Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, NOT Predict It


Harbingers of Change Mushroom Throughout the Earth Realm

If the human race was clear about the true status of things throughout the Earth realm, so many would be living their lives much differently.  Their priorities would be rearranged; rather than spending their time “rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic”, they would be living in a more conscious and attentive manner.  In this way they would be intimately aware of the “Harbingers of Change Mushrooming Throuhgout the Earth Realm”.

In the olden days there were those who were appointed as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth who functioned as societal change agents.  They were called prophets and oracles, augers and seers.  These often reluctant messengers bore messages which were as bitter to utter as they were unsavory to receive.  For this reason they were reviled and mocked, and sometimes run out of town.  However, such outcomes often proved to be quite fortunate for the town prophet, since he or she was then spared the pain and suffering which accompanied the more ominous prognostications.

What most fail to realize throughout post-modern civilization is that such gifted psychics and mediums are still very much with us today.  Just because they are not wearing sackcloth or carrying a staff does not mean that the modern prophets are not speaking searing truth to us every time they utter a phrase or post a blog.  The big difference between then and now is that most of us fail to recognize the truth, there is such a preponderance of falsehood.

Some reading this essay may be called to be a prophet in their own world. 

Perhaps it’s time to step back from the hustle and bustle and simply relax for a moment. The best way to do that is to first breathe … deeply … both on the inbreath and the outbreath.  Only by living in the present moment will this essay make any sense.  The only way to live in the present moment (also known as the eternal now) is to breathe fully and consciously.  With each breath, comes life.

The very awareness of this simple understanding will transform your perception of the world around you.  With regular practice, you will eventually perceive that everything is derived from the very same Consciousness.  You will also come to understand that anything can be communicated through and by that Consciousness anywhere, anytime, and in any way that it wants to.

“Nothing Exists That Is Not Consciousness”

Consciousness, you see, is the stuff that makes up the entire Universe.  Therefore, all matter and energy are nothing but different manifestations of Consciousness.  Matter, being a more dense form of Consciousness, has simply concretized into more complex life forms in which the Creator experiences existence throughout His Creation.  Energy — or the Shakti — the more subtle type of Consciousness, provides the power that vitalizes and animates, mobilizes and galvanizes, motivates and invigorates.

Since trees and flowers, rocks and mountains, human beings and animals are but different forms of Consciousness, any of these can be used by the Universe to deliver a message. The more one’s consciousness is cleared of unnecessary mentation, the more it resonates with the countless manifestations of Conciousness throughout Creation.  Then, when the Universe decides to impart an urgent message to humanity, those few souls who are truly present, centered and grounded will get it — LOUD and CLEAR!

PROPHECY is being uttered by Consciousness itself every moment of every day.

Now, let’s use our clear and calm mind to continue reading.  After all, the mind is nothing but Consciousness that has contracted from its pure state.  Everything originally emerged from the same Ocean of Consciousness*.  Therefore, when the thought waves of the mind are stilled, clarity returns.  As the mind is regularly quietened over time, it eventually descends into the Heart — the Cave of the Heart – where it receives much greater powers of perception … and intuition … and prophecy.   Continue reading

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Locus Of Global Power Shifts From The West To The East

Anglo-American Axis Losing Power and Influence;
BRICS Alliance Gains

The Earth has always spun in the same way.  The planet rotates so that the rising sun always appears in the east and sets in the west, no matter where you happen to live.  In the same way, civilizations have both risen and fallen.  Religions and philosophies have likewise come into vogue as the sun moves from the East to the West.  And so it will be for the once dominant political economies of the modern era.

True to this timeless cycle of global transformation, the Marxist Communism of both the USSR and China disintegrated at the end of the last century.  Each nation was destined to be released from its own fatally flawed version of quasi-Marxist Communism.  Both countries have since struggled to find the form of governance and political economy which accommodates their societies and meets the needs of their people.  The challenge has been made more difficult in trying to find the right balance in today’s highly complex and interconnected world.  Another determining factor, that is often overlooked, is how well the system of governance fits the temperament of the current generation of leaders. Were there to be a gross mismatch in this regard, only dissension within and discord without will result.

Likewise, the Anglo-Amercian Axis (AAA), which includes the European Union and many other military and economic proxies, are on the cusp of seeing the demise of their brand of Corporate-Crony Capitalism that currently predominates across the planet.  Although there are different forms of capitalism found throughout the world today, it is this highly pernicious form of predatory capitalism, which has been administered by the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) since its inception, that is about to experience a similar fate as Sino-Soviet Communism did.

It has often been said: “As Russia goes, so goes the USA.”  

That time has now arrived.  Except that there are now those throughout the AAA who seem to feel that they can thwart destiny.  And, they are working triple time to forestall the inevitable, regardless that such destiny has been preordained for aeons.  How, pray tell, do the once dominant British Empire, as well as the now crumbling American Empire, feel they can stop the inexorable forces of national destiny and global transformation?  Here’s how one prescient author put it;

“Furthermore, the [Anglo-American] empire could no longer be sustained politically, financially, practically or ethically, as the seeds of its own destruction had fully sprouted.  The most fatal seed grew into that extremely corrupt and predatory form of corporate, crony capitalism which was so socially unconscious, and so environmentally unaware, it was quite doomed from the very beginning.”

