KALI YUGA: Age of Quarrel and Conflict

The Darkest and Densest of the Four Ages

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The Kali Yuga is perhaps the most misunderstood of the four major ages.  It is well described by the Hindu scriptures and accurately defined in Indian cosmology.  The purpose of this essay is to, first and foremost, dispel some of the misconceptions about the actual duration — from beginning to end — of the Kali Yuga.

Over millennia, incorrect scriptural interpretations originating in India have been passed down within the various Brahminic traditions on this subject.  These misinterpretations and wrong understanding were then unwittingly disseminated by pundits and brahmins, scholars and laymen alike.   Once codified, this incorrect information has been blindly accepted and repeated by the masses, especially the uninitiated who haven’t any idea of the proper context or the basic intellectual understanding.

As a general overview, there is usually common acceptance about the existence of four major ages, which always begins with the Golden Age.  Known as Satya Yuga in India, satya means truth or truthfulness. Hence, the Satya Yuga, or Golden Age, is one in which truthfulness predominates across the land.  When truth and justice are so predominant in every sphere of life, the world lives in peace and harmony, brotherhood and prosperity. Virtually every culture and civilization across the planet, down through history, speaks of a time when there existed a Golden Age.  And so it was … until it was time for the transition into a less ‘perfect’ age.

The age following the Satya Yuga is known as the Treta Yuga, also known as the Silver Age.  There is known to be a perceptible deterioration in the quality of life between these two ages, just as there is between all of the different ages.  The Treta Yuga is in turn followed by the Dvapara Yuga, which is also known as the Copper Age.  Just as each precious metal becomes less pure and refined, the names of these yugas conversely reflect the degradation of civilization as they inexorably unfold upon the earth plane.

The Kali Yuga: When War Becomes Commonplace

This brings us to the last of the four ages known as the Kali Yuga.  Also called the Iron Age because of the pervasive use of steel and other products made of iron, the Kali Yuga is well known for the marriage of war and “iron weapons” of war.  By the introduction of weapons made of steel into every theatre of war has the entire planetary landscape and seascape been irreparably transformed.  Consequently, we see the rapid deterioration of the global environment unique to this Kali Yuga, especially wherever wars are waged, conflicts are fought and skirmishes occur every day.

The definitions of Kali are many and multi-layered.  Kali, depending on the context, can mean quarrel, conflict, strife, discord or contention.  Therefore, these attributes have come to represent a defining way of life throughout the Kali Yuga.  As testimony (glaring), the headlines of virtually every newspaper or news website clearly illustrates this unfortunate, but quite inevitable, fact of life.  The very fabric of society, after all, has been woven in such a way so as to ensure that war and strife would come to dominate the entire age.  And so it has … as the history books of every nation graphically portray.  


When did the Kali Yuga it begin?  When does it really end?

The Indian scriptures are definitive about the beginning and conclusion of the Kali Yuga. The Puranas and Srimad Bhagavatam, in particular, make it clear that the Kali Yuga began with the death of Lord Krishna.  Once that date is agreed upon, the end date can be easily extrapolated.  What we do know from a variety of authoritative sources is that Lord Krishna lived and died toward the beginning of the fourth millennium B.C.  Various dates have been presented by Indian historians and scriptural authorities which all seem to indicate Krishna’s day of passing from the Earth realm somewhere between 3102 and 3113 B.C.

Regardless of the exact date of Lord Krishna’s death, the preceding window of time permits us to throw a stake in the ground.  If we choose 3113 B.C., then the year 2012 A.D. becomes understandable as the final day of the Mayan Long Count Calendar (LC).  The December 21, 2012 date, although it now appears to be unremarkable, may very well function as the beginning of the very end of Kali Yuga.   Perhaps, then, only a few years, or decades, or maybe even a century, remain until the final closing of the current age.

Particularly because specific dates are never seriously considered as a reflection of the accuracy of prophecy or prognostication, the 2012 phenomenon can be said to represent a realistic bookend.  In this regard 2012 serves as a touchstone of time, providing a signpost for what may be coming around the cosmic corner.  Certainly it points directly to the twilight period of the Kali Yuga, which all of humanity is experiencing more and more of everyday.  Do you see it?

