The Deep State, the IMF and the Fleecing of Ukraine

“Communism is Jewish Cabalism, a Satanic Cult
that inverts reality and morality”

— Eustace Mullin, Author of “The Secrets of The Federal Reserve”

“The impeachment farce is basically a Jewish Affair”

— Israeli Daily Haaretz

by Patrick J. McShay

I’ve written quite a bit about the unrelenting vitriol directed at President Trump by members of the media, especially so from Jewish members of the media. I’ve also written that the vast majority of the Jewish members of the Congress and Senate are Democrats with dual Israeli citizenship who are the driving force behind the impeachment of our president.

Despite the fact that nearly everyone involved in this process is Jewish, the American media always has trouble with the truth when it comes to reporting these events honestly. It’s interesting then that the two leading newspapers in Israel have noticed that the impeachment of Donald Trump is a Jewish operation!

Israeli writer Israel Shamir writes, “The soul or the engine behind the impeachment is Adam Schiff; next is the Chief Interrogator Daniel Sachs Goldman” with his impressive tribal roots, and last but not least this century’s best example of a “Doctor Evil” type character, George Soros.

The Jewish hate group, the Anti-Defamation League, recently cautioned that any criticism of the openly anti-American Soros is anti-Semitic. I wonder if they are aware that Mr. Soros has admitted spending billions of dollars destabilizing Ukraine before the Obama led coup against the duly elected Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich?

The Jerusalem Post in a recent article, “The Jewish Players In The Trump Impeachment Saga” points out that many of the same Jews behind the Russia collusion hoax are also behind this push to impeach Trump.

We’ve got the usual Kosher suspects like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, David Cicilline, Jackie Spier, Elliot Engel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Jan Schakowsky, Brad Sherman, Nita Lowey and others who are suspected of having dual Israeli citizenship, which should not be allowed if you seek public office much less be the driving force in throwing out an election and a sitting president!

All of the Jewish Democrats in the US Senate are pushing for impeachment led by Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Diane Feinstein. One of the only subjects the Jews in Washington have cooperated with Trump on has been approving assistance to Israel. What they are most interested in is gun control, open borders, and abortion on demand.

If the Jews in Israel believe it is strange that American Jews in our government are railroading an American President with impeachment, why in the world would it be anti-Semitic for the American people to find it equally strange?

Other Jews who have played a role in this witch hunt are:

*Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

*Former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko–He was chosen by Obama’s Jewish Under Secretary of State, Neo-Con Victoria Nuland following the bloody coup in Kiev orchestrated by the US, Israel and the EU. It was Nuland, who no doubt gave Soros, already operating in Ukraine, the green light to expand his operations there. Poroshenko sat on the council of the National Bank of Ukraine and collaborated with Wall Street, the IMF and the EU. Let the pillaging begin.

*US Ambassador Gordon Sondland– Since his testimony, Mr. Sondland has had several dubious accusations of sexual impropriety leveled at him!

*Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

*Igor Fruman- Giuliani associate

*Lev Parnas – Giuliani associate

Did Trump believe that moving the Embassy to Jerusalem and backing off of longstanding policy in the Golan Heights and the West Bank would keep the wolves at bay?

Israel Shamir points out that Joe Biden wasn’t the only one getting a piece of the pie through US State Department meddling. He said that George Soros now has numerous NGO’s operating in Ukraine and that Ambassador Yovanovitch shilled for them. In her testimony witness, Fiona Hill said it was anti-Semitic to tie Soros to State Department employees. Hmmm…

…It turns out another witness, George Kent, demanded that the Ukrainian government stop their investigation into the Soros NGO, “The Anti Corruption Action Center”, and Ambassador Yovanovitch called for the ousting of the newly appointed anti-corruption prosecutor.

The Biden’s are the tip of the corruption iceberg in Ukraine and it sounds like these witnesses were more interested in covering up illegal operations run by the Democrats than rooting out corruption!

Judicial Watch reported that the State Department utilized a powerful Facebook owned social media tracking tool linked to George Soros to unlawfully monitor US conservative figures, journalists, and persons with ties to Donald Trump.

With another round of testimony coming this week, there is more information that has been kept from the public now being revealed about Soros and the Biden’s that the media has ignored.