History is replete with examples of once invincible empires and kingdoms falling in a night and a day.  All of them exhibited the very same symptoms before their collapse, as we see manifesting today wherever Anglo-American capitalism has prevailed.  Therefore, it behooves those who rule the realm to let nature takes it course, as it did with Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome and all the other ‘great’ empires of antiquity.  Just as the center of power moved from Rome to London to Washington over centuries, so to will the dominant nations move westward to the slowly emerging powerhouses of the East — toward Asia. Continue reading

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The WAR for the Ukraine: What’s the real story?

The Latest and Biggest Battle Between East and West Converges in the Ukraine

Originally posted at

There have been many wars — terrible wars — fought on Planet Earth over the past 100 years.  However, the greatest war of them all could literally be around the corner, unless it is stopped by the people of this planet. The epic confrontation in the Ukraine presents the most dangerous and unprecedented conflict between the world’s superpowers since the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Truly, this clash between East and West represents an economic, political and religious battleground that will dwarf every other war save WWI and WWII.  If the conflict in the Ukraine is not resolved peacefully, it has the potential of evolving into a full blown World War III scenario.

That may sound like hyperbole until you read what is truly at stake for both sides of this War of the Titans. There is a very serious settling of scores going on with this intensifying skirmish that has multiple roots in history. On the one side, the real perpetrators want to get even as they so often do. On the other side, there is the inexorable force of destiny which compels them to assume a courageous stance toward a seemingly intractable situation.

The Ukraine conflict is fundamentally a war between East and West, between radically different cultures, different races, different religious orientations, and between very different people.  Because of the profound lack of understanding on the part of the West, as well as the desperate agenda which they are fully committed to, it appears that this war will play out in some fashion no matter what.  That doesn’t mean the world will once again be drenched in a hail of bullets and bombs.  The post-modern battlefield often migrates into the economic sectors and financial realms, as this one has with the imposition of the Anglo-American sanction regime.

Because of the inherent combustibility driven by numerous historical animosities and cultural hatreds, financial necessities and economic pressures, there is just no telling how this ongoing saga will end up.  While there are several weighty co-factors at work, there are also numerous variables which can short-circuit the extremely precarious current trajectory toward full scale war.  Were that to happen, this world will be saved from untold trial and tribulation.  If on the other hand war does break out, things will change very quickly depending on where one is domiciled on the planet.

Here are some of the primary financial and economic co-factors which have been exerting unparalleled pressures on both the West and the East:

• The Western banking system is broke, busted and disgusted.  The banks are living on borrowed time and want more borrowed time before they literally go bust.  The ever-increasing number of suicides of high-level bankers stands as testimony as to how disgusted either the bankers are, their bosses are, and/or both are.  Because there are now so many banks that have been identified as TBTF (Too BIG To Fail), the amount of necessary support from the Federal Reserve is now untenable.  This single dynamic has compelled the Western powers to steal money, precious metals, real estate, and whole national economies (read: the Ukraine) wherever they can.

• The fractional reserve banking system and fiat monopoly money it creates has always had an end date built into the fatally flawed model, which no one ever talks about because it’s simply too scary to consider.  With each passing day, the entire civilization gets closer to that termination date.  Those who sit at the peak of the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix (GE&FCM) know the realities which they are personally facing.  They also are grimly aware of the ultimate outcomes for the world-at-large.  Hence, they do WHATEVER they can to forestall the date of doom.   Continue reading

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All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014

Global Transformation Accelerates: Multiple Astrological Triggers Pulled During April

Not since this New Millennium began has there been a convergence of so many astrological alignments and geopolitical circumstances which will compel massive global changes.  With the numerous and extraordinary astrological events taking place in April, the oft-predicted destiny of  HUGE Earth changes can no longer be denied.  It is now a matter of when , not if.  The simple physics that undergird the political, economic and social spheres of life now dictate that real planetary transformation is on the way.

Surely the spate of earthquakes and volcanoes has reflected the renewed will of Mother Earth to start rocking’ and rollin’.  There has never been such a concentration of major earthquakes as we have already seen this year.  The Ring of Fire in particular has awakened from its slumber.  And there is every indication, according numerous volcanologists and seismologists around the world, that such seismic and volcanic activity will only intensify.

As the current Solar Maximum continues to unfold, such earth movements are all but guaranteed.  Unfortunately, few within the scientific establishment have acknowledged the true correlations between solar activity and cataclysmic earth movements.  Perhaps 2014 will remove all remaining doubt as the anticipated earth cataclysms begin in earnest.  Simply put, Mother Earth will be heard, and not just paid lip service as is so often done on the annual April 22nd EARTH DAY.

Regardless of what the immediate future holds in store for the world, April 2014 is set to release a variety of astrological triggers having far-reaching ramifications and great consequences. Even an armchair astrologer can plainly see the celestial setup which will generate corresponding events everywhere across the planet, not just throughout the entire Middle East, the Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Libya, Chad, etc., which we see on the evening news.

Of course, the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix is especially vulnerable to the predicted calamities throughout that and other interconnected realms.  This is where the raw financial and economics physics graphically illustrate fast approaching breaking points.  The blatant suppression of the price of gold is a stark example of where the market controllers can no longer maintain the false illusion of order.  All the forces of the marketplace — both real and artificially fabricated — are now working at cross purposes with such intensity that “the man behind the curtain” will be exposed once and for all.

fiery_green_horse Continue reading

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BIOSPHERE Devastation As Geoengineering Accelerates Global Climate Change

Chemtrails + HAARP = Planetary Extinction Level Event

Planet Earth is very soon to cross a number of critical thresholds. Some of these imminent points of no return, which humanity has been warned about for decades, are now upon us. In fact, the continued sustainability of life within the biosphere[1] is currently under an increasing number of dire threats and destructive assaults. Many of these are growing in intensity with each passing year.  As a planetary civilization, we are witnessing an alarming number of environmental breaking points, each of which have grave consequences and far-reaching ramifications.

