Geoengineered Weather Patterns Wreaking Havoc Across The Planet

Chemtrails and HAARP are the Smoke and Mirrors behind the fabricated ‘Global Cooling’ events

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

The winter of 2013/2014 will go down as the year when the curtain was pulled back on the fairly recent geoengineering scheme known as ‘Global Cooling’.  This fastidiously coordinated deception has been designed to bamboozle the public into believing that Global Warming was no longer the serious threat that it actually is.  Not only is Global Warming very real, it stands as the most formidable challenge facing humanity for the foreseeable future.

The actual state of affairs brought about by a firmly established Global Warming phase is so dire and imminent that those who populate the world power structure know that they are powerless to stop it.  Hence, they[1] go to great lengths to divert, distract, deceive, and delude us.  Perhaps the controllers of the realm really believe that the people cannot handle what is surely coming around the corner.  Or else why would they employ the likes of  HAARP and Chemtrails 24/7 virtually everywhere around the globe to engineer extreme, unseasonal and/or unprecedented weather?

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

Let’s be very clear from the outset of this exposition: The entire scientific and academic research establishment has access to the most accurate information and data concerning the true state of the planetary environment.  They also have a very good fix on the rapidly changing solar system as well as other luminaries, which they gaze at though an assortment of  sophisticated observatories and high-powered telescopes.  The Russians in particular have documented these dramatic changes, which all point emphatically in the direction of Global Warming.  The most accurate scientific evidence to date conclusively reflects conditions, which have occurred before during periods of the precipitous warming of the planet.


Why are they so determined to hide the obvious evidence demonstrating Global Warming? 

When both the scientific and anecdotal evidence irrefutably supports a warming scenario, the geoengineers must work ten times harder to prove their fraudulent point.  There is no better defense than a very deliberate offense.  In this regard they are working triple time to engineer various weather events which have caught many unaware.  Truly, the many weather modification techniques, which they are now using with extraordinary effect, is succeeding at tricking some of the best and brightest among us.

As they become more skillful at creating whole new climatological patterns regionally, they show that they can manipulate the weather virtually anywhere, anytime they want. This misapplication of scientific knowhow and technological prowess is extremely dangerous, especially when placed in the hands of the highly misguided and deluded.  This quite unfortunate predicament is similar to giving matches and dynamite to the neighborhood children playing in a sandbox.  How can it not end badly … very badly!

Back to the question of why they are “so determined” to the point of ignoring scientific realities.  They have already seen firsthand the countless consequences of the inexorable Global Warming trend that has been upon us for decades.  The following examples are just a few of those radical changes which have been observed by scientists and researchers throughout the world.

•  Coastlines around the globe are being altered in unpredictable and dramatic ways
•  Freshwater supplies are being threatened on every continent
•  Century-old precipitation patterns are changing more with each passing year
•  Species extinctions are occurring at an unprecedented rate
•  Rainforests are disappearing, new deserts are being ‘created’
•  Many lakes and rivers are losing their traditional water volume; others are gaining
•  Islands are gradually being submerged by the ocean as sea levels rise
•  Wildlife is under threat, especially in various locations in the Arctic
•  Glacier melt is occurring with greater speed transforming landscapes on every continent
•  Wildfires, forest fires, brush fires are much more frequent and larger than ever
•  Mudslides and avalanches are claiming more lives and causing more property damage
•  Record droughts and deluges are being recorded in virtually every nation
•  Worldwide agricultural output has been seriously affected by both Global Warming and the geoengineered weather modification

Ocean floods A1A along Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Ocean floods A1A along Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

As a result of these and many other major changes occurring incessantly under the radar, a short list of other forecasted impacts was prepared and included in an IPCC report[2].

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 7.02.29 AMFor the average resident of Planet Earth, the preceding trends and ongoing changes may not present an alarming scenario only because they might not be occurring in your own back yard.  However, when considered in the aggregate by those decision-makers who “control the realm”, they make for an ironclad and incontrovertible case for the extraordinary and unstoppable transformation of the planetary civilization.  In view of what they see is literally coming around the corner, they have justified — in their own minds — these geoengineering programs, which have now placed the entire global environment in great jeopardy.


The geoengineers preoccupation with their newfound ability to play god with the weather is actually throwing significantly more fuel on the raging fires of Global Warming.

Just in case you don’t get it, the best way for those who are determined to downplay Global Warming is to promote its opposite — ‘Global Cooling’.  Not only does this calculated strategy drive another HUGE wedge issue into the public discourse, it also confuses the heck out of everyone.  Even much of the alternative news side of the internet has been taken over by this false narrative.  Otherwise very smart and aware people have been uncharacteristically convinced that we are now entering a period of ‘Global Cooling’?!