From a piece at in 2014, they reported on an interview Fareed Zakaria did with George Soros where he admitted that he was responsible for setting up a foundation that contributed to the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the State Department.

Soros admitted that he spent $5 billion destabilize Ukraine and The State Department admits to spending $5 billion on ‘democratization programs’ in Ukraine. The protests in the country were organized by the CIA and the State Department. Obama worked with the globalists to destroy and pillage Ukraine and they weren’t finished when Trump was elected. One thing the globalist pirates didn’t want in the White House was a reformer.

Coup leaders worked with the FBI and the CIA to eliminate separatists opposed to the new government put in place by Victoria Nuland and the State Department. This was no grassroots movement, this was violent regime change and seizing the spoils of war done the Obama way, completely covered up by his friends in the media.

The so-called whistleblower against Trump, Eric Ciaramella, the quintessential Deep State plant, was close to Barack Obama and many individuals connected to George Soros. He worked with Biden on Ukraine and worked directly for Susan Rice.

How could Trump have this guy working in the White House; was he even vetted? Why didn’t Trump clean house when he took office the same way Obama did? Trump needs to explain to his base why so many Obama holdovers weren’t properly vetted.

Jim Hoft with the reports that Trump’s Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson was outed as a Deep State traitor when it was found that he altered the whistleblower report to allow for second-hand information from this whistleblower.

Atkinson also supervised the FBI lovers Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer (Not to be confused with FBI traitors Lisa Page and Peter Strzok), who altered a FISA warrant to illegally spy on the Trump team and it was learned that Moyer referred to Trump supporters as retarded. But the cherry on top is that Atlkinsion’s wife worked with Glenn Simpson and the traitors at Fusion GPS who were behind the salacious Trump dossier! You can’t make this stuff up!

According to L. Todd Wood with CD Media, Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Onyschenko provided them with information on a transaction in 2013 which shows the Biden Group received $12 million in illegal kickbacks to gain influence with Burisma, a group controlled by Mykola Zlochevsky.

This $12 million payment was received by the Biden group before Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma! Got that?

Onyschenko also said that Hillary Clinton received $10 million from Burisma and that shady Joe Biden personally prevented a witness to the money laundering operation from entering the US. Onyschenko says he was warned by a Senior FBI Agent not to talk to the media about any of this! I wonder which FBI official he was talking about? Will we find out?

If appearances mean anything, It certainly looks like the Democrat Party operates like an organized crime syndicate!

The Washington Examiner reported that an investment firm, Rosemont Capitol, linked to Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s Step-Son Chris Heinz, received over $130 million in Federal bailout loans while his father was Vice President. Then, the profits routed through a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands. This sounds like a John Grisham novel!

Joe Biden says “nothing to see here” and the complicit media covers it up. And just where is former President Obama? Why won’t these traitors in the media do their job and track down the former President and ask him what he knows about the rampant criminality on his watch?

Why is no one talking about this in the media? Will the liars on Fox keep bringing on pundits who claim that Joe Biden did nothing wrong.

If they really wanted to get to the bottom of this, they could bring in former NSA Senior Executive turned whistleblower William Binney who has already proven that the Russians didn’t hack our election or Hillary’s server. There is a reason they haven’t had him on Fox in over 2 years. Why are they perpetuating this Russian hacking nonsense since it was proven a lie?

Trump needs to tell the American people why Julian Assange is wasting away in an English prison while he is one of the few people on the planet that knows who hacked Hillary’s server and who was in possession of her missing e-mails.

He is also likely one of the few people on the planet who can tell us what happened to Seth Rich who was murdered on a dark D.C. street. Trump is either getting bad advice or there is some other nefarious reason Assange is still behind bars because this doesn’t make any sense.

The people behind the Internet censorship of Conservative and Christian content are the same people behind the Russian hoax and the coup to take down Trump.

Trump’s surprise win had the same affect on these Deep State criminals as turning on a light in a dark room full of Cockroaches; they’ve scattered but they can’t hide. They are hoping that Bill Barr decides to cover up the bulk of the most damaging information. Let’s hope they’re wrong.

This is no impeachment! The media allow false accusations to control the narrative while the real criminals are protected. Sadly, it is the American people who will suffer the consequences and likely won’t even know why!

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