Self-reinforcing negative feedback loops throughout the global environment particularly pose unprecedented problems and formidable challenges.  Were a number of these to coalesce at the wrong time, and in the wrong place, the entire planet could be plunged into a downward spiral of sorts.  Such a Perfect Storm of weather events and geophysical cataclysms might then establish new and dangerous trends that would adversely affect the entire biosphere.  A convergence and critical mass of ill-timed circumstances, evolving in the wrong direction, could then cascade into a full blown, yet slow motion regional, hemispheric or planetary catastrophe.

Geoengineering Greatly Contributes to the Destruction of the Biosphere

Inevitably, the worldwide environment will be confronted by such unwanted eventualities, if the current geoengineering regime utilizing Chemtrails and HAARP is permitted to run its course.  Therefore, it is imperative that the whole human race stops and pauses to carefully consider the far-ranging and irreversible impacts of this exceedingly misguided approach to manipulating the planetary predicament.   Truly, the inhabitants of Planet Earth are confronted with an unparalleled state of affairs that requires immediate and decisive action.

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

Why is it so urgent to assess the myriad and deleterious effects of geoengineering now?  Why is it also so important to objectively evaluate the true condition of the biosphere? Can we, as mere residents, ensure the habitability of life on Earth for the foreseeable future?  Or, are there other macrocosmic forces at work beyond our control?

Washington State Mudslide:
When weather extremes trigger massive geophysical events

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.23.39 PM


Death Toll Continues To Mount After Massive Washington Mudslide
Global Climate Change Appears As Global Warming  

Continue reading

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CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

This photo-documentary has been revised and updated as of December 5, 2013.

Original post at

Planet Earth has been besieged by many and diverse scientific experiments over the past one hundred years. The quantum leap in applied science and technology has “precipitated” a literal explosion of top secret and highly classified operations conducted in the atmosphere, throughout the planetary surface, as well as deep within the Earth’s crust. However, none comes close to the degree of round-the-clock damage inflicted on the biosphere as the DARPA-sponsored program of geo-engineering.

Just one component of this secret geo-engineering program is known as chemtrails. For those who have never heard of chemtrails, they are not to be confused with contrails, which are the normal exhaust vapors ejected from jet engines in flight. Here is a photo of numerous chemtrails having just been laid down by special jets equipped to do the job:

Can you imagine that the government has labeled these chemtrails as normal contrail activity?

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.15.30 AM

And, that they expect us to believe this chemtrail grid is a chance occurrence?!

Chemtrails are systematically destroying the global environment
(This website is the most definitive on the internet regarding geoengineering, chemtrails, and other related subjects which inform the thesis:
Geo-engineering is systematically pushing the planet past points of no return because of the convergence of several other destructive paradigms.)

Every reader of this article needs to understand that, where it concerns the outright destruction of the human habitat, geo-engineering reigns supreme in it’s potential to render the planet unfit for life … all life — human, animal, and plant. Geo-engineering has so many different facets to it, each of which are extraordinarily harmful to all levels of the Earth’s atmosphere, the entire surface environment, as well as the subterranean geology and oceans of the world. Continue reading

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AWESOME Earth Changes Coming Around The Corner

Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation ~ Update

What happens when an unparalleled Solar Maximium occurs while Pluto is cruising through Capricorn, seismic activity and vulcanism (both undersea and on land) have already seen a dramatic uptick, technospheric breakdown has greatly accelerated, entire species have vacated the planet as whole ecosystems are irreparably destroyed, global climate change appears as global warming, cooling, drought or deluge, and the worldwide financial system is on the verge of collapse, as in a total and complete, irreversible monetary meltdown? Believe it or not, these actual occurrences and various eventualities are the very least of our problems. Here’s why:

There are certain ‘progressive’ developments and converging circumstances which will dictate the course of our future as a global civilization and human race – the fifth (and sixth) root race(s)[1] to have inhabited planet Earth since it has revolved around the sun. That which will serve to “accelerate epochal planetary transformation” considerably more than any other major precipitating cause can be summed up as follows:

“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a critical level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the current civilization will relinquish its right to continue as it is.”
~ Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Truly, the greatest determinant of the immediate future of humanity is the extent to which science and technology – unalloyed to ethical and moral considerations – continue to challenge what has historically fallen within the “domain of the gods”. The ancient Greeks had some very poignant mythical legends which clearly spell out the relevant lesson for humankind concerning this most profound and highly consequential prognostication.

Perhaps the story of Icarus – flying too closely to the Sun with his wax wings – is an apt metaphor for the current direction that our civilization is heading in. Certainly it could represent the way humanity has approached so many new and diverse untested technologies, as well as countless scientific applications in use throughout the world. For as long as his story has been told, Icarus has served as a tragic mythological example of hubris and blind ambition, arrogance and ignorance.
Continue reading

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HERCOLUBUS: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era

The FINAL SHIFT  Fast Approaches 

We live in a time when common sense has become quite rare. Likewise, the voice of reason has fled humankind. For these reasons the following essay will be quite difficult for many to understand or believe or imbibe.

If you were running the world during these tumultuous times, and you knew that events were on the horizon which would forever alter the entire planetary civilization, would you use the global mainstream media to tell everyone?
If those earth-shattering events were as unstoppable as they were fateful, would you disseminate this information?

