern landscape throughout the last one hundred plus years.).

The Most Massive Manipulation of History in History” is but one variant of the title of this article, and now you will find out why:

CAESARION: The Greatest Story Never Told

Caesarion was Jesus the Christ

That the life of the historical figure Caesarion, son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, was the primary persona which was appropriated to fabricate Jesus the Christ. However, it is very important to point out that there are several other personages which have also contributed to this extraordinary amalgamation of persona and deification, events and happenings, teachings and parables, trials and tribulations, short sojourns and long journeys, which have been told about the life of Jesus.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: December 25, 2011

Author’s Note:

We mean no disrespect whatsoever by posting the revelations in this essay.  Most of us in the Cosmic Convergence Research Group were born into and raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  We are all deeply grateful for and forever indebted to the Message of Jesus Christ.  It has shaped our lives and informed our spirituality in the most profound and integral ways.

The retelling of this “greatest story never told” in no way diminishes the power of the Gospel of Jesus.  Nor does it relegate him to a status of anything less than divine — God incarnate.  He remains a great deity in the firmament of hundreds of deities who have taken birth on the Earth plane in order to uplift humanity.

Lastly, please understand that, even though we have overturned many long-held beliefs and historical accounts, these refutations serve to infuse the true story with much more power and authenticity.  In so doing the story of Jesus the Christ has taken on an even greater significance and deeper meaning. Truly, that Jesus the Christ was actually Caesarion opens up huge opportunities for reconciliation between all the major Western religions, just as such a notion confers a new and catalyzing power on original message of Jesus.

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