OPERATION SUPERSTORM DORIAN: A Geoengineered Hurricane Weaponized and Targeting Florida—Why?

Another Geoengineered Hurricane Tornado
with a Political Purpose

Are the NWO globalists targeting Florida’s 29 electoral votes with this developing superstorm?

State of the Nation

Where exactly will the geoengineers target in Florida and how powerful will they make Hurricane Dorian at landfall?

Let’s be clear, hurricane season comes to the Southeast each and every year without fail. Sometimes the hurricanes hit the various coastlines; sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they turn into superstorms; most times they don’t.

However, and it’s a HUGE however, the geoengineers have repeatedly proven that they can take a formed hurricane in the Atlantic and transform it into a superstorm and then steer the weather weapon into any target they so choose. See PROOF: Hurricane Michael was a geoengineered superstorm attack on Florida red counties (Video)

Remember: The geoengineers always have the perogative of amping up a small, natural storm into a raging monster superstorm. See HURRICANE DORIAN: THE MAN-MADE STORM (Video)

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was smashed into the Florida Panhandle coastline in just this manner. The geoengineers basically fabricated a storm off the Yucatan coast and then steered it ever so slowly northward. At the last minute the globalists gave their orders to rev it up from a Cat 1 or 2 to a Cat 5 mega-hurricane. That dramatic and deliberate intensification of Michael by the geoengineers caught the region totally off guard and destroyed whole communities that have yet to recover. It also killed hundreds of people and their pets.

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!

KEY POINT: In light of that transparent manipulation of Hurricane Michael into a virtual “hurricane tornado”, it’s now evident that the geoengineers can, and will, morph these superstorms into deadly and devastating weather weapons.

It’s important to note that Michael was still a Cat 4 when it was clocked in southern Georgia. This has NEVER happened before. Those hurricane-hardened folks never had a chance after they chose not to leave because they were purposefully tricked by the geoengineers. The final death toll — IN THE THOUSANDS — was far higher than ever reported in order to downplay the true severity of that apocalyptic weather attack.

Because Michael was rated as a Cat 4 and not the Cat 5 it truly was, the many battered communities suffered tremendously without desperately needed federal aid. For this reason, some of those same communities still lie in tatters with very little prospect for rebuilding.

Hurricane Dorian

With Hurricane Dorian now approaching the central Florida coastline it’s easy to see how the same disaster can play out. The geoengineers are notorious for slamming these mega hurricanes into the coastline in a way that inflicts maximum damage via both wind and water. Therefore, it’s imperative that every resident of Florida watch the slow-motion development of this potential superstorm as closely as possible.

The evolution of Dorian is strange for several reasons, as is the media blitz that seems to be intent on triggering PTSD symptoms in folks who have lived through so many calamitous hurricanes. Oftentimes these superstorms are exaggerated by the MSM to trigger that PTSD reaction within the populace. Other times they are intentionally manufactured into desolating weather weaponry.

Only time will tell what the globalist cabal plans to do with this staged false flag attack on the Florida peninsula (false flag because these frankenstorms are falsely blamed on Mother Nature when the geoengineers are truly responsible).

Nevertheless, it’s for certain that the geoengineers will use this opportunity to further perfect their chemical engineering and HAARP-frequency techniques, as well as integrate the NEXRAD Doppler radar transmitters and moisture-producing power plants into the technological mix. The very same perps utilized all of these means and others to direct Hurricane Harvey in to the greater Houston Area in August of 2017. See Hurricane Harvey: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targets Texas—WHY?

Political Purpose

There’s no question that the projected path of Dorian is putting the eye of the hurricane right over Florida’s famous I-4 corridor—“Where presidents get picked”. This corridor represents Florida’s political center, where the Right dukes it out with the Left each and every election cycle. It’s well known among election pundits that, whichever POTUS candidate wins over this voting demographic, takes Florida. And, whoever takes Florida wins the White House.