If your answer is “Yes”, what will the 7 billion plus people who reside on Planet Earth do the next day? That is, after you tell them that their world is about to come to an end.
Will they still go to work?
Will they continue to support the Consumer Society?
Will many of them even want to get out of bed again after they hear what is coming?

Herein lies the challenge that is faced by the World Shadow Government (WSG).

Bear in mind that they know exactly what is around the corner. Their strategically-located observatories and high-powered telescopes give them access to scientific data and astronomical phenomena which is so compelling they feel they have no alternative but to:
• distract us
• deceive us
• divert our attention

Remember, there is one thing — more than anything else — which the WSG fears.

That is uncontrolled chaos.
They know—> that real mayhem in the streets will not treat them well.
Therefore, spontaneous social pandemonium is their greatest worry.
Unpredictable political paroxysms strike fear into their hearts.
Uncontrollable financial volatility will only serve to shatter their control matrix.    

With this understanding one can better comprehend the many unreasonable and irrational, mindless and foolish, crazy and insane actions taken by the World Shadow Government. Obviously they know that their time is up. Accordingly, they have less and less control – by the day – over how things will play out.

Yes, they may have a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. However, there are many emerging eventualities over which they have far less influence than what they are used to. Their bunkers buried deep underground may not be in the protected areas they once thought. Nor are their off-planet rendezvous sites as safe from solar system calamities as they once believed. Of course their experiments with time travel and interstellar travel, wormholes and parallel universes,  blank slate technology and invisibility cloaking have already proved disastrous. Continue reading

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Positive Lightning Strikes Intensify As Cosmic Rays Increase

* Click on any lightning photo to ENLARGE *


Positive Lightning Strike:

“Positive lightning makes up less than 5% of all strikes. However, despite a significantly lower rate of occurrence, positive lightning is particularly dangerous for several reasons. Since it originates in the upper levels of a storm, the amount of air it must burn through to reach the ground usually much greater. Therefore, its electric field typically is much stronger than a negative strike. Its flash duration is longer, and its peak charge and potential can be ten times greater than a negative strike; as much as 300,000 amperes and one billion volts!

Some positive strikes can occur within the parent thunderstorm and strike the ground beneath the cloud. However, many positive strikes occur near the edge of the cloud or strike MORE THAN 10 MILES AWAY, where you may not perceive any risk nor hear any thunder.”
(Source: “The Positive and Negative Side of Lightning” – National Weather Service @   Continue reading

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Thin Ice

by Will Thomas



Now hear this. Our ancient space colony is the only home we have. It’s floundering on the shoals of denial, greed and immutable feedback processes. There are no lifeboats. If exploitive corporate interests, their political lackeys and mesmerized “consumers” keep focusing on the frivolous while trashing this singular blue oasis like there’s no tomorrow… there won’t be.

“Odd as it sounds, the overriding sensation I got looking at the Earth was, my God that little thing is so fragile out there.” -Mike Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut

Earth has been to the brink before. We know that five Great Extinctions brought all life-before-humans repeatedly to the edge of eternal sayonara. Ice core records show that at least three of those global wipeouts were caused by runaway Greenhouse events triggered by global vulcanism, undersea landslips and resulting mega-methane releases that trapped sunlight and spiked temperatures more than 10F in just 10 years, melting glaciers and raising prehistoric sea levels some 50-feet. [see Shipwreck sidebar]

Today, with most humans still living near a seacoast, a three-foot sea level rise would be catastrophic. A 10 degree temperature rise will drown coastlines worldwide and make countries like the UK steamily uninhabitable for hundreds of thousands of years. Or much longer. [Science Mar 15/03; NOAA; Climate Dynamics, 14, 73-81 1988]

Welcome to the Sixth Great Extinction. It’s happening much faster than its predecessors. And we’re doing it to ourselves as our collective emissions are releasing more than 150-times the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by all those ancient extinction-triggering volcanoes. [Science Mar 15/03; NOAA; Climate Dynamics, 14, 73-81 1988]

Meanwhile, most North Americans appear too frightened, too clueless, too addicted to brain-frying wireless gadgets and wasteful energy habits to drop their anxious denial and move to avert the worst of the many converging catastrophes we are condemning our grandchildren.


Such insanity is understandable to a point. Caught up in conditioning that begins at birth and is daily reinforced by unconscionable media censorship, bogus alarms over distant phantoms, and exhortations to consume, those most complicit in this planetary shipwreck are offered few options by corporations whose remorseless bottom-line computations are condemning the offspring of so many species to a living hell of acid seas, embedded weather extremes, brain-wiping microwaves and solar-irradiated skies.

Make no mistake. Nearly 32 gigatons of heat-trapping CO2 pumped into Earth’s closed, recirculating atmosphere every year, plus the oceanic and Arctic heat amplifications now kicking in, ensure dramatic climate shifts that will haunt as yet unborn generations.

But it’s a drastically stepped up geoengineering program that is shoving climate change into climate chaos. The replacement of 11-foot thick Arctic sea ice with expanding slush, rain showers “flashing” into snow at temperatures well above freezing, deepening droughts in regions that should be seeing increased rain, failed monsoons, a dying world ocean, a fractured jetstream and rapidly rising levels of methane and ultraviolet radiation are impervious to denial.   Continue reading

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by William Thomas

If you did not enjoy “traditional” chemtrails raining down on you, you are not going to like the new version, which the United States Air Force promises will feature aerial dumps of programmable “smart” molecules tens of thousands of times smaller than the particles already landing people in emergency rooms with respiratory, heart and gastrointestinal complaints.