In view of the understanding that the Mayan Calendar (Long Count) does parallel the exact time frame measuring the Kali Yuga, it becomes imperative to correct the most profound misunderstanding regarding the length of the current Iron Age.  Contrary to many misinformed sources which state that the Kali Yuga is a 432,000 year period, it is actually a five to six thousand year cycle which includes both a dawn and a twilight.  This extreme disparity (between 6000 and 432,000 years) is easily explained away by the miscalculation, which those who originally misinterpreted the holy books, performed. The relevant scriptures quite clearly delineate the necessary conversions between different systems of time which were not properly observed by those who made the original error of calculation.

When looked at though the lens of common sense, it becomes obvious that Kali Yuga could not possibly endure for another 426,000 years.  Given the profound, pervasive and irreversible damage to the planet in the current final stage, it is self evident that the Earth cannot sustain much more.  Particularly because the degeneration of the age begins to accelerate as it nears the end, points of no return are appearing on the horizon which can never be re-visited.  Lastly, anyone from whom the faculty of reason has not fled can see the proverbial writing on the wall everywhere they look.

Quite expectedly, the true facts and accurate figures, which tell the real story about the current condition of the Earth, are often ignored or distorted, withheld or worse.  Even some of the most erudite among us continue to parrot the false understanding of 432,000 years.  It’s as though the Kali Yuga itself ensured the perpetuation of this transparent falsehood in order to guarantee a quick and unanticipated ending … whenever that occurs.

Hence, we now see a vast majority of articles and essays on this subject which perpetuate the wrong end date for the Kali Yuga.  What else could be expected during this age of falsehood?  An age when the “fourth leg of the bull has been broken“, symbolizing the demise of truth and the reign of falsehood.  Welcome to the Kali Yuga!  An age literally defined by wars, rumors of war, and threats of war.  In keeping with the age, most of those wars are actually started with a multitude of lies and falsehoods associated with the false flag operations that trigger them.

The internet is a great place to evaluate the current state of affairs regarding the Kali Yuga.  Pick any topic, and then go and research it on the world wide web.  The more sensitive, delicate or volatile the topic, the more difficult it will be to find an objective and truthful source of information.  In every discipline, science or art, it has gotten increasingly more challenging to determine where to go to get the truth.  Because of the dearth of true knowledge and the glut of false information, the status quo has evolved into the current predicament defined by chaos and confusion, crisis and conflict.  The crucible of USA politics is a perfect example of how things have degenerated.


Every major Yuga transitions into the next accompanied by apocalyptic wars, natural cataclysms, social upheaval, economic calamity and government collapse. 

As we survey some of the major events of the last century, it is very easy to identify major events which have analogues to the end of the last age — the Dwapara Yuga.  Just as the Great War on the battlefield of Kurukshetra punctuated the Copper Age prior to the death of Lord Krishna, World Wars I and II of the 20th century seem to have provided a termination point for the Kali Yuga.  That doesn’t mean, however, that the current civilization is out of the woods just yet.  On the contrary, there are so many other wars, conflicts and skirmishes taking place across the planet that they could be construed — in the aggregate — as a quasi World War III.  Certainly the millions who populate the entire Middle East would attest to this likelihood.

The last several decades have likewise seen a precipitous degradation of civilization which augurs a leveling of sorts.  The tearing of the social fabric of cultures and nations everywhere is now occurring 24/7 as a result of so much sustained tension.  There are so many wedge issues which have been driven into the political debates of the USA, for instance, that reconciliation is all but impossible at this point.  The war between the red and blue states in America is a perfect example of the unbridgeable chasm which divides the citizenry of that country.

On the financial and economic front, the stock market crash of 2008 (and real estate crash of 2007) quite dramatically illustrate the inherent problems with that entire system.  As the inequalities in both wealth and income grows larger between “the haves and have nots”, many other serious social problems only become more exacerbated. Poverty and malnutrition, drug and alcohol addiction, disease and epidemics, joblessness and homelessness, are just a few of the social ills which plague modern societies everywhere.

The most serious threats to civilization are not even taken seriously.

Of course, as we perform even a cursory retrospective over the past two or three decades, we have witnessed a good number of apocalyptic events.  Particularly for those who witnessed 9/11 in NYC or DC, Hurricane Katrina in NOLA, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Haiti earthquake, the Afghanistan War or the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, is it clear that the world has forever changed in all of those places.  When all of the earthquakes and volcanoes, hurricanes and tornadoes, mudslides and wildfires, droughts and floods are considered, it is clear that Planet Earth has entered a period of massive and unstoppable change.