There’s also the distinct possibility that this mega-hurricane will make landfall at the greater West Palm Beach area—home to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. (Is the “Do” in Dorian a subtle hint regarding The Donald?) Should the geoengineers wind-bomb Trump’s Florida back yard, then the message is even more politically charged. He can also expect the globalist cabal to run a string of other October Surprises from now until Election Day. An extraordinarily active hurricane season would certainly fit this particular NWO agenda.

KEY POINT: Even if Dorian never hits Florida, it’s likely to make landfall somewhere on the Atlantic coastline in the South. In which case Trump is quite likely to muck it up with his conservative constituency—AGAIN! Which then gives Deep State another big win going into 2020.

Trump’s Hurricane

Many of us here in Florida feel strongly that Dorian is tailor-made for President Trump. His flagrant negligence in dealing with Michael has shown that he’s really not in the Oval Office to help the citizenry. Not only was the virtually non-existent federal response quite embarrassing, the Panhandle residents still have received very little material aid or financial assistance.

KEY POINT: Just because the Democrats have controlled the Puerto Rican government for years does not mean the people should be neglected and abandoned by a Republican POTUS. Those people were in a world of hurt after two major hurricane strikes (Cat 5 Maria & Cat 4 Jose); many died and sustained serious injuries with no help in sight for long periods of time. Given the unparalleled devastation, the only thing that made sense was for Trump to mobilize the military and surround the whole island to get the aid where it was immediately needed. Instead, Trump really failed the entire island community by getting into a political cat fight that continues to this very day. Emergency aid sat for months in places that could not be reached, or it could not be transported to the devastated and/or isolated locales,

Furthermore, Trump’s reckless and shocking lack of response to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of two back-to-back hurricanes exposed him as a cynical politician carelessly playing politics over saving lives. Just because that island has political problems does not mean that a POTUS should magnify them during their moment of greatest need. That’s just what Trump did, and he will forever be remembered as the President who woefully failed the people of Puerto Rico.

Trump’s disaster response to the 2017 hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico was a bigger disaster

Now that Trump has an established reputation for criminal neglect in the wake of these superstorms, it appears the globalists are using Dorian to really make him look bad. The Democrats need to take the state of Florida in 2020 and the globalists will do anything to deliver those 29 electoral votes to them.

The folks in the Panhandle will never vote for Trump again. His lack of support can still be seen wherever Michael hit. That’s a fairly large group of voters on the Right. Should Trump screw up the federal response to Dorian, it’s guaranteed that he’ll lose Florida. Given his resolve to MIGA instead of MAGA, the odds are that he will not react appropriately. Now if Israel was hit by a hurricane, there would be all sorts of emergency aid dropped all over that apartheid nation in a New York minute right before Trump released an overly generous financial aid package to Tel Aviv.

Surely the globalists know Trump well and have thought through the great likelihood that Trump will find a way to totally ef it up once Dorian passes through. Quite unbelievably, as Dorian headed toward Puerto Rico, Trump Boasted the He’s “Best Thing That’s Ever Happened” To Puerto Rico As Dorian Headed For Landfall.

BOTTOM LINE: If a POTUS cannot even look out for the American people during the aftermath of highly destructive and deadly superstorms, then why are they even there? Throughout one of the worst flood seasons in the Midwest, President Trump has been literally bankrupting farmers with his wrongheaded trade wars, instead of bailing them out. And, whoever does get any federal aid are the wealthiest corporate farms because those rich Big Agra donors made HUGE campaign contributions to you know you. Trump also did nothing to help the victims of the California firestorms and instead held a pissing contest with California’s insane government. Again, it was the rural conservative CA counties that got burned out by those geoengineered arsonist-started wildfires; whole patriot communities were firestormed out of existence in a flash. And what has the prez done for them?