Under development since 1995, the military’s goal is to install microprocessors incorporating gigaflops computer capability into “smart particles” the size of a single molecule.

Invisible except under the magnification of powerful microscopes, these nano-size radio-controlled chips are now being made out of mono-atomic gold particles. Networked together on the ground or assembling in the air, thousands of sensors will link into a single supercomputer no larger than a grain of sand.

Brought to you by the same military-corporate-banking complex that runs America’s permanent wars, Raytheon Corp is already profiting from new weather warfare technologies. The world’s fourth largest military weapons maker bought E-Systems in 1995, just one year after that military contractor bought APTI, holder of Bernard Eastlund’s HAARP patents.

Raytheon also owns General Dynamics, the world’s leading manufacturer of military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Raytheon also reports the weather for NOAA through its Advanced Weather Information Processing System. According to researcher Brendan Bombaci of Durango, Colorado, these Raytheon computers are directy linked with their UAV weather modification drones. Bombaci reports that NOAA paid Raytheon more than $300 million for this “currently active, 10-year project.”

She goes on to describe the Joint Environmental Toolkit used by the U.S. Air Force in its Weather Weapons System. Just the thing for planet tinkerers.

For public consumption, nano-weather control jargon has been sanitized. “Microelectric Mechanical Sensors” (MMS) and “Global Environmental Mechanical Sensors” sound passively benign. But these ultra-tiny autonomous aerial vehicles are neither M&Ms nor gems. [ Oct 31/05]

According to a U.S. military flier called Military Progress, “The green light has been given” to disperse swarms of wirelessly-networked nano-bots into the troposphere by remotely-controlled UAV drones for “global warming mitigation.”

U.S. Army Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, as well as U.S. Air Force drones “are slated to deploy various payloads for weather warfare,” Military Progress asserts. This dual mission – to slow global warming and use weather as a weapon – seems somewhat contradictory.

U.S. Military Inc. is already in the climate change business big time. The single biggest burner of petroleum on this planet, its high-flying aircraft routinely rend Earth’s protective radiation shielding with nitrous oxide emissions, while depositing megatons of additional carbon, sulfur and water particles directly into the stratosphere – where they will do three-times more damage than CO2 alone.

Go figure. A single F-15 burns around 1,580 gallons an hour. An Apache gunship gets about one-half mile to the gallon. The 1,838 Abrams tanks in Iraq achieve five gallons to the mile, while firing dusty radioactive shells that will continue destroying human DNA until our sun goes supernova.

A single non-nuclear carrier steaming in support burns 5,600 gallons of bunker fuel in an hour – or two million gallons of bunker oil every 14 days. Every four days, each carrier at sea takes on another half- million gallons of fuel to supply its jets.

The U.S. Air Force consumed nearly half of the Department of Defense’s entire fuel supply in 2006, burning 2.6 billion gallons of jet fuel aloft.

While flying two to five-hour chemtrails missions to reflect incoming sunlight and slow global warming, a single KC-10 tanker will burn 2,050 gallons of highly toxic jet fuel every hour. The larger and older KC-135 Stratotanker carries 31,275 gallons of chemtrails and burns 2,650 gallons of fuel per hour.

The EPA says that each gallon of gasoline produces 19.4 pounds of CO2. Each gallon of diesel produces 22.2 pounds of CO2.

Total it up and routine operations by a military bigger than all other world militaries combined puts more than 48 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. Nearly half that total could be eliminated by ending the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. [ June 16/07; Oct 29/07]

Meanwhile, the 60 year quest for weather warfare continues. Though a drone cannot carry a heavy payload, more sub-microscopic weather modification particles can be crammed into a UAV Predator than all the chemtrail slurry packed into a tanker the size of a DC-10. T

According to the air force’s own weather modification study, Owning The Weather 2025, clouds of these extremely teeny machines will be dropped into hurricanes and other weather systems to blend with storms and report real time weather data to each other and a larger sensor network.

Then these smart particles will be used to increase or decrease the storm’s size and intensity – and “steer” it to “specific targets”.

The air force report boasted that nano-chemtrails “will be able to adjust their size to optimal dimensions for a given seeding situation and make adjustments throughout the process.” Instead of being sprayed into the air at the mercy of the winds aloft, as is the fate of normal chemtrails, nano versions will be able to “enhance their dispersal” by “adjusting their atmospheric buoyancy” and “communicating with each other” as they steer themselves in a single coordinated flock within their own artificial cloud.

Nano-chemtrails will even “change their temperature and polarity to improve their seeding effects,” the air force noted. [Daily Texan July 30/07]

Rutgers University scientist J. Storrs Hall held out the military’s hope that these new nano weather-warrior bots: “Interconnected, atmospherically buoyant, and having navigation capability in three dimensions – clouds of microscopic computer particles communicating with each other and with a control system, could provide tremendous capability.”

Sounds expensive.


Predator drones are used to spread nano-size chemtrails
Chemtrails fallout requently causes asthma in the young.

“It is potentially relatively inexpensive to do,” Hall clarified. “About the same price per pound as potatoes.”

Why so cheap? Because nano particles can be potentially self-replicating. That is, they can be made to reproduce themselves until programmed to stop.