In so doing, the controllers are enlisting many among us to advocate their geoengineering agenda as a way to combat Global Climate Change, no matter what form anyone thinks it is shaping up to be.  By exercising control over the flow and accuracy of information on info super-highways of the internet, too many are now tricked into buying into a completely fictitious storyline.  Therefore, it is imperative to arrest their momentum before their geoengineering programs quickly take us to a point of no return.


Because points of no return must be taken very seriously; if not for us, then for all future generations.  The current “pharmaceutical approach”[3] being regularly utilized to maintain this mirage of ‘Global Cooling’ is actually exacerbating the progressing planetary problem of Global Warming.  It’s not like they can just create a spate of artificially nucleated snowfalls or ice storms and expect them to mitigate the effects of Global Warming.

On the contrary, when the geoengineers transport moisture from the GOM (Gulf of Mexico) up to the Arctic as a way of artificially reforming a melted polar ice cap as they have been doing, or contort the Jet Stream southward into the Deep South of the USA to produce unheard of snow storms and ice storm in that region, they profoundly upset the natural processes of atmospheric activity.  These meteorological machinations will cause unavoidable blowback.  Just as we have seen over the past couple of decades in the form of massive, unrivaled storms of every sort and kind.  The following link contains a list of abnormal and destructive weather events for just 2013.

2013 Sees Weather Records Set Worldwide: Storms Are Bigger And More Ferocious

Atlanta, GA during recent snow storm

Atlanta, GA during recent snow storm

Geoengineering is affecting much more than the weather; seismic activity and volcanism are also being provoked and triggered as well.

The real point of this essay is to underscore the unintended consequences, which are occurring around the globe, due to ill advised and dangerous geoengineering techniques. In that this “pharmaceutical approach” to ‘fixing’ the weather is now regularly causing violent local weather events, severely altering climate patterns and producing even greater meteorological repercussions around the globe, geoengineering must be terminated “by any means necessary”.

What is not observed, except by very few who have the capacity to make the necessary connections, are the far-reaching ramifications which geoengineering is having on the vital signs of Mother Earth.  It is quite often misunderstood by the scientific establishment that the weather of the world only has superficial impact on the Earth’s surface.  However, it is well known in the esoteric sciences that the worldwide weather patterns have a very profound and fundamental impact on the Earth’s crust.

Herein lies the real rub … both literally and figuratively.  There is much greater interaction between the weather and the Earth’s surface than what is commonly accepted by both geologists and meteorologists.  All the physical components of the Earth are intimately interconnected.  To ignore, or dismiss these deep connections, is to do so at our peril.  Until they are recognized and truly understood, the folly of geoengineering will only continue to wreak havoc on and within the planet.

Mt. Etna, Europe's most active volcano, spews lava during an eruption as seen from Acireale, near the Sicilian town of Catania, Italy, on November 16, 2013. (AP Photo/Carmelo Imbesi)

Mt. Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, spews lava during an eruption as seen from Acireale, near the Sicilian town of Catania, Italy, on November 16, 2013. (AP Photo/Carmelo Imbesi)

More to the point, the “pharmaceutical approach” of today’s geoengineering is now exerting massive influence on the various geological strata and ocean currents of the world.  When studied in the aggregate, the resulting effects of geoengineering are translating to a substantial uptick in earth movements such a earthquakes and volcanoes. What is being presented here is that the most physically disruptive practices of geoengineering can operate as co-factors in the triggering of these seismic and volcanic events.

Rare earthquakes follow rare winter storm in the South

The last decade has seen an unsurpassed increase in both of these types of geological activity.  2013 alone has given geologists much reason to pause and ponder what on Earth is really going on.  So is 2014!

2013 marks record year for the number of volcanoes erupting across the planet

As for the number of earthquakes 6.0 and above occurring worldwide, here’s a comprehensive list for 2013 at the following link:

Earthquakes in 2013 – 6.0 and higher on the Richter Scale

The key point in this discussion is that any time that temperature and pressure, humidity and precipitation are siginificantly altered, geological formations both near and far can be affected.  Likewise, when the ozone layer and ionosphere, solar radiation and cloud cover are radically manipulated via HAARP and chemtrails, geological strata will react in ways that are both unseen and, therefore, undetected.  The subtlety of these earth changes and movements are simply too difficult to perceive; unless, of course they are being evaluated within the context of the appropriate esoteric sciences.  Those much more refined scientific paradigms, however, are not currently recognized by the scientific research establishment.  Consequently, humankind is deprived of necessary diagnostic and treatment modalities which could assist in bringing the planet back into balance during these tempestuous times.