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation

Political fallout: Trump seems to be unaware that when his base has been so neglected after so many ‘natural’ and unnatural disasters, the political fallout will add up — BIG TIME — on November 3, 2020. Where this Alt Media network helped mightily to deliver Florida to him in 2016, especially the I-4 corridor, no one here will lift a finger for him during this campaign season. FL Members of SOTN will not support Trump’s re-election efforts for these and other very significant reasons (such as his zealous promotion of the exceedingly dangerous 5G roll-out). See: The Military Deployment of 5G is a Slow Motion Extinction Level Event

CAVEAT: People, no matter where Dorian hits, it’s imperative that everyone in Florida be on guard. Don’t be deceived like the unfortunate victims of Michael. The geoengineers possess the advanced technology to manipulate both direction and intensity in ways that were once thought impossible. If they manufacture another “hurricane tornado”, it’s gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY, and faster than you can imagine! As for Trump, he only cares about Mar-a-Lago, which is exactly why he recently floated the absurd idea of using nuclear weapons to halt hurricanes. He’ll do virtually anything to protect his own property; as for the rest of US….

State of the Nation
August 29, 2019

Author’s Note

An SOTN editor took a bus from Tallahassee to Panama City after Michael devastated the entire area. They said it looked like someone dropped an atomic bomb the damage was so pervasive and profound. They’d never seen anything like it. When the Trump administration did practically nothing to support the desperate residents right here in Florida Panhandle (also known as Trump country), we knew he would NOT be re-elected.

Editor’s Note

This Alt Media platform in no way supports even a single communist/socialist/marxist/bolshevik Democrat, so insane
is that entire party. This means that, if Trump really blows
it between now and November 3, 2020, the Right will be in
extremely serious trouble. Especially after the Left steals
every election in sight thereby controlling both chambers
of the U.S. Congress.


Why was Hurricane Michael just upgraded to a Cat 5 at 161 mph? What took the experts so long when folks desperately needed Federal Emergency aid?

Was HURRICANE MICHAEL really a Cat 5 superstorm downgraded for political purposes in order to shirk financial reimbursement obligations?

Update 1

Not long after this article was posted, the following revised map was posted with the new tracking of Hurricane Dorian. Wow, how do massive hurricanes just change direction on a dime … … … unless they are being steered by geoengineers?! And, conveniently avoiding landfall in Florida, too. It’s like there’s a NASA gremlin in the eye of the hurricane piloting the frankenstorm to wherever they want to terrorize, and then traumatize with post-hurricane devastation. Talk about a made-to-order Hollyweird horror flick! (Please know that SOTN frequently makes pre-emptive strikes against the Deep State globalists in order to thwart various calamities in the making. Hence, this exposé was sent to both NASA and NOAA.)

Update 2

As usual the geoengineers have been caught with their pants down. Every hurricane has its own radar signatures and other technical markers which should reflect the natural behavior of an evolving storm. Gross deviations from the well-established historical patterns and scientific data of natural hurricanes is a dead giveaway that Dorian is being geoengineered. The obvious chemical geoengineering being conducted in the same vicinity, as well as HAARP-like frequencies being disseminated, are telltale signatures of a manufactured frankenstorm. See: SCIENTIFIC PROOF that Hurricane Dorian is Manmade (Video)

Update 3

As seen in the past, Dorian has ben hijacked and purposely slow down so it can be used as a HUGE distraction event. Not only is it wrecking Labor Day holiday for millions in its wake, it’s distracting from so many government scandals and real conspiracies plaguing the USA today. Moreover, horrifying dramas like Dorian can trigger mass PTSD symptoms which then allow the social engineers to manipulate the collective consciousness of those affected. This frankenstorm has been quite obviously slowed down in order to make it the main event of the holiday weekend. “Dorian” comes from “Doris”, which means “from the sea” and was the name for a sea nymph in Greek mythology.

Update 4

The are now several means by which a mega-storm like Dorian can be steered and intensified at will. In addition to those previously mentioned, the geoengineers can also use advanced techniques such as Cloud Ionization, Electric Rainmaking, and Laser-guided Weather Modification. Satellite-based Lasers are becoming more prevalent in space just as Ionospheric Heaters are on the ground such as the facility in Puerto Rico which similar to HAARP in Alaska. See HURRICANE DORIAN: A Manufactured and Directed Superstorm (Video)

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