Owning The Weather goes on to say that the USAF will “manage and employ a weather-modification capability by the Weather Force Support Element.” These weather forces will use real-time updates from swarms of the nano-size “smart sensors” to model developing weather patterns with a super-duper computer.

Based on continually updated forecast, the weather warriors will fly follow-on missions as needed to tweak the storm. It’s perfect, crows the air force. “The total weather-modification process becomes “a real-time loop of continuous, appropriate, measured interventions, and feedback capable of producing desired weather behavior.”


Weather modification did not work too well with Katrina.

If the notion of inserting Autonomous Intelligence nanobots into weather systems to monitor, steer and mess with them seems risky, just wait. Around the next cloud corner are coming swarms of airborne nano-bots to optimize wind dispersal patterns for germ warfare. Or chemtrails.

But there’s one small hitch. Nobody knows how Earth’s atmosphere works. It is so big, so complex and so unpredictable, even real-time nano-snapshots are ancient history as soon as they are taken.

This is why the air force said, “Advances in the science of chaos are critical to this endeavor.”

Good luck. After a decade of trying, not even a 48-hour weather forecast can be made without constant surprises.

Because they cannot be graphed in a cause-and-effect straight line, chaotic “non-linear” weather processes can morph unexpectedly, defying predicted weather modification inputs. Just ask Beijing.

Then there’s the matter of accidental genocide. I mean human health.

The chemtrails we are too familiar with after a decade-long dose continue to inflict eye infections, nosebleeds, skin sores, muscle pain, chronic exhaustion, weakened immunity, acute asthma and allergies, short-term memory loss and heart attacks on people in more than a dozen countries. [; Chemtrails Confirmed 2008 by William Thomas]

Small particulates like the aluminum oxide found in chemtrails also kill.

Dr. Dan Woodard calls aluminum oxide a “nuisance dust”. This MD says that prolonged exposures to very high concentrations of particulates that are visible in the air “can produce pulmonary fibrosis, somewhat like the silicosis formerly seen in miners.”

“At one time it was thought to precipitate Alzheimer’s disease, but more recent research has shown it is almost certainly unrelated,” Dr. Woodward adds.

It’s the tiny size of chemtrail fallout – one-tenth the width of the human hair – that make people very ill. The EPA warns that there is a strong link between all tiny particles and thousands of premature deaths each year.

Two key studies from the early 1990′s by the Harvard School of Public Health and the American Cancer Society found strong links between high levels of small particles and a rise in death rates. In an article headlined, “Tiny Particles Can Kill” the August 5, 2000 issue of New Scientist pointed to findings in six cities over 16 years showing that “city-dwellers in Europe and the U.S. are dying young because of microscopic particles in the air.”

According to the New York Times, “microscopic motes… are able to infiltrate the tiniest compartments in the lungs and pass readily into the bloodstream.” Particles in the size range called for by the Welsbach Patent describing chemtrails are “most strongly tied to illness and early death, particularly in people who are already susceptible to respiratory problems.” [New York Times Oct 14/06]

The Welsbach Patent calls for megatons of 10 micron-size aluminum oxide particles to be spread in the atmosphere. The EPA calls particles this small “an extreme human health hazard” leading to 5% increased death rate within 24 hrs.

“Hearts as well as lungs can be damaged by ultra-fine particles small enough to get into the bloodstream and inflame tissues and cells,” reports the LA Times. “After they reach the heart, the particles are thought to cause a stress reaction in cells, producing inflammation that contributes to heart disease. The particles also may cause blood clots.” [Los Angeles Times Dec 29/03]

The Neurotoxicology (brain poisoning) division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that exposure to airborne Particulate Matter “is an environmental health risk of global proportions.” [Health Risks Of Aerosoled Particulates PubMed Abstract]

The EPA explains that by penetrating deep into the lungs and circulatory system, these dust-size particles “are implicated in tens of thousands of deaths annually from both respiratory and coronary disease.”

POP QUIZ: What do you think will happen when nano-size machines tens of thousands of times smaller than this are sprayed into the open air?

Nanoparticles might better be called Nastyparticles because they make a beeline for the brain as soon as they are inhaled. Not surprisingly, they tend to accumulate and clump in the area of the brain that deals with smell. Too big to pass back through the blood-brain barrier, they become trapped there. [ Jan 5/04]

Dr. Celine Filippi also observed that nanoparticles inhaled into the lungs are so mall they easily cross the lung barrier and enter the blood. “Particles in the blood can reach the liver, amongst other organs.” [ Oct 21/07]

So are we being sprayed with nano-chemtrails?

Owning The Weather 2025 was published in 1995 and discussed only non-classified military weather modification projects. Hall’s Overview of Nanotechnology also appeared in 1995, when nanotech was in its Frankenstein infancy. Since then, many sources tell us, nanotech has gone exponential. []

The term “nano-chemtrails” on my homepage prompted my trusted military informant I’ve dubbed “Hank” to call.

“They have them,” he confirmed. The U.S. Air Force has occasionally added nanoparticles to the chemtrail mix to demonstrate proof of concept.

“We’re way beyond science fiction,” Hank confirmed. “You can hide just about anything you want in a chemtrail – including nanotubes. Chemtrails are being altered for whatever spectrum of wavelength they’re trying to bounce off of them.

chemtrials fibre fallout
Morgellons disease and fibres
What about Morgellons? Is there any connection between this bizarre and frightening malady and nano experiments?”You’re not going to like this,” Hank said. “Morgellons is one unintended manifestation of nano spray experiments.”Morgellons manifests – or presents” – as intolerable itching in the skin followed by alien eruptions of thin hairs or tendrils through the skin. “It’s basically the same as excreting something through a hair follicle,” Hank said.