For the layperson, it shouldn’t take too much imagination to understand what might result when powerful frequencies are conveyed through chemtrails by HAARP from transmitters in Alaska, as well as from those that are space-based.  The failure to acknowledge the highly consequential effects of these continuing geoengineering operations permits the incremental geological changes to take place without notice.  This continuing predicament then sets up the earth plane for a volatility of cataclysmic events which, heretofore, have never occurred within the realm of human experience.


Climate Engineering Causes Winter Armageddon in the USA

As always, the headlines tell the story much better than anything we can write, especially about the FATEFUL WINTER of 2013/2014.

Snow burying parts of Northeast in massive winter storm –

Storms taking toll on families, schools in Northeast | Reuters

Winter Offensive Takes Toll on East Coast –

BBC News – US killer winter storm marches north

Deadly storm blasts Northeast, after paralyzing South

Deadly cold snap in US shatters temp. records, sends even polar bears to shelter

US digs out from deadly storm, with more snow coming – Yahoo News

Deadly snow and ice storms hits US

Killer storm: 13 deaths blamed on winter blast as snow piles up – U.S. News

“Historic”, “Catastrophic” Winter Storm Paralyzes Atlanta As Pax Creeps Up East Coast

▶ 2014’s US and Canada Snowstorm ‘Hercules’ : 16 Killed in Record-Breaking Low Temperatures – YouTube

2014 North American cold wave – Wikipedia

Pennsylvania Turnpike turned into parking lot after 100-car pileup after ice storm.

Pennsylvania Turnpike turned into parking lot after 100-car pileup after ice storm.

The historic California drought has also given many reason to examine its true causes.

Given the very fragile condition of the US economy, California is the last state that anyone would want to see a 500 year drought.  And yet, that’s exactly where it sits.  The only difference is that the current drought was entirely manmade.  There are many satellite photos which clearly illustrate the geoengineered wall, by way of chemtrails and HAARP frequencies, that was erected off the West Coast.

There is no question that the relevant data and pertinent satellite photos demonstrate that California and southern Oregon were targeted to prevent precipitation from reaching their shores from the Pacific Ocean.  The normal weather pattern conveys much rainfall across the Pacific and then across the land mass of both states.  These same types of storm systems, many originating in the West Pacific, are also responsible for keeping Washington State so wet with verdant rainforests.

California is where the geoengineers have really created an unparalleled disaster. However, it now has both manmade and natural causes.  Not only have they systematically firewalled the state so as to terminate all the seasonal rainfall, their actions have contributed considerably to the favorable conditions that encourage wildfires, brushfires and forest fires.  Given the unrelenting, annual Santa Ana winds, they have only served to throw more fuel on this fire by turning that once agricultural “Garden of Eden” into a state-sized tinderbox.

Just in case you missed this developing “story of the year”, here is another list of headlines which portrays just how formidable a catastrophe the California drought has now become.

US West Faces ‘Worst Drought in 500 Years’

Severe Drought Has U.S. West Fearing Worst –

BBC News – Drought-hit California unable to supply state water

California Drought Prompts Unprecedented Water Conservation Efforts

California Stays Rain-Free After Drought Emergency Declared

Driest year ever in California sparks fire, water fears

Sacramento, Calif., sets winter drought record of 47 days –

No Rain in Sight as Los Angeles Nears Its Record for Driest Year Ever | NBC

What the California Drought Looks Like From Space – AOL

Drought emergency declared in Mendocino County

Drought emergency declared in Mendocino County, California

"The punishing drought that has swept California is now threatening the state's drinking water supply." Source: News York Times

“The punishing drought that has swept California is now threatening the state’s drinking water supply.”
Source: News York Times

Has the weather in your neck of the woods gone BEZERK yet?!

If it has, you might begin taking a closer look at your skies to find out why.  By all accounts, chemtrails are now being sprayed throughout the day and night at ever-increasing rates in every state.  As they intensify the chemtrail programs, the wierd weather has simultaneously increased in all 50 states.  The correlation between geoengineering and weather patterns that have gone bezerk has been firmly established by those who track the relevant data and plot their graphs accordingly.

At the end of the day it will be the reams of anecdotal evidence, which is being accumulated by the millions who are now well aware that the chemtrail component of geoengineering, that indicts this misbegotten geoengineering technology.  Particularly because it represents a chemical assault against the citizenry of every nation that allows them, chemtrails will go down in history as the greatest chemical assault against humanity ever committed.

The very acknowledgment of Chemtrail syndrome has helped to sensitize those who are particularly vulnerable to this New Millennium malady.  They can now experience for themselves just one harmful aspect of this exceedingly destructive government-sponsored black operation.  Chemtrail syndrome may in fact just be the straw that breaks the camels back.  When folks wake up in the morning with migraine headaches because of night-long chemtrailing, they will hopefully be compelled to take the appropriate action(s).