As scientific advancement and applied technology continue to push the edge of the envelope, there are events, both seen and unseen, that further push the entire civilization toward a full-blown ELE (extinction level event).  So much of what goes on in the arena of scientific research is simply not reported.  The most serious repercussions of the misapplication of unsound and untested technology is often not even noted or recognized. As programs such as HAARP and Chemtrails, space-based weaponry and invasive space exploration, GMO agriculture and genetic engineering become more pervasive and accepted, the inhabitants of the whole planet are placed at great risk.

The increasing scarcity of clean water alone poses a HUGE problem for humanity. Because the true causes are not only never acknowledged, but are actually exacerbated around the globe, what kind of an outcome can the populations of the world expect?  This developing environmental catastrophe alone will ultimately prove to be the most challenging, if not addressed in a meaningful way.  And it must be confronted in the very near future in order to avoid the oft-predicted and dreaded point of no return.


An Ancient Perspective On The Kali Yuga

In order to really wrap your brain around just what is it that defines the Kali Yuga, the following excerpt ought to suffice.  Bear in mind that this rendition was written thousands of years ago when the language was not sufficiently developed to describe modern things or happenings.  As follows:
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 2.39.50 PM

There are many similar descriptions of the Kali Yuga which go into much more detail than this short depiction.  The more elaborate the description, the more striking and apt are the similarities to the very circumstances of our post modern age of 2012 and beyond. These long predicted portrayals of life on Earth often provide ample explanation to those who live in such exigent conditions; it validates the underlying reasons for their intractable hardships and numerous adversities.  Here is an excellent reference which delves more deeply into this matter, for those who require more evidence that our times have been perfectly foretold by the ancients.

The Downfall of Society and Ruin of Civilization 

There is one identifying feature of the Kali Yuga which modern popular culture illustrates with great clarity.  That is the complete breakdown of the nuclear family and destruction of the traditional role of women in society.  In a word, women, motherhood, the feminine energy, the Goddess, etc. have been degraded to the extreme.  Truly, this social cataclysm has all but sealed the fate of today’s patriarchal societies.

When the true role of women is so trivialized and disrespected, that the entire intelligentsia and its various organs of media revel in it daily, the end is very near.  This devolution has taken place so insidiously over so many decades that its encroachment on civil society has occurred almost unrecognized.  The glamorization of women which occurred during the golden age of motion pictures greatly accelerated this process.  So did the false feminist movement that liberated women from the kitchen and child-rearing and moved them to the corporate workplace.

How can the child, the teenager or young adult survive intact while weathering all the storms that are here and coming around the corner, when the family and its necessary support systems have disintegrated?

We hesitated to post the picture that follows as it conflicts with a longstanding and uncompromising policy not to contribute to internet degradation.  However, this artwork is so revealing in its message, both graphically and subtly, that we felt not to do so would be to pass up a great teaching moment.  This piece is actually one artist’s interpretation of the Kali Yuga.  It vividly portrays the advancing debasement of women in Western society as well as the inevitable consequences for the children around the world.

PAINTING representing the Kali Yuga: Artist Max Sauco’s interpretation of the Kali Yuga

No … not a pretty picture at all!

Spiritual advancement comes quick and easy during the Kali Yuga

There are some very redeeming qualities about the Kali Yuga which cannot go unacknowledged, or unaddressed.  Especially in light of the preceding exposition, it is necessary to end this essay with some very good news.

How many of us have experienced our dark night of the soul during the present lifetime?
How many have experienced many dark nights of the soul during our life?
Only the Kali Yuga produces both circumstances and predicaments that will push many souls into a phase of deep contemplation of the purpose of pain and suffering.  Only the Kali Yuga can try men’s souls in a crucible the likes of which we see all around us.  This fact alone motivates many to long for liberation; to yearn for peace of mind; to be forever freed from the cycle of birth and death.

Fortunately, the Highest Power introduced several escape mechanisms from the harsh realities of the Iron Age.  He also sent many messengers in the form of saints, seers and sages whose function it is to educate, enlighten and empower those of us who seek such liberation.  All one has to do is replace those regular mundane desires with divine spiritual desires.  Then, when the disciple is truly ready, the master will appear.