He meant a toxin – something foreign to the body.

“If you manufacture a liquid super-cyrstalline structure, vibrate it a little and give it an electrical charge – it will form into a chain.”

These nanotubes will be invisible to the eye, of course. But their tendency to clump together could eventually make them big enough to be photographed and posted on the web.

Nano chemtrials pose potent human health hazard

How much nanocrap has been sprayed so far?

“Tens of tons,” he replied.

Tens of tons of molecules?

“Much of it is still up there,” Hank went on to explain. This is because nanoparticles are so light and small they tend bind to bind with oxygen molecules. And piggybacking on oxygen particles makes them buoyant.

“It travels worldwide,” Hank continued. “Some of it comes down. Whatever it’s exposed to up there it brings down here. We get exposed to it. We breathe it in, we ingest it. It accrues in the same spot every time. And attracts more of it… ”

In the liver.

And brain.

“The fallout would look like a prion disease,” Hank said.

“Fallout from nanoparticles would eat holes in our brains?”

“Pretty much. Nano particles are ionized particles that go to what attracts them…. Because of their electro-chemical properties, they are attracted to the potassium-calcium channel in the brain.”

Think about it, he said. “If they are capable of withstanding the corrosive upper atmosphere – corrosive sunlight and all those (industrial) chemicals – what would they have to be manufactured out of? Does the body manufacture anything that can deal with that? Who will come forward and say these are good?

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Comet-Planet Identified, Orbital Trajectory Verified by Renowned Astronomer — PART II

Carlos Muñoz Ferrada: Planet X Revelations
Single Most Important Video on the Internet

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.57.43 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.44.07 AM

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Planet X phenomenon, please consult the following in-depth and comprehensive explanation.  This definitive essay covers the most significant aspects of Planet X, and will serve to acquaint the uninitiated with its extraordinary implications.  With these highly consequential revelations by Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, it is now clear that the future of our global civilization hangs in the balance, as does the fate of Planet Earth.

Planet X Confirmed By Carlos Muñoz Ferrada; Orbit, Speed And Size Reveals A Comet-Planet

There has been a video of great import circulating the internet since the end of 2013. The preceding essay was written as a direct result of viewing that video.  Its exceptional content is both simple and scientific, and conveys in a most compelling fashion the greatest secret of our age.  It presents an interview* which took place between Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, a distinguished Chilean astronomer, and an investigative journalist from Puerto Rico.

*The interview was conducted in 1999 after 59 years of extensive research on a certain comet-planet, which became the object of Muñoz Ferrada’s investigation beginning in 1940.  It is important to point out that Ferrada established such a stellar track record at identifying comets and other heavenly bodies — before they were viewed by telescopes — that the Royal Astronomical Society of London “reshaped its policy” for naming comets. They ruled that, henceforth, the individual who was able to establish the existence of a comet through its calculation using the discipline of mathematical astrophysics would receive the honor, not the astronomer who visually discovered it by chance using a telescope at a later date. Another extraordinary prediction by Ferrada concerned the last passage of Haley’s comet.  “He indicated at the last moment the comet would alter its speed and go closer to the sun”, which is exactly what happened on February 12, 1996 .

There is additional context for this ongoing astronomical inquiry which is critical to understanding both its seriousness and integrity.  It includes two esteemed US astronomers back in the 1970s and 80s, who became convinced of the existence of a large, unseen planetary body which was the direct cause of the perturbation of both Neptune and Pluto. Both Dr. Robert Harrington[1], an American astronomer who worked at the United States Naval Observatory (USNO), and Tom Van Flandern[1], also an astronomer at the USNO, were deeply involved in the discovery of certain astronomical phenomena which pointed directly to the existence of a Planet X.  What follows is a diagram representing Dr. Harrington’s hypothesis concerning the orbit of Planet X.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.35.19 AM

HERCOLUBUS: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era
   Continue reading

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Carlos Muñoz Ferrada Confirms Planet X; Orbit, Speed And Size Reveals A Comet-Planet — PART I

Preeminent Astronomer Whose Predictions Always Came True

We live in a time when common sense has become quite rare. Likewise, the voice of reason has fled humankind. For these reasons the following essay will be quite difficult for many to understand or believe or imbibe.

If you were running the world during these tumultuous times, and you knew that events were on the horizon which would forever alter the entire planetary civilization, would you use the global mainstream media to tell everyone?
If those earth-shattering events were as unstoppable as they were fateful, would you disseminate this information?

If your answer is “Yes”, what will the 7 billion plus people who reside on Planet Earth do the next day? That is, after you tell them that their world is about to come to an end.
Will they still go to work?
Will they continue to support the Consumer Society?
Will many of them even want to get out of bed again after they hear what is coming?

Herein lies the challenge that is faced by the World Shadow Government (WSG).

Bear in mind that they know exactly what is around the corner. Their strategically-located observatories and high-powered telescopes give them access to scientific data and astronomical phenomena which is so compelling they feel they have no alternative but to:
• distract us
• deceive us
• divert our attention

Remember, there is one thing — more than anything else — which the WSG fears.

That is uncontrolled chaos.
They know—> that real mayhem in the streets will not treat them well.
Therefore, spontaneous social pandemonium is their greatest worry.
Unpredictable political paroxysms strike fear into their hearts.
Uncontrollable financial volatility will only serve to shatter their control matrix.    