Geoengineering has contributed mightily to the current worldwide predicament of calamitous Global Climate Change.  Because there is so little understanding of this fact in the upper echelons of academia and scientific research, sky spraying not only continues unabated, geoengineering is also being ramped up wherever possible.  This totally unnecessary plight is guaranteed to bring about eventualities that we will not want to see visited upon our children and grandchildren.

The only solution is an incomparable global grassroots effort designed to educate, enlighten and empower the masses regarding the chemtrailing of their skies.  There are two things that everybody gets angry about where it concerns chemtrails. As follows:

I.   Nobody wants their blue skies turned gray in an hour or two from chemtrails; most everyone loves to bask in the sun.
II. Nobody wants to have toxic chemicals rained down upon them from chemtrailed skies; everyone prefers good health over chemtrail syndrome.

Who would ever want to be exposed to such a daily chemtrailing regime and their ruinous consequences?!

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: February 15, 2014

Do we really want to accept this as the new status quo? ? ?

Do we really want to accept this as the new status quo? ? ?

Author’s Note:

Indisputable scientific research from Russia has already proven that the Solar System has been experiencing an astonishing transformation never seen before or catalogued in written history.  The observed metamorphosis is quite astounding for both its speed and profundity.  This unfolding transformation, incidentally, is inclusive of Planet Earth.

Here is a series of papers written by a group of Russian scientists which addresses some of the most extraordinary data to be published on this subject.  What ought to be kept in mind as this information is contemplated is that these findings were published 17 years ago. Therefore, we can only wonder how these various “Planeto-Physical” processes have precariously evolved since then.



Most do not have the capacity to properly comprehend the notion of how Global Warming can in fact trigger freakish weather that might otherwise indicate a momentary cooling.  Nevertheless, we are compelled to introduce this anomaly which infallibly occurs during periods of abrupt Global Climate Change.  In other words, it is quite possible for cooling events to take place during protracted periods of obvious global warming.

However, most of what we see today are weather events that are engineered from beginning to end.  Just like the five hurricanes that were manufactured during the summer of 2005.  Remember Dennis, Emily, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.  They represent “the the most active Atlantic hurricane season in recorded history, shattering numerous records … [causing] an estimated 3,913 deaths and record damage of about $159.2 billion.(Source: Wikipedia) 

Each of the three hurricanes in the GOM (Katrina, Rita and Wilma) were proven to have been HAARP-driven by those who analyzed and correctly interpreted the data by identifying the distinctive HAARP signatures.  The fact that each of those hurricanes was mysteriously revved up to Category 5 within a very short and unlikely period of time, just prior to landfall, was the dead giveaway to anyone who was watching the TV screen.  So we know with certainty that geoengineering technology can bring about catastrophic results, whenever they push their buttons and pull their switches to effectuate specific outcomes.

HAARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

HAARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.


[1]  “They” variously refers to the many different named groups that are commonly used for the cabal, the controllers, the decision-makers, the real power-brokers, movers and shakers, and financiers, the World Shadow Government, the Global Control Matrix, etc. who are running the planet from the very top.

[2] The Current and Future Consequences of Global Climate Change

[3]  The “pharmaceutical approach” describes the methodology of treating Global Climate Change as a set of symptoms.  Geoengineering in the form of chemtrails and HAARP then become the pharmaceutical remedies, which only treat the symptoms, not the underlying causes.
This approach, especially when pursued over the long term, virtually always exacerbates the real problem.  By not addressing the root causes, geoengineering is actually making the problem much worse, just as pharmaceutical medications will often give rise to adverse side effects making the patient much sicker.
In the case of relentless HAARPing and Chemtrailing, there exists the much greater potential to cause catastrophic outcomes the world over.  These are already starting to appear in the form of unintended consequences to regional weather patterns, collateral damage to the environment, and toxic side effects for all living organisms.


Main Stream Media “Scientists” Try To Cover Up Engineered Snow Storms.

Mainstream Media Desperately Trying To Hide The Truth About Climate Engineering

What is going on with the strange snowfalls this winter?



Global Skywatch: Chemtrails & Geoengineering

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  1. cosmicconvergence2012 says:

    The following NOAA map of the USA is representative of just about any week-long “Temperature Probability” outlook period over the past couple of years in that they are frequently reflecting trends way above or way below normal. In other words, since the intensifying geoengineering has been conducted all over the nation, the new normal has become increasingly and highly abnormal!

    Here is the very perceptive comment which accompanied this map and outlook.

    “The big chill areas are about to experience WAY above normal temps. The “cool downs” are engineered and making the overall warming worse. The power structure has done a good job of conditioning the public into the notion that anomalous cool downs are a part of global warming; however, the scientific data does not at all support that theory. Climate engineering is behind the cool downs.” ~ Dane Wigington

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