A HUGE Course Correction for Humanity

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

A rapidly expanding global pandemic like the Wuhan coronavirus doesn’t just happen unless it was designed that way.

At this point, it doesn’t even matter who the real perpetrators are.  It doesn’t even really matter what their plots and purposes were and still are; for once this pandemic went global, as it’s doing in a BIG way, it became clear that this pernicious coronavirus plague has a much higher purpose behind it.

Civilization in chaos

Never in human history has the entire planetary civilization seen and experienced so much chaos in every sphere of life.  Truly, pandemonium reigns everywhere across the planet as never before.

KEY POINTS: “Chaos and pandemonium” refer to the complete breakdown of what is known as “dharma” in the East.  Dharma is the foundational law and order of human civilization, as well as of the Universe.  Dharma is always aligned with divine law, natural law, universal law, cosmic law, authentic scriptural law, etc.  When those various bodies of ancient law are whimsically broken and the sacred codes overturned as they are on planet Earth today, what else could be expected?  Whenever the most sacrosanct and immutable social norms are shattered by so many, divine retribution is just around the corner.

Every city and state, every nation and continent is now plagued with problems that are unsolvable.  Given the prevailing collective consciousness of each region of the world, the most difficult obstacles have become insurmountable.  This rapidly deteriorating predicament urgently required a divine response.  The accelerating downward spiral had to be somehow arrested and reversed before a total collapse of societies took place worldwide.

In light of this stark reality, there was only one way forward for a human race hellbent in its race to the bottom:

The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic

Really, is there a better wake-up call for all of humanity than this coronavirus pandemic?

No, there isn’t!

Which is exactly why this global health crisis and challenge will serve as a:

“A HUGE Course Correction for Humanity”

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
February 28, 2020

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