MILITARY INTEL REPORT Proves Government Has Known 5G Radio-frequency Ranges & Microwave Radiation Are Harmful to Human Health

5Ggate Explodes

DIA Published a Chilling Report on the Extreme Dangers of
Electromagnetic and Microwave Radiation in 1976

State of the Nation

What follows is an unclassified report published by the Defense Intelligence Agency under the title:


This once classified scientific report was prepared by the U.S. Army Medical Intelligence and Service Agency, Office of the Surgeon General and published in March of 1976.

That means the U.S. Federal Government has known that the electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation necessary to establish a 5G power grid are extremely dangerous to human health and quite damaging to the environment.

This also indicates that the Trump administration has zealously promoted the ongoing military deployment of 5G across the country in spite of overwhelming evidence of being exceedingly unsafe to every man, woman and child (and pet).

How such a precarious situation has been allowed to develop in several major cities can only be described as a highly complex criminal conspiracy to deceive the American people.

Here’s Exhibit A in this open-and-shut case against the US government:

The far-reaching ramifications of this shock report will surely provide the necessary legal basis for the following $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit against the 5G roll-out.

5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit

For all U.S. citizens and attorneys who wish to be a party to this lawsuit, please see the following abridged version of the official U.S. Government publication distributed in March 1976.


This extensive research project clearly demonstrates that the authorities had well over 40 years to fully understand the highly deleterious effects of 5G and respond accordingly. Instead, successive administrations ignored the obvious health hazards and severe environmental impacts and have even appropriated massive funding in 2019 to significantly accelerate the 5G roll-out.

This type of government corruption and malfeasance cannot and should be tolerated. The health and well-being of all future generations has been deliberately put in great jeopardy. Likewise, the continuity of the American Republic is at serious risk, and the welfare of every citizen now hangs in the balance.

State of the Nation
August 29, 2019

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