Such is the blessing of the Kali Yuga.  A time that even the ancients feared with great apprehension.  When Kali himself appeared in the court of King Parikshit, the king who reigned during the transition between the Dwapara Age and current Kali Yuga, he held the two organs (two tongues) of man in each of his hands.  When asked why the king’s court should be defiled by such an offensive sight, it was explained that all of Kali Yuga would be affected by man’s inability to control the gratification of these two organs.

The tongue in the mouth seeks constant pleasure through food and drink; and through too much talking, idle chatter, and gossiping.  The tongue between the legs seeks the gratification that it brings over and above the purpose of procreation.  If these two organs can be brought under control, then the individual can be redeemed … in this very lifetime.

Using the upper tongue to repeat the name of God brings only the highest state. Remaining celibate by taming the lower tongue has likewise permitted many a saint to attain Self realization.  Both of these righteous actions can be performed with dramatic and quick results only during the Kali Yuga.  Relative to the other three Yugas, both practices will produce sublime and nectarean fruit far beyond what would be expected. Such is the true glory of the Kali Yuga!


Because it is self-evident that the original pure and pristine condition of the planet (think Garden of Eden) would start with the beginning of every Golden Age, it is also obvious that such an idyllic paradise would only deteriorate over the course of all four Yugas.  Therefore, we see the inexorable decline during each Yuga, as we see the more precipitous decline occurring from one Yuga to the next.

How can this not be so?  Now that the world has over 7 billion people, isn’t it logical that much more of the planet is being consumed leaving much more waste product to be somehow dealt with?  As the population explosion continues to balloon, this predicament will only intensify.  Particularly in light of so many untenable energy and industrial paradigms will many of the current environmental problems, resource competitions, and technology challenges be greatly exacerbated.

Technospheric breakdown alone will contribute significantly to the eventual breakpoint at which society begins to recognize the unsustainability of so many common conventions and practices, processes and procedures.  All of this inevitable collapse is a part of the unfolding of the Kali Yuga.  It is not to be feared or ignored; rather, it is to be understood as a necessary unfoldment of destiny — both individual and collective — which has a much higher purpose than just pain and suffering.

Herein lies the real gem of meaning of the Kali Yuga.  However, it is only available for those who have eyes to see and ears to listen.  So, dear reader, if that is you, then perhaps you will now begin to turn your tears of grief into tears of joy.  All that is required is the longing and perseverance to do so.  After all, Lord Kalki has come and gone signaling the end of Kali Yuga, so the time is short.

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Submitted: January 31, 2014

Author’s Note:

The Kali Yuga really does present an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual advancement and soul growth.  Understanding the proper context is key to taking advantage of this fact.  For those who come from the Christian tradition, the Book of Job provides an excellent allegory from which to derive inspiration and wisdom, courage and forbearance.  Other religious traditions, including many of the mythological traditions, also offer outstanding examples of what qualities are required to thrive during this final epoch.

Everyone is now experiencing their own version of … the story of Job

As proof of why the Kali Yuga is such a great place to be at this point of human evolution, we need to look no further than the size of the global village.  We are well over seven billion residents on Planet Earth; perhaps many of us saw the great opportunity before us and didn’t want to miss out.  The Kali Yuga is one in which the karma of relationship is processed to the maximum degree.  In other words preordained relationship karma, which we must each work out at some point of the soul’s destiny, presents itself with unparalleled speed and intensity.

Only during the Kali Yuga will we be able to experience so many ‘interesting’ relationships that are karmically ordained.  Hence, we see so many relationships starting and stopping, budding and combusting, coming and going.  Each one presents a unique opportunity to get it right this time, so that we can be free of the attachments and aversions that only relationship (especially intense ones) can produce.  That’s why Kali Yuga is universally known as the Age of Quarrel — we’re all just trying to listen to each other … and be heard by our fellow man and woman.

Lastly, it is now high time for each of us to face our spiritual destiny like never before.  In this particular regard, we highly recommend the following guidance:
A Surfer’s Guide to Riding the Wave of 2012 and Beyond



While The Gods Play: Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind by Alain Danielou – Inner Traditions (August 1, 1987)

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