With this understanding one can better comprehend the many unreasonable and irrational, mindless and foolish, crazy and insane actions taken by the World Shadow Government. Obviously they know that their time is up. Accordingly, they have less and less control – by the day – over how things will play out.

Yes, they may have a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. However, there are many emerging eventualities over which they have far less influence than what they are used to. Their bunkers buried deep underground may not be in the protected areas they once thought. Nor are their off-planet rendezvous sites as safe from solar system calamities as they once believed. Of course their experiments with time travel and interstellar travel, wormholes and parallel universes,  blank slate technology and invisibility cloaking have already proved disastrous. Continue reading

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Global Climate Change: Geoengineering Threatens The Entire Planetary Civilization

Climate Engineering Using Chemtrails and HAARP Intensifies Global Warming


Looking at Global Climate Change as the real Godzilla of our times,
Geoengineering using Chemtrails and HAARP will only makes him mad … real MAD!

Hollywood writers and famous novelists alike are notorious for cloaking their social commentaries, political satires and environmental advocacies with the garb of monsters. These “Monsters with a Message” have been visiting Planet Earth for as long as there have been very serious reasons to save the human race from itself. Frankenstein, King Kong and Godzilla are all perfect examples of how Hollywood monsters have come as celluloid messengers to help, not hurt, humankind.

As menacing as Godzilla looks on the silver screen, he has entered our consciousness in order to warn us of the consequences of our collective destructive behavior. In 2014 the entire planetary civilization serves as his apprehensive audience, since the internet has made possible global dissemination of his serrated and ever-looming profile.  In this way, the many residents of the planet who actually see him in action will make sure those who don’t, at least hear about his city-demolition sprees.  The great thing about the Monster Movie genre is that you often receive the streaming of subliminal messages with the sound turned off.  In this way there are no language barriers toward understanding the true import of Godzilla’s universal meaning.   Continue reading

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CHEMTRAILS: There is NO Debate!

So why respond like there is?


Those who deny the existence of chemtrails are either willfully ignorant or dangerously arrogant, or both; therefore, why bother debating with them? Of course, there are those who run Facebook pages who are paid government agents or corporate shills with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar global chemtrail program.  Then there are the simple folks who refuse to believe because of a bad case of lifelong cognitive dissonance, or an unshakable faith in trustworthy government, or serial neglect of skywatching (as in never looking up at the sky).  

Lastly, there are the legions of scientists and academics, researchers and writers, from whom the faculty of human reason has completely fled.  These pseudo-scientists are not only devoid of common sense; they lack the ability to apply objective and unbiased critical thinking.  For many of these lost causes, years of university study have force-fed them incorrect science theories, taught them flawed scientific methodology and encouraged their blind allegiance to defective scientific paradigms.

These ‘hard science’ PhD types have often been exposed to years of intense and purposeful indoctrination.  Erroneous information and incomplete knowledge, that is incessantly reinforced by professors and reference books alike, ensures that they will never leave such an intellectually-challenged reservation.  They also know quite well who funds their various grants and scholarships, and how not to put them in jeopardy.  Furthermore, the relentless doctoral conditioning and/or post-doctoral brainwashing virtually guarantees that they will always side with the “system”.  

As a matter of fact, they are programmed to see only see what the “system” tells them what they see.  Conversely, they publish in the peer-reviewed journals only what their editors and peers permit them to write.  Likewise, any and all  TV and radio interviews contain content that has been thoroughly vetted by their government sponsors, academic mentors and/or corporate overlords.  In these and other ways, it becomes perfectly understood that, if these PhD scientists want to keep their tenured positions and/or department chairmanships, as well as remain in their lucrative corporate consultancies, they will NEVER stray from the prescribed narrative.  

Should anyone ever decide to leave this particular reservation, especially where it concerns such a multi-purposeful, global sky-spraying program like chemtrails, the consequences would be quite severe.  No one is ever allowed to use their position of authority or lofty platform to espouse anything but the official government line.  To do so would effectively translate to an immediate suspension of one’s leadership positions and job title, as well as forfeiture of their compensation package and benefits, grants and stipends, and any other perquisites derived from their loyalty to the chemtrail cause.  Continue reading

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CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

Geo-engineering Produces Toxic Skies Everywhere Chemtrails Are Sprayed

For those who have never heard of CHEMTRAILS, please click on the link below for a quick primer.

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

For those who are aware that they have been exposed to this planetary scourge, now is the time to understand the profound correlations between your day-to-day health status and the incidence/intensity of regular chemtrailing of the skies overhead. There are now many excellent internet-based resources which may answer many questions and concerns about chemtrails, their fallout, as well as the broader geo-engineering agenda listed at the bottom of this essay.

The numerous anecdotal and clinical observations which follow are the product of various healthcare professionals and practitioners, homeowners and homemakers, businessmen and businesswomen, farmers and meteorologists, etc. Because chemtrails affect every resident on the planet, many have catalogued or journaled the most common adverse health effects, which they inevitably produce.  As a result, the world now has a growing body of anecdotal evidence which clearly illustrates their profound and deleterious effects on human life.


When the skies are toxic, the air we breathe is toxic.
What is more important than clean air in maintaining wellness?


What follows is a fairly exhaustive list of symptoms associated with chemtrail spraying. Each symptom has been identified by various individuals who have clocked their occurrence with the onset of chemtrails being laid down over their homes or businesses. This list has been organized in a descending order, with the most commonly experienced symptoms at the top.   Continue